Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 4

Published November 13, 2019

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Four clothed and dominant women simultaneously give a naked masochistic man a handjob that never ends in this CFNM femdom release by GUTS.

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Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 4
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA

While GUTS was a JAV maker that released titles throughout pretty much any genre, one thing you could always count on were regular updates in their MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL series.  I believe these numbered almost 20 and yes, we will be showing all of them.  Each run an hour and consist of three or four scenes of clothed Japanese women making masochistic men cum at least two times in one sitting.  It's a fantastic #ClassicJAV series that mixes CFNM and femdom in a way I rarely see modern makers attempt.  That's a shame, really.

Titles like MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL 4 are simply not made anymore.  The closest I've seen are the infrequent releases by HOT ENTERTAINMENT that feature some of the same massage therapists and amateurs they cast in their popular series taking part in a CFNM quickie.  These are good, mind you, but nine times out of ten, it's generally one women per scene and they lack that hard femdom element.  It's more of CFNM plus masturbation and if the actor is lucky, a handjob and perhaps a blowjob.  Nothing like MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL where oral may be absent, but the handjob is literally never-ending and commences from pretty much the get-go.  If you're into this material, is a digital-only site featuring this type of content, but it still is *mostly* on the soft side.

I've a feeling MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL 4 will be a popular edition of this series.  It has only three scenes compared to the standard four we've seen in past updates, but each encounter features four women (!) rather than one or two.  Sure, that's still less than half the number present in this insane release also by GUTS, but four's a pretty sound number.  I mean once you go past that, what you may end up with are three or four dominant girls with a few randos dotting the background as eye candy.  Hands on CFNM domination?  Best to keep it to a number that can be counted on one hand.

All four actresses are not named (hey, it was an amateur title shot in the mid 2000's before social media was really a thing) though they appear in all three scenes.  There's no shuffling here.  My bet is this was filmed over one day--maybe even one morning given the brief 60 minute runtime.  Direct the four actresses into one room, let them do their thing with the (un)lucky actor and repeat two more times before calling it a day.  Or given the number of titles shot in this series, they'd be split up for more intimate shots in the afternoon.  Who knows?

There is mosaic in this movie, but it's blessedly thin.  Form-fitting it is not, but you really can see darn near everything.  Sure, mosaic-free is most ideal, but for a CFNM movie featuring three oafish actors, every little imperfection (and trust me, there's many) are slightly obscured, but you still can watch their torment as they're made to cum twice without the tiniest sliver of a breather.  This is a brutal title.  And a fun title.  A movie for those who prefer to remain on the masochistic side of things and let controlling women do their thing.  It ain't over until THEY say it's over.  Definitely don't forget that.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1150

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