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Published : February 13th, 2022 Written by Oppaira

Yuria Yoshine was one of my top 2019 debuts, having received an S ranking from me. I don't give these out very lightly, some years I don't give any out at all. It was very clear right off the bat that her huge tits would make her stand out, having tits that were in the same league as Hitomi's. Over the past couple of years she has blossomed into an actress worth paying attention to, and I'm here to tell you exactly why.

Yuria debuted in 2019 for Oppai. She was touted as someone who was working at a soapland and had a 1-year waitlist. While you can never really trust those backstories too much I could totally see people signing up in advance for someone like her. 111cm M cup boobs don't come around every day, and they really do make her compete with Hitomi (who has 113cm O cup boobs). She's also pretty small at 5'0" making her quite the busty petite. It seemed pretty natural for her to debut at Oppai and it seemed like she would settle down as an Oppai exclusive or a shared exclusive between Oppai and E-Body given her first few releases were with them. While that certainly wouldn't have been a bad thing it would have been a little underwhelming considering how Hitomi fans have been hoping she would branch out for a while. What we got was pretty far from that, in a good way.

Today Yuria is working as a freelancer and doing just about everything under the sun. Unlike Hitomi, Yuria isn't afraid to do some more questionable content. She could very easily have enjoyed a simple career with her tits leading the charge, but Yuria has been more than happy to do some of the less traveled content. I find it makes her fairly enjoyable because you rarely see actresses with bodies like this bothering. I think most fans of hers would still enjoy her even if she didn't do this stuff, but it makes her way more enjoyable that she does put herself out there. She's done anal, gokkun (swallowing), BBC, and lesbian, a pretty stellar track record. It also makes you wonder what's in store next for her. Some actresses have done some pretty wild things over their careers and I get the sense from Yuria that she enjoys putting herself out there and seeing what barrier she can take down.

I find Yuria's social media presence to be quite nice as well. She posts a lot of random photos of herself in bikinis or at shoots and it's nice to see her be a bit more casual like that. If you wanted non-nude photos of her, it's a treasure trove. Especially with how busty she is, her cleavage really stands out in those photos and makes otherwise average, mundane photos and makes them quite nice.


Right off the bat the first thing you notice is Yuria's huge tits. I mean let's be real, they're freaking massive and any huge-boob aficionado would love those puppies. That size on someone with her body type doesn't happen all that often, and there are very few actresses that come to mind as comparisons. It really makes Yuria unique and makes you want to come back for more, especially to see all the wonderful things she and those massive melons might be doing. I wouldn't say they are the most perfectly shaped boobs but you really don't get perfectly shaped ones at Yuria's size, and it's not really a problem for me.

Yuria's face is something that has grown on me over time. I think the bit of maturity she's gained in the nearly three years since she debuted has done her well. It has helped sharpen her features a bit that were, on her debut, a bit rough around the edges. These days I find her rather attractive and enjoy her face. I will say that I'm still not a huge fan of her face when she smiles vibrantly, particularly the way she closes her eyes when she does it.

Yuria's body is also relatively nice. I find she's got a good amount of meat on her limbs so she comes off as being meaty without being heavy. She's not quite the ultra slim but she's not heavy either, sizing up as rather average. The big thing is that she isn't heavy. That lets her come across as the slim+busty type that you almost never see at her bust size.

I find I enjoy her ass more than I ought to. Her ass is a bit bigger in size but not quite that curvy, putting it into a bit of a unique perspective given that she isn't heavy. It's a bit of a size over shape that not everyone will like, and I think I'm just happy for anything given that her tits are massive. While certainly I would prefer a curvier ass, I also prefer larger asses like hers over something small.


As a performer I often find that Yuria is pretty average or slightly above average at best. She can be good at times and pretty mediocre at other times. It's kind of a mixed bag that you learn to tolerate when watching JAV in general. She'll be enjoying herself one moment and just submissively moaning the next. I just generally find that even when she does seem to be happy or excited about things, it's fairly muted and not what you'd ideally like to see.

One of my favourite qualities about Yuria is that she's surprisingly good at rough things. Some actresses really don't look comfortable or even flat out can't do things, so Yuria doing a solid job deepthroating really elevates her. Especially as she's fairly willing to do rough things, it makes me more accepting of some weaker performances.


As is the case with these types of posts I like to leave users with some recommendations so they can go see for themselves why I think they're great. Here are two recommendations for Yuria.

Yuria's sister brings home her boyfriend and Yuria finds herself interested. It doesn't take long for her to press her tits up on him and convince him to cheat. Before you know it the two are having sex all around the house, 

In typical fashion for this series there was a lot of good stuff around the video. There was some good performing from Yuria at times even despite her being still new to the industry. There were some moments where she was over-acting a bit, which for a newcomer and for this series was actually not half bad. I quite enjoyed the boob-related stuff as well, especially the paizuri (which you had to expect were good from someone like her). What I really liked for this video was actually how good of a job they did at using the entire house to be sneaky. Some videos do a terrible job and stick to the bedroom, but Yuria was having sex everywhere. Sex in the bathroom or hallway just make the video feel like everything's tied together in a way I really appreciate.

Pretend you're a salaryman working in Tokyo. Rent is expensive and you have to work crazy hours, and your life is really stressful. Thankfully your company wants to make it a great place to work so they employ some curvy ladies to help relieve your stress. Cue this movie.

First off the concept for this video was actually really awesome. Stress relief via curvy ladies is really great, especially when it was open season for people to use as desired. Honestly, something as simple as showing some people having sex and some people still working was surprisingly nice. There was a great mix of scenes from duo scenes like above to group stuff at the end. The pairings also worked out really well and I was super pleased to see Yuria alongside fellow debut classmate Ruka. The group scenes also weren't overdone and I found myself happy to see shorter group scenes where they were teasing with their boobs or asses. All-in-all just a wonderful video that made my top 25 of 2020.


Overall Yuria is a fantastic actress and I hope by this point I've convinced you to watch her. Hitomi fans will be right at home with her, she's got a fairly similar body type that is rare to find. Where she sets herself apart from other super busty actresses is how out there she's willing to put herself. Actresses with her bust size tend to get away without actually doing very much because their physical qualities carry them, so women like Hitomi and Rara Anzai just do boring videos and it all works. With Yuria she seems more than happy to do unusual things like anal and swallowing. With her breast size putting her into a niche on its own, the two combined makes her truly one of a kind. I know I make a lot of comparisons to Hitomi but it's so natural to make that comparison, and Yuria sets herself apart in good ways. If you get bored of seeing such tame videos from busty actresses, Yuria's got you covered, and for me, that's enough to keep me coming back and watching her time and time again.

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spaten78 2 years ago
You make a strong case! What vid is that deep throat clip from?
Oppaira 2 years ago

Ownerd 2 years ago
Yuria is a treasure. I did not really liked her first but I warmed up to her quickly
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