Low Key Teasing at the Onsen Resort

Published December 6, 2019

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Three perverted rapscallions cause salacious havoc among voluptuous female bathers at a traditional ryokan via ROCKET.

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Low Key Sexual Harassment at the Onsen Resort
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA

If there's one series most foreign fans of JAV associate ROCKET with making, it's THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME.  Believe it or not, while that *is* a long-running and wildly popular series, they film other types of movies as well.  One we only just began showing a few months ago are what I like to call "perverted youth parody JAV's".  The first featured a rather 'minimum' actress who always found ways to tease her older friends in ways that made them stark naked and rather horny.  Orgasms were sometimes allowed...and sometimes not.  That movie was a one-off, however.  The real bread and butter of this universe of movies is the LOW KEY SEXUAL HARASSMENT series that makes up today's update.

LOW KEY TEASING AT THE ONSEN RESORT is essentially taking the Crayon Shin-chan character, multiplying him by three, and turning it into a truly bizarre adult video.  We're given equal bouts curious innocence and perverted youth paired with a rather respectable stable of MILF JAV actresses.  This is a big movie filmed at a real ryokan (gosh knows where).  Director Kambe Taro did a fantastic job here and it was a blast to subtitle.

Even though their faces are obscured, anyone's who seen a handful of JAV movies can probably figure out that these are actors who have appeared in quite a few titles.  They act way younger than they really are, but that's the point of this series.  We're given over-protective matronly women who take them on a lovely onsen retreat.  We're given one of the best outdoor bathing scenes I've ever seen (especially if you're into crazy antics like ninjutsu underwater snorkeling!) and then there's the encounter featuring the head waitress being stuck in a shoji screen leaving her bounteous rear-end so gloriously exposed.

It's very hard to write a review for a movie like LOW KEY TEASING and not resort to summing up scenes and how each of them was great.  That's a trope we rather not fall into.  I'll just say this, like the STARK NAKED TAG release is another perfect example of ROCKET firing on all cylinders.  It's full of camp, legitimate laughs, and a smorgasbord of extra curvy actresses--many of them familiar faces from other titles they filmed around the same time.

There's almost as many LOW KEY titles as there are GUESSING GAME ones.  So far today's update is the only one we licensed out as we're using it to test the waters.  They're great and we sure hope our user-base enjoys this one as much as we did.  If that proves to be the case, we'll go back and license even more as pretty much every JAV location you can conjure has had an incident caused by the likes of Hiroshi, Kiyoshi, and Manabu-kun.

Note:  the final indoor bathing orgy had less than optimal sound at times (even with boom mics, there's only so much you can do about echos and multiple screaming women).  We did our best with the subtitling, but there are still gaps here and there.  Our apologies about that.

Note 2:  while we're pretty knowledgeable on Japanese customs and its language, the intricacies of the traditional ryokan naming system sometimes went over our head.  Most notably, we did not realize 'Nakai-san' was not the name of the waitress who gets multi-creampied leading to a happy pregnancy, but her title.  Nakai equals 'waitress' at Japanese ryokans.  This was corrected in the trailer, but pardon the small snafu in the actual title.

Score:  4.5/5

Pro's:  Exactly what I want to see in a JAV.  Huge groups, humor, crazy sex, and older, curvy women.

Con's:  Fake creampies and other instances where cum may also have been artificial.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1300

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