Oppaira's Watchlist Review - April 2024 - Part 1

Published : May 21st, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. As you may have noticed from the title I decided to split this into two parts now, turns out 10 reviews in a single post is a bit overwhelming. So without further ado here's the first half of this month's reviews.

NIMA-028 - Reika Takeda

Reika is popular among the men for being a juicy youthful wife. While she loves her husband she can't ignore all the attention she gets from the men. When she runs into an old acquaintance she finds herself craving the attention and conflicted with doing what's right and satisfying her sexual desires.

I must admit that I came into this one with lukewarm expectations. This was definitely more of an "I want to watch Reika" more than it was that I was excited for the particular film. The film ended up being quite mediocre and was underwhelming even from the low expectations I had. The only thing that did get highlighted nicely was her plump body and several of the positions really highlighted that. If all you wanted to do with this video was appreciate her body then you could do that no problem. I came in wanting other things like a decent performance, the schoolgirl outfit to shine, or even just a good narrative. I can't say I remember the original manga it referenced (I've probably read it I just don't recall it) but the story felt very weak throughout. I feel like Reika will get better opportunities and even for fans of hers I would still recommend waiting a little longer to check her out.

Certified Banger: ❌

SONE-146 - Sayaka Nito

Sayaka plays the boss at work and is too hot for one of her employees to handle. When he catches her changing at work he's so overwhelmed by her hotness that he walks in and begins some action with her. Sayaka soon finds that he's a great lover and the two just keep making love all the time.

To start off I thought the theme was good but the narrative was a bit weak at times. I don't think it had the best intro and it took a while to get to the point things were hot and steamy between the two. I did appreciate things when it got to that point, especially with this hot office lady theme and her having sex in the office with her pantyhose, but having to wait that long to the good part was not for me. I think Sayaka proved to me in this one that she has some potential. She can be a bit more wild when prompted to but that wildness comes with a lot of mediocre expressions and moaning. It's halfway to what a good performer would be capable of and I think someone just needs to tell her to tone it down a bit. I thought the video was good but not great, but it shows off the best parts of Sayaka (her body) and her potential and hopefully in a few months she'll figure it out and really become great.

Certified Banger: ❌

PPPE-202 - Suzu Akane

Suzu Akane meets her sister's boyfriend who immediately notices her huge tits. When she catches them having sex, she seduces him with her big tits and steals him away.

GES is one of those series where I come in with really high expectations. It's impossible not to when I've seen all the entries and there are so many wonderful videos by so many wonderful actresses. Suzu's expectations were very high and she nailed a good portion of it. I think she herself was mostly good, a few places here and there she could have done better like being a bit more assertive or her paizuri which was very weak. I think it overall did a fairly good job of the plot, a couple of small misses but generally had the risky elements it needed and even in places where it was less risky they found ways to artificially inflate it. It ultimately teetered the line on being a banger or not. It's in the upper half of GES releases and a great film, especially considering it's the first I've seen from Suzu.

Certified Banger: ✅

MVSD-597 - Yuria Yoshine

Yuria plays a doctor who helps out with her patients' sexual problems with some practical experience.

Monami Takarada starred in one of these not too long ago and it wound up being a great film (I rated it slightly lower than Pan did), so I came into this expecting good things. Yuria definitely delivered a good one, equally as good I would say. I felt like at times her performance was a bit hit or miss but it was mostly good. And of course, let's talk about the narrative because oh boy was it hot. Doctor provides real life training for some dudes, hell yeah sign me up. Especially having it be at a school you had extra visual aids that were extremely well done. Yuria in glasses boning guys was hot as hell as were the lab coats and all. Do I wish Yuria was a little wild? Yes. But honestly it was well done, definitely one of my favourites from her.

Certified Banger: ✅

MIDV-676 - Erika Ichigo

Erika takes on the role of a nurse who uses her big tits to help heal her patients.

I came into this with decent hopes that Erika could improve from her debut film. I mean surely a nurse video had to be better, right? It was better but really not as much better as I had hoped. Erika was painfully bland throughout, almost no emotion from her which soured a lot of the video. Instead of me seeing a cheery nurse helping out patients she looked like she was thinking about what snacks she could find in the vending machine. I find Erika is pretty but she's not as appealing when she's not really into it. Even times where she pulled a guy into a room or started a blowbang she just didn't have any enthusiasm and it was painful. It was still a nurse video with all the right visual aids so it wasn't abysmal but I guess I'm just getting tired of low effort nurse videos that put all the stock in the visuals and nothing else. Erika needs a lot of work to improve and at this point I'm unconvinced if the nice physical qualities she has outweigh the blandness of her.

Certified Banger: ❌

That concludes the first half of reviews. If learnings were a thing from this post it would indicate that I'm usually a little too high on recent debuts. Sayaka's film was the best of the bunch and it was not close to a banger level film. The ones from Reika and Erika just weren't good and it really makes me wonder if I should even be watching them. It's one of those concessions that shiny new things are nice and that I'm quite willing to watch them a time or two. I suspect after the second or third review if they aren't good I'll probably stop watching them but it seems like this year I'll be watching a lot of the previous debuts quite a bit quicker than usual. At any rate stay tuned for part 2, until next time!


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