Domination JAV Movies at ZENRA

Beatrix - I am a Lucky Girl (with a penis)

What is most interesting about this movie is if the gender was swapped, it would still make for a great JAV! Featuring an adorable newhalf on the receiving end.

December 16th, 2022

Waka Misono - Semen Exploitation Pleasure Slut

Where Rubenesque and femdom intersect to create something darn near perfect.

What if My Boss Was Maki Hojo?

I would love to say this was based on a true story, but perhaps we can pretend it was? Maki Hojo doing what she does best.

November 17th, 2021

Rica - Angels and Devils

The gyaru that time forgot? Just as good as all the others and well worth watching in a movie that casts her in both dominant and submissive roles.

October 27th, 2021

Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 9

Nonstop handjobs even after the first ejaculation. CFNM and light femdom done right.

Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 8

Just how many times can one ejaculate in one sitting? Time to find out!

Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 6

Japanese CFNM featuring clothed women giving masochistic men handjobs that literally never end. Multiple cumshots per scene.

Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 7

Three cumshots in one sitting! Who knew that was possible? Japanese CFNM by GUTS.

Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 5

Japanese CFNM with multiple ejaculations per scene via GUTS.

February 19th, 2020

Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 4

Four clothed and dominant women simultaneously give a naked masochistic man a handjob that never ends in this CFNM femdom release by GUTS.

Ano Ne Handjob Outtakes

Japanese schoolgirls in bloomers give their first ever handjobs in this twisted omnibus movie by GUTS.

Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 3

CFNM by GUTS featuring two orgasms given back-to-back by nonstop handjobs.

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