Pan Takes - June 2024 Vol 1 - Mina Kitano, Ren Gojo, Himeka Iori and more

Published : July 1st, 2024 Written by Panking

June was a pretty solid month in regard to new JAV films. I checked out multiple new Noa Haruna videos who is quickly becoming a huge favorite of mine. In addition, I watched a new Iori Himeka film for the first time in months and continued to track Ren Gojo's progress with S1 with her latest release. As always I'll watch and review each film capping it off with an overall score at the end. Let's kick this off by checking out a tantalizing teacher film courtesy of Mina Kitano.


Super Voluptuous Teacher Uses Dirty Talk to Piledriver! Squeezing Dynamite Ass Dick Whole and Milking 11 Cumshots!

Starring Mina Kitano

This was certainly one of my most anticipated new releases from this month. While I did enjoy myself here, sadly some of the execution and other factors left me a tad underwhelmed. The plot is as you'd expect with Mina playing a seductive school teacher who has her way with students and even a parent at the very end. It's your typical slutty teacher setup and in that regard, it works. Mina is definitely a good fit for this and she delivers a mostly solid performance. She doesn't quite hit the peaks of her earlier films but her general enthusiasm is on point and she takes the lead well enough. One aspect related to Mina that I just can't get over is her appearance. Don't get me wrong as her wardrobe is stunning and is chock full of some killer teacher uniforms. However, I'm beginning to lose interest in this new version of Mina. Her weight loss has unfortunately made her fake tits stand out much more as a result and her ass has also taken a hit.

It's still decent but her ass used to be a a real S tier booty. Now it's probably dropped down at least one or two grades. Anyway, the film itself isn't horrible but has its share of issues. On the production value side of things, the aforementioned wardrobe is terrific and the settings are all decently varied. But the lighting is not only quite samey for most of the film but also rather harsh and bright not doing any favors for her figure. The action at least is better off but not perfect. It features two sex scenes and three assjob scenes. My one big gripe is with the first assjob scene as it utilizes a fake dick. It's bad enough to fake the cumshots but now we're faking dicks too? It's just insulting. Everything else here is enjoyable, especially the sex scenes. There's a nice range of positions and the intensity is quite high which combined with Mina's enthusiasm, makes for an entertaining watch for sure. I just wish this was a few years ago when she was in her physical prime. That booty would've been an 11/10 here.

Overall Rating - 8.2/10


My Step-Sister with Excessive Growth Seduced Me Naked and We Had Endless Creampie Sex

Starring Noa Haruna

This month was loaded with new Noa releases so expect to see her a couple more times. That cover definitely piqued my interest and thankfully the video itself was just as great. The plot revolves around Noa who gets turned on after accidentally seeing her step-bro naked. She then decided to tease him by constantly walking around topless and eventually full-on nude. Eventually, he gives into temptation as the pair go at it for the rest of the video. I quite enjoyed this setup as I think Noa is a good fit for the busty and frisky step-sister-type role. One aspect I want to highlight right off the bat is her appearance. She of course looks fantastic as always and those huge titties have never looked better. But more than that I really love that she sports a pair of glasses here and keeps them on the entire time. They even have actual frames too which is a nice touch. And her acting is actually not half-bad either.

It's clear that she's improved since her debut now with more enthusiasm, engagement, and varied facial expressions. Always great to see growth in an actress's performance. It's not all pleasantries though as the production values certainly leave a little something to be desired. This mainly applies to the lighting which feels not only repetitive as nearly every scene looks identical but also it's quite flat and overly saturated with little shadows to work with to really highlight her chest. It's not a dealbreaker but could've been better. Another negative is the complete lack of any real cumshots at all. Not even one. It really sucks a lot of enjoyment out of the paizuri scene which along with a rather forgettable masturbation scene, the middle of the film is a drag. Thankfully the sex scenes at the beginning and end are solid but still. You'll be fast-forwarding through a decent chunk of the film. That said, it's still a great watch thanks to the fun plot, killer eyecandy, and surprisingly solid performance.

Overall Rating - 8.4/10


During Overtime, I was Seduced by the Busty Married Female Boss in a Tight Suit in the Empty Office, Made to Ejaculate Multiple Times with Her Breast Technique

Starring Maria Nagai

Being the number one Maria fan that I am, you know I just had to check this out. Lunatics is a pretty mediocre studio I'll admit but perhaps this one can prove me wrong. The setup at least is decent enough with Maria playing a female boss who openly seduces and fucks one of her male employees. This is achieved mostly by flaunting her huge ass and tits. It's basic but it works for someone who enjoys OL plots, like myself. Now the production values always end up being one of the weaker aspects of any Lunatics film and sadly, that is once again true here. They're not quite as bad as some of their other works but certainly leave something to be desired, mainly the camerawork. They really need to invest in a separate cameraguy as having the actor hold the camera all the time or setting it down for static shots just isn't practical. It's not that bad here, but some of those static shots are not ideal and don't offer the best view.

Also, the lighting is very similar throughout the entire film with little variety. At least the lighting itself isn't awful but I do wish it was more diverse. I do like her wardrobe here though with the nice OL attire like some pantyhose and I love that she keeps a thong on at the start to help frame her booty. Next up is the action which is a very mixed bag. It consists of two sex scenes, two blowjob scenes, and a paizuri scene. Both sex scenes are solid enough but everything in the middle is rather forgettable and made worse by the copious fake cumshots. They could at least try to make them look realistic. Most here look terrible and are crudely handled. I'll end this on a positive by saying that her acting isn't too bad. She won't blow you away as she's not always super convincing but her enthusiasm and facial expressions are adequate. LULU-299 is an alright watch for diehard Maria fans but not much beyond that. The hampered production values and middling action hold it back.

Overall Rating - 7.8/10


Shooting With 4K Equipment With the Most Supreme J-Cup

Starring Ren Gojo

Please, when will we ever get an actual plot-driven release from Ren Gojo? All the other busty S1 debuts have gotten them by now at this point during their career. It's still just vanilla setups with every new release. It's so frustrating. I don't always hate vanilla themes but it feels like it's been the same rehashed setup over and over almost. Anyway, this one loosely centers around titty play and paizuri but it ends up feeling half-baked. On one hand, I do like the masseuse roleplay scene as it's finally something a bit different and the titty play focus is used nicely in the 3rd scene. But the paizuri action is just pitiful. Overall there are three sex scenes and two tittyfuck scenes. The tittyfuck segments are so lousy due to her extremely mediocre acting and the fact that she doesn't even finish the guys off with her tits. Instead, she uses her hands. It's insanely frustrating and a complete joke. At least the cumshots are real but it's still so dissatisfying.

On the bright side, the sex scenes fare much better. Each boasts real loads which is always a plus in my book and each one is diverse enough to stand on its own. Such as one where she plays a masseuse and another where she's covered in body oil. They all offer up a healthy range of positions including some nice cowgirl and doggy to showcase her huge tits. Another aspect worth praising is the production values. Besides the last scene being too bright, the lighting is terrific and the camerawork is all on point with no glaring flaws. I also liked her decently varied wardrobe and the pacing across the board is well balanced with no scenes overstaying their welcome. Before I go I do have to comment on her overall performance which is still not that great. There hasn't been much improvement since her debut. Those facial expressions are still very dull and flat. SONE-237 is still just another vanilla release but is executed well enough to make for a solid enough watch.

Overall Rating - 8/10


Nude Model NTR – Shocking Cheating Video of a Wife Who Indulged In Shame With Her Boss

Starring Himeka Iori

I'm not gonna lie, I turned a blind eye toward Himeka once she became a Madonna exclusive. I know she's only had a few videos so far but I haven't bothered with any of them. I caught a peak of this film and decided to give it a full watch. I'm glad I did as I was pleasantly surprised. Now I'll admit that the plot wasn't really my cup of tea, as is usually the case with Madonna. It centers around Himeka playing a married woman who takes up a job as a nude model. Her boss starts getting a bit too close and things happen resulting in her getting fucked not only by him but also the photographer. It really leans into the drama aspect which I really do not like. Plus, NTR plots aren't my thing either. Seems like we're off to a bad start but thankfully we rebound quite nicely starting with the immaculate production values. It's no secret that Madonna always scores high in this aspect and here is no different. The camerawork is top-notch but more importantly the lighting is out of this world.

It showcases her outstanding body in mesmerizing fashion. It's very soft and really highlights her chest extremely well. It also matches the theme and tone of the film perfectly. Now speaking of her chest, this may be the best Himeka has ever looked. It seems like she's put on a bit of weight giving her a slightly thicker figure. Her tits are fuller while still maintaining a rather slim waist making for some stunning eyecandy. She could crack my top 10 figure list at this point. Now her acting isn't much to talk about as she's pretty middling across the board. And lastly, the action is mostly positive albeit the pacing is quite slow. No real sex occurs until nearly an hour in meaning there's plenty of fluff and setup to sift through. But the two sex scenes are both fantastic and even the blowjob scene is decent. While I still wish she was out of the Madonna mines, I can't deny that this is a really great watch. If you've been passing on her lately, I highly recommend giving this a shot.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


Pushed By a Busty Student in Glasses Who I Thought Was Serious and Plain Into Breaking The School Rules with a Seductive Swimsuit…

Starring Noa Haruna

Noa Haruna has been impressing me more and more lately and this video may just be her best performance to date. I believe the plot revolves around Noa playing a schoolgirl who gets busted breaking the school rules by the guy here. As a result, she takes him to her place where she snaps a picture of the two kissing and uses this to trap the guy and turn him into her sex toy pretty much. I enjoyed the setup as it leans slightly into the femdom genre and pushes Noa into a more dominant role which she delivers surprisingly well. While her tittyfucking technique still needs some work and she does falter a bit in the last scene, everywhere else she's terrific. Her overall enthusiasm(especially in the first sex scene) is downright fantastic and her facial expressions are vibrant and engaging. This isn't just a good performance for her but a great performance in general. I'm thrilled to see such a noticeable improvement in her acting.

Sadly, the rest of the film doesn't quite fare as well as her acting. One such aspect is the action which consists of just two sex scenes and an underwhelming blowjob scene. The middle of the film really is rather dull with that blowjob/paizuri scene that does feature a juicy bit of her getting soaped up in the bathroom but the resulting cumshot is laughably fake which kinda ruins it. Also, the last sex scene features a dragged-out toying section to start which inflates the last scene to over an hour long. The actual sex scenes are enjoyable at least and provide a nice mix of positions. Lastly, we have the technical aspects which are no doubt pretty basic. The production definitely feels lower budget with very similar lighting across the entire film and a rather dull setting. It's not enough to damper the experience really but certainly doesn't boost it up at all. Despite some flaws, I think this is a must-watch for any Noa fan due to her performance alone. I guarantee you won't be disappointed with her.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


That Outfit Looks Dangerous…” An M-cup Colleague’s Wife Appears in a Bodycon dress at a Home Party

Starring Ai Kano

Good ol' bazooka tits is at it again with another new release. The plot centers around Ai Kano playing a married woman(what a surprise) whose husband is hosting a party for several of his work colleagues. A few of them take notice of her curvy figure in some stunning dresses and can't help themselves. Throughout the film, they all individually start to fondle her before eventually leading to either a tittyfuck or straight-up sex. It's not a particular favorite theme of mine but I do appreciate that it's not too bogged down in the whole drama aspect like some Madonna plots tend to be. It's rather lighthearted considering the NTR aspect. This leads me to her performance which isn't bad but also not that impressive. She's a bit submissive at the start but does loosen up and welcome it by the end. Still a mixed bag though as I enjoyed her paizuri technique but her facial expressions can be hit or miss as she's quite stiff at times and her general enthusiasm is just average at best.

Thankfully it's generally uphill from there as the action is terrific. It consists of three sex scenes with one being a threesome alongside a paizuri scene. All the sex scenes end in a fake creampie which is no doubt a disappointment but at least the tittyfuck ends with a real load. Beyond that, I don't really have any issues with the action. It's paced nicely without getting too in the weeds over the setup and I love the clothed sex aspect of the second scene as she keeps her dress on while fucking. It's a nice touch. And it probably goes without saying but the production values as always are top-notch with one exception. I always harp on this but I really can't stand overly washed-out lighting and the second sex scene suffers big time for it. It doesn't completely ruin the scene but it really holds it back. Otherwise, everything here is pretty great resulting in another solid watch. While I'm not too huge on the premise, the execution is well done and should please any diehard Ai Kano fan.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


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