Aoyama Massage Clinic for Women 94

Published August 6, 2018

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First time clients at the Aoyama Massage Clinic for Women find out just how unusual yet sexually stimulating their treatments are in this GOGOS update.

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Aoyama Massage Clinic for Women 94
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Starring in the AOYAMA MASSAGE CLINIC FOR WOMEN might be possible for any of our female readers.  Perhaps it's just a pipe dream of this author, but I'm sure if you're willing to play the role of a client with perhaps some light mosaic covering your face, GOGOS may be happy to have you.  Guys, on the other hand...sorry?  While there are many a massage JAV series out there featuring beautiful masseuses played by recognizable JAV stars 'treating' some lucky guys, the AOYAMA series is first and foremost all about women treating women.  What's more, it sometimes goes close, but rarely crosses that fourth wall from medicinal yet sensual to all-out sexual.  Everything done to these clients is done for an actual reason and all those moaning and orgasms you hear throughout the scenes are just accidental.

And that's why we love it!

Today marks another notch in our AOYAMA belt with #94.  We haven't started showing these at #1.  In fact, the first three were 91-93 followed by us going back in time some.  Our initial goal is to only feature the titles featuring Y[XXXX] S[XXX] as the therapist (sorry, still have to keep her name secret even though she's potentially retired now).  She's awesome, really.  Not only is she beautiful, but her portrayal of a massage therapist is spot-on.  She possesses the surprisingly difficult ability to hold a conversation while treating a client at the same time.  Believe it or not, this is harder than it sounds yet she's able to do it from start to finish while performing techniques that are more and more...shall we say 'detailed'?

For those of you who follow us on Twitter, some months ago we made a freak-out tweet about how we thought MOMO HAYAKAWA secretly returned to JAV.  She retired WAY back in 2004 after only filming around a dozen titles, but this author at least always has loved her looks.  That pale skin, the face with that button nose, the big butt...I can go on, but we'll leave it at that.  Anyway, the actress who stars in the first scene of AOYAMA 94 looks insanely like her.  I actually thought it was her as everything matched up:  the same face, breasts with pale nipples, and even the voice was alike!  She looked like she gained a few kilograms, but aside from that--identical!  Sure, it may have been a bit uncanny to see her look exactly as she did now in her mid-thirties as she did when she did JAV ages past, but some women just age well.

Alas, it's NOT MOMO.  GOGOS confirmed this and I believe we have an industry doppelganger on our hands.  The resemblance is so close I seriously wonder if they are related somehow...

Aside from this, the three women taking part are all beautiful and each looks so unique:  you've "MOMO" in the first encounter followed by a belly dance instructor with lovely tan lines in the second.  She's in her early thirties and looks fantastic.  Also, going by the conversation she had during treatment, she may have had multiple dalliances with her married female students.  The final client is an adorable college student with wonderful pale skin and surprisingly thick legs for such a small frame.  She's also a virgin which made for some priceless reactions when that 'internal massage' began in her treatment's final moments.

From here on out, we most likely will be showing AOYAMA titles in production order.  The next one is another SPECIAL that runs longer and features some more unique play.  We won't spoil it so just keep checking back and you'll see it on our Future Updates page soon enough.  Sadly, the current masseuse is gone from the industry, but has appeared in quite a few more AOYAMA releases so fans of her mannerisms can rest easy...for now.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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