Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 8

Published January 20, 2021

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Just how many times can one ejaculate in one sitting? Time to find out!

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Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 8
Timing by Aminachu
Translation by Patonyan

The easiest way one can get off in Japan is visiting one of the many, many brothels that focus on 'hand service'.  As of late, there has been a resurgence in what's known as 'ona clubs'.  Short for 'onani clubs' or 'masturbation clubs', they generally consist of a clothed woman watching you masturbate.  Touching, stripping, and more is usually off the table (or available as pricey extras).  Similar to this are the many BDSM-themed clubs which also are less about getting off sexually and more about simply being dominated by a bossy (and again, usually clothed) Japanese woman.

What GUTS has done again and again in the MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL series is to combine them.  We don't get female nudity here.  We don't even get blowjobs (with a few exceptions).  From start to finish, it's CFNM mixed with delightful amounts of femdom.  It's mean clothed Japanese women going to town again and again on naked and horny men.  The name of the game is handjobs.  The objective?  Make 'em cum as many times as possible in one sitting without ANY breaks.  There's no rest, no respite, just non-stop tugging even after they already blew their loads!

As some of our more adventurous subscribers may know (and may have tried on themselves), going the limit after ejaculation is a trying, unique experience that few dare and even less succeed in finding pleasure from.  It's our body's way of telling us enough is enough, time to have a breather!  But the few, the brave go beyond the pale into truly terrifying terrain to see what happens when you keep on stroking.  Is the answer an even more powerful, albeit smaller in volume, ejaculation?  Once, twice, and I dare say, the last scene in MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM 8 features three squirts, the limit and then some is reached, exceeded, and well...dominated upon.

These are amateur men with a deathwish.  Expect no known faces here from either gender.  I wouldn't want to be them.  One go is enough, but if you dare to go the limit, then this one's for you.  Oh, and to extend that awkward post-ejaculatory pleasure, all stroking after the first go-around this time is with gloves.  Enjoy that!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 854

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Great take on the handjob genre of JAV.
+Always two actresses per scene.
+Real cumshots, no faking.  These guys are legends.


-SD quality.
-Doesn't go beyond handjobs.
-Actresses are not known JAV stars.