The Private Parts Guessing Game - Voluptuous MILFs Extra Risky Special First Half

Published July 25, 2022

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The same Hawaiian prize, the same Riri Kouda, and again a bunch of beautiful (and this time older) women taking part. Thus, pure JAV perfection!

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The Private Parts Guessing Game - Voluptuous MILFs Extra Risky Special First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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Finally--FINALLY after how many years now has it been?  Five?  Longer?  We finally have ROCKET doing what they do best and doing it with only older women.  On our site at least it was about four years ago when we showed the NAIVE YOUNG STEP-MOTHERS edition of THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME and to this day it remains my favorite.  Sadly, that awesome clothed women watch one of their own have extremely risky sex scene while commenting on it is missing, but otherwise we get everything and then some!

I sure wasn't the only one asking for something like what we get in this creampie-heavy double update.  Even during the interview legendary RIRI KOUDA may have made a similar comment.  Some may virtually scoff at the screen while reading this, but I'm not fond of older men with younger women releases.  There are exceptions though!  Someone who's older now and very fit ala Souta Asami is A-OK in my book.  Old and out of shape either meaning skinny and feebly or that weird big belly small butt figure some men get as they age is what I don't want to see any of.  ROCKET has featured this in the past and thankfully they have come to the same conclusion Benjamin Franklin did in one of his many correspondences:  women as they age may start looking less ideal up top, but it's a slow process and even to the very end, most have great butts.  And breasts too!  Case in point:  this movie.

All six (!) women taking part are not what you'd call mature.  I believe one was in her mid-40's when this was shot and she's actually my favorite of the bunch.  Most are voluptuous.  In fact all are except one who's on the skinny side, but makes up for it by being quite fit and quite flexible (see the trailer!).  Another major point I've brought up in reviews for previous iterations of this series is friendly banter bordering on rivalry.  Casting younger women increases the chances of it not happening.  Younger in such zany situations often equates to quiet.  Cast older women who have done more, seen more, and thus are more experienced and are OK with doing things their age-challenged counterparts may find mildly shameful and you get a win-win situation on your hand.  Even the two men taking part I think did their parts well though this is one of the few JAV series where actors kind of have it easy.

Speaking of older women going all out, for those looking for truly abnormal lesbian antics, look no further than the second part where in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, that previously mentioned older woman played by RUMI KODAMA hurriedly rushes over to siphon the still bubbling semen out of YUURI OSHIKAWA's plump behind.  Famous she may be, YUURI may have been the weakest link in this movie with how well it was cast and she still did a fantastic job.

There's a lot of good in THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME VOLUPTUOUS MILFS EXTRA RISKY SPECIAL.  So much in this concluding paragraph I finally got around to naming it!  I can add nitpicks, but why bother?  They're minuscule in the grand scheme of what this movie delivers.  Watch it.

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+The perfect reason why older women are almost always better.
+While not shot in the original huge studio, I think ROCKET finally fixed their lighting situation.
+Lesbian semen siphoning to save the day!
+All actresses have amazing bodies.


-Sex harem penalty game in first round was a bit too short and didn't add that much.