What if My Boss Was Maki Hojo?

Published November 17, 2021

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I would love to say this was based on a true story, but perhaps we can pretend it was? Maki Hojo doing what she does best.

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What if My Boss Was Maki Hojo?
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

I can tell you one thing:  if my boss was really was MAKI HOJO, I'd probably be a nervous wreck.  She's an absolute legend, but also is known for being a stickler for the rules and for everything remaining on time.  A good many JAV directors have been the target of her ire if a shoot that is scheduled to end at 9PM doesn't end at 9PM sharp.  On the plus side, if my boss really was MAKI HOJO, I could rest easy knowing there probably won't be much 'mandatory overtime', but many opportunities to have 'service overtime'--that is with her, in her, again and again, thrust by thrust, and of course without any rubbers or pulling out for that matter.  Bossy?  Perhaps.  Sexy as sexy does?  Beyond a doubt.  I'd be honored to be a rank-and-filer under Ms. Hojo's guidance.

That brings us to today's update all about a scenario I'm sure many of you have dreamed of.  Imagine instead of doing JAV, MAKI HOJO decided office work was up her alley.  Imagine if she had a JAV career, retired, and ended up doing this.  The power coming from being the most in demand woman on set (even when naked) is too hard to give up.  A coworker, a boss, an underling--who cares!--when the desire arises, we see it being acted upon. After work, after hours, when other employees leave for the day, we see DREAMROOM descending with crew in tow for a delightful albeit fanciful uncensored release.  With honesty front and center, I've always found myself enjoying MAKI HOJO movies that add a slice of realism to them.  What we get here certainly is nice, but seeing her playing herself while having sex with a real virgin is in a class by itself.

MAKI HOJO remains one of the few major JAV stars that can easily one day shoot a censored movie before switching over to the other industry.  Though as of late, she's had something of an exclusive career that I sure hope she eventually tires of.  MAKI, the free agent, is the best MAKI.  I doubt few can disagree.

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+It's MAKI HOJO doing what she does best.
+Real raw sex, real creampie.
+Mildly feasible scenario.


-MAKI playing herself seems to lead to better movies, but more of a personal opinion.

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