Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 6

Published September 23, 2020

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Japanese CFNM featuring clothed women giving masochistic men handjobs that literally never end. Multiple cumshots per scene.

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Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 6
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

It may come as a surprise to some, but not everyone wants to experience sex in its most natural form.  As we've seen with our frequent "Please cast me in a Yapoo's Market movie!" emails, some men are really, really masochistic.  It's less about going all the way with a beautiful Japanese woman and more about being dominated upon with the promise of the tiniest sliver of sexual gratification at the end (and sometimes in those YAPOO's movies, even that doesn't happen!).

Back a decade or so ago, we had GUTS film a great deal of JAV movies centered on this theme:  naked men, clothed women, and handjobs that never seem to end.  That's pretty much the full rundown of MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL.  We've showed over half a dozen of them and still have quite a few left in the 'ol JAV time capsule.  Today's update, the sixth, doesn't really change a formula, but it's not like it needs changing.

The original Japanese title for MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL 6 noted this was a special 'bound' edition.  It's hard to say whether what goes on here will satisfy fans of heavy BDSM movies, but when it comes to the brutality of never-ending handjobs, this one really shines.  All three scenes feature at least two ejaculations without any respite.  There are no cuts to give the actor a break.  Without even removing hand from twitching manhood, his two clothed tormentors simply continue on.  Squirming is a given at first, but soon enough pleasure of a different kind kicks in and after another ten minutes of ingenious stroking, he not only manages to get hard, but to squirt again.  And when I mean 'squirt', I'm referring to an additional ejaculation, NOT the potentially staged clear liquid urine-like explosions you may have seen in other JAV movies.

Going back to back like that separates real men from the pack of normalcy.  You can call MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL a movie starring masochistic men, but is that really the case?  We've three volunteers who go beyond the limit of normal erotic pleasures to delivery something fascinating.  I can't imagine too many are ready and willing to take part in this type of CFNM scenario and I salute the few and the brave who do.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 407

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Production Quality
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-Nothing is faked.
-At least two back-to-back ejaculations per scene.


-Very similar to previous updates in the series.
-Older SD quality footage.