Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 5

Published February 19, 2020


Japanese CFNM with multiple ejaculations per scene via GUTS.

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Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 5
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA

CFNM and JAV just don't seem to be that common anymore.  Yes, sometimes titles with bukkake themes will have groups of naked men pleasuring themselves to an at-times clothed actress (who nine times out of ten ends up stripping naked), but that's not the same.  It's pure CFNM with clothed Japanese women with an element of humiliation thrown in that seems to be lacking in our industry as of late.

That's why every so often we reach into our #ClassicJAV time capsule with an update that does successfully scratch this itch.  MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL 5 by GUTS does not necessarily bring anything new to the table, but is a worthy follow-up to its predecessors.  Four scenes, one hour.  One naked and masochistic man pleasured nonstop by two clothed women (four in scene three!).  Nothing more, nothing less with one catch.

As this title has 'HELL' in the name, the play doesn't end when the gentleman squirts out his frustration.  That's only where it begins.  Each scene may only run about 15 minutes, but features not one, but two ejaculations as once he has shot his first load, the play immediately resumes to bring him back to a state of heavy arousal before going again.  If you've seen those bizarre male squirting JAV movies, you may know where this leads.  However, rather than him simply peeing in lieu of an orgasm, we get the real deal here again.

A movie like MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL 5 stars no big names, but makes up for it with surprisingly good femdom sensibilities.  This is short, but fun.  Brutal, but rewarding.  Fun to experience?  Debatable.  Fun to watch from afar?  Absolutely.

Score:  3.5/5

Pro's:  Nonstop CFNM from start to finish.  Real orgasms back-to-back.

Con's:  Picture quality (even taking in the time it was filmed).

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 757

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