Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 7

Published May 20, 2020

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Three cumshots in one sitting! Who knew that was possible? Japanese CFNM by GUTS.

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Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 7
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Scheduling note:  we goofed!  We intend for the next update from the MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM series to be #6.  Last time we did #5 and today we jumped to #7.  Our apologies about that.  Do note these titles have no linked story-lines and each scene is entirely standalone so you can watch 'em in any order you want.

MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL 7 may be my favorite movie in the super long-running JAV CFNM series by GUTS.  While they're all good (if you're into clothed Japanese women sexually teasing naked, masochistic men), this one along with the first are definitely the ones to watch if you really want to be entertained.  Nonstop CFNM with multiple ejaculations is a given, but can this formula be modified for even greater thrills?

The biggest immediately noticeable change in #7 is that it only contains three scenes where most other have had four.  Usually we get four 15 minute encounters with actors cumming twice in a row without respite (already a mighty feat if you ask me).  This time, only one scene--the short one sandwiched between the first and last--follows the tried-and-true format.  What surrounds it are two juggernauts of Japanese femdom.

I never knew it was possible and holy heck would never want to have it tried, but the actors in the first and last scenes are made to cum three times in one sitting.  These titles are not shot with break times in between.  Each scene is really is approximately 40 minutes of filming (at most) with editing to make it more presentable.  I'm in awe of how those guys could pull off such a feat.  It also makes me question that weird 'male squirting' trend you sometimes see in JAV.  In reality, does that really happen or do you just end up with guys squirming around for awhile?

Each encounter features two clothed and dominant women engaging in prime mischief with a naked and very horny (at least before ejaculation #1 is achieved) man.  While they never get naked, they do use a combination of hands, toys, and in the third scene, mouths to stimulate their captives to triple extremis.  And yes, I said mouths as the third scene features a rarity for this series:  oral sex.  While a full-on blowjob does not happen, we do get shaft-licking and even kissing.  It may sound silly to mention that, but historically, MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL has been a handjob-only affair.  Seeing an actress go the distance like that is unexpected.


Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Triple ejaculations!  Real cum.  Surprise oral sex in last scene.

Con's:  Certainly not a new title.  Beware nipple hair pulling in scene two.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 604

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