Series Opinion--AV Idols Bare Souls in Idea Pocket's Missed Last Train

Published : October 28th, 2020 Written by LeonitoGoto


One thing that sets JAV apart from western porn is its penchant for awesome storytelling. While it is true that a lot of AV videos, featuring the hottest JAV stars, are all wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am full-on sex, there are some videos (which turn into a series) that have plotlines that hook you at the edge of your fap seat. And this series from Idea Pocket is the perfect example of JAV that has a totally relatable storyline. So much so that you start rooting for the protagonist as he gets seduced, bewitched, and ultimately beguiled by the AV idol that happened to land the lead role of this series.

The Premise


All right, time to get into the nitty-gritty as to what makes this series super awesome. For one, the production value is top-notch. You can see that Idea Pocket took pains in the video’s production. From the lighting to the camera-work, all of it is high-caliber that can somehow elevate JAV’s status as a medium for visual storytelling. The premise is simple: Our protagonist works with a hot Office Lady (OL). Due to his dedication to his work, he ends up working really late which causes him to miss the last train home. While this would be a major predicament for most real-world salarymen, it’s actually a heaven-sent situation in the world of AV. Who comes to rescue? Why, it’s hot OL coworker of course. She invites our protagonist over to spend the night in her apartment.

The whole premise of this series is pure fantasy that almost never happens in real-life. But you never get to feel that as you watch the events unfold in these videos. In fact, you start to believe yourself that being able to score and fuck a really hot chick is within the realms of everyday happenings. This is when you know a story is good—when you can actually make yourself suspend disbelief.

The Build-Up


The strength of each of these videos is that it takes its time. They establish the characters well enough at the very beginning. You’ll get to see our protagonist as he prepares for his workday. The viewer will discover that our hero is a low-level salaryman with a loyal and devoted girlfriend. And then you will meet his foil—our lovely star (Airi Kijima, Karen Kaede, Momo Sakura, etc.), the AV idol. She works with our protagonist and you can see that there is sexual tension between them. But our main chick devilishly plays it cool; she does not make  it obvious that she’s a freak in the sheets. Plus, she has an air of quiet confidence and sophistication. If you did not know she was an AV idol, you would never suspect a thing.

And then the catalyst for the perfect storm of sex and debauchery happens: our hero misses the train. Conveniently, our lovely AV heroine reassures him that everything will be alright. She invites him over to her apartment to spend the night. As this happens, you can already hear Barry White singing in your head.

The Seduction


Again, slow and sweet—just like how great seductions happen. As both our hero and our temptress settle into her apartment, she suddenly informs him that she’s going to change to something more comfortable. Usually, this is already a tell-tale sign that something nasty is going to happen. But our hero is not the sharpest tool in the shed so he’s totally clueless of what's about to go down.

As our AV idol rejoins the scene, we notice that she has indeed changed into very comfortable clothing. So comfortable that everything is hanging loose—literally. Our hero couldn’t help but be thoroughly surprised and aroused seeing our seductress  with only thin sheets of fabric covering her naughty lady-parts. And his suspicion is all but confirmed that she indeed is not wearing any underwear.

The Sex

This opening sex scene is, perhaps, the hottest sex scene ever filmed in AV history. You can see it in the eyes of the actress that she is enjoying seducing our hapless protagonist. The acting here is very believable as well. You can’t help but empathize with our hero as he gets a raging hard on as he steals looks of our actress’s nipples and crotch from underneath her close-to-nothing clothes. The way our AV actress would bend down suggestively to show a glimpse of her tits would drive you and any man wild. Note that it's even hotter with the likes of Airi Kijimi and Akari Tsumugi who have smallish breasts. It was so lovely of them to have their tits work so hard at peeking right out of their loose tank tops.

And when he finally gives in and all the sexual action happens, you can’t help but feel relief, joy, and even victorious. If our hero could break the fourth wall, you’d want to give him a high five.

We are also treated to a 'phonejob' scene--where the protagonist is secretly being sucked/fucked by our AV seductress as he is talking on the phone with his girlfriend. I admit that this scenario has made it to my list of fantasies. But the bonus comes after they both hit the shower. 

As they conclude their bathroom romp, we are treated to a scene where the AV actress washes her face. This is, for me, the most important scene of the entire video. This is the scene where you can feel the soul of the actress and of the whole story. More of this later.

In the penultimate and final scenes, you get a sense of deep yearning as you realize that the special night is about to end. And as morning comes, we are treated to one final goodbye fuck. It’s the last scene and you know that our hero will have to leave the euphoric sexual haven of our AV idol’s apartment soon. It’s never shown that our hero leaves, but you definitely know that his ultimate one-night stand is  about to end. It’s poignant. It tugs the heart. It tugs your penis, too.

Note that in this series, the scenes are somewhat exactly the same. But it still greatly titillates your sexual sensibilities. All in all, it comprises five amazing scenes that are hot by themselves, but even hotter when you put them into one coherent timeline of events. As you go through all the sex scenes, you will get to also experience for yourself the greatest one-night stand of your life. 


There you have it, those scenes make for an amazing video. And these videos make for an amazing series. I am really looking forward to see Idea Pocket’s up-and-cummers (pun intended) get cast for this series. As you may have noticed, they chose the veterans to play the lead so far. And rightly so, the level of acting for this is only for the top-tier actresses with refined acting chops.

The Soul-Baring Scene



This series throws a curve ball to its viewers. In between the hot-and-heavy action, we are treated to a scene where the AV actress washes her face. Nothing happens for a good five minutes except for some washing, massaging, and scrubbing of our lady lead’s face.

What’s so special about this, you ask? Well, this is exactly the stuff we never get to see in JAV. We’re all used to seeing AV idols in all their glory—makeup and hair and all. But when you see them stripped of the layers that hide their true face, then you can get a peek of her soul.  Little by little, as the scene plays out, you can get to see our heroine in all her natural glory.

You then begin to speculate that the girl you see on the screen is the girl who exists behind the camera. As she dabs the last drops of water from her face, you can stare at the eyes of a real person. She’s not  Karen, or Momo, or Kana anymore. She’s the girl who has a name, one that you may never know. But that’s alright, you don’t need to know anyway. At least you got to see the real her. And this is the hidden gem that can be found in this series. And what’s even greater is that after all the makeup is gone, you’re still treated to one hell of a visual sight. She’s still beautiful, or even more beautiful without the makeup.



I never realized JAV could have a profound effect on me. And for the life of me, I never (in my wildest dreams) thought I would enjoy a scene in a porn video that did not feature sex. Even if you’re not into all the shit I just wrote about, watch this series anyway. It’s hot, loads of fun, and it promises to give you a good fap session.


If you want to know more about the actresses and the titles of this series, head on down below:

Missed the Last Train, Stayed with Co-worker, So Turned On by Her Loungewear Series by Idea Pocket

IPX 542 - Airi Kijima

IPX 515 - Karen Kaede

IPX 487 - Kana Momonogi

IPX - 457 - Akari Tsumugi

IPX - 438 - Momo Sakura


IPX 418 - Nanami Misaki





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I think you will love SSNI-717 too...its one of the best!
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by Karen Uehara, I think you mean Karen Kaede. Both great actresses though!
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