Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 9

Published April 28, 2021

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Nonstop handjobs even after the first ejaculation. CFNM and light femdom done right.

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Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 9
Timing and Translation by Pantonyan

The type of play shown in the MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM HELL series may seem tame compared to most other types of movies we show at ZENRA, but don't discount them for being nothing more than short handjob featurettes.  What's done here in each of the three or four scenes that make up each iteration of this long-running CFNM series by Golden Age studio GUTS does a very fine job of mixing elements of femdom with some truly twisted hand service featuring several real ejaculations in a row.

Asking a significant other to tease you this way would be a tall order.  Even if you've an adventurous partner, there could be something inherently embarrassing about asking to be dominated upon so hardly.  Leave it to JAV or certain types of businesses if you're lucky enough to live or spend time in Japan to handle these types of heterodox urges.  Handjobs on their own are a dime-a-dozen, but having a pair of experienced women bring you to orgasm, let you achieve, but rather than stopping and praising you for your squirting ability, continue stroking, stroking, and more while laughing as you squirm is where quaint enjoyment advances to highly skilled technical enjoyment.

You will not find any big names in this series.  MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM 9 like its predecessors usually features amateur actresses (who almost certainly have been doing this type of play in camera-less settings) going to town on masochistic male volunteers.  Each of the three scenes follows a very similar format with the second incorporating gloved handjobs.  Other than that, what you've seen before happens again now.  This one certainly won't change your mind when it comes to CFNM handjobs of the never-ending variety, but remains a solid entry in a popular series.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 579

4 Files 0.49GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Relatively thin mosaic.
+Great for CFNM, handjob, and light femdom fans.
+Real orgasms back-to-back.  Not staged.


-Older SD movie.
-The actresses remaining clothed may annoy some.

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