Magic Mirror Testicle Massage Training Course for Curious Women First Half

Published January 20, 2023

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Freshly graduated and curious about how the real world works, Japanese women are approached to learn a thing or two about correctly massaging balls.

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Magic Mirror Testicle Massage Training Course for Curious Women First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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Based entirely on anecdotal evidence sampled from me, myself, and I, there indeed is a connection between a good testicle massage and increased output upon ejaculation.  Don't ask how this experiment was carried out, just trust me.  Sadly, the theme of this huge 248 minute (!) release is not specifically on measuring cum output, but a novel way to apply face masks to balls to get them to smell less funky.  OK, not ideal, but still uniquely JAV.  That's what we get as we dive into this lovely Magic Mirror release by SADISTIC VILLAGE.

What we get are five solid embarrassing yet wild sex-filled encounters AND a great introductory demonstration by a lovely massage therapist with a shop in Ginza.  Speaking of her, I am not sure if she's the real deal or an actress.  What I found commendable is how aside from the last scene which was obviously filmed later at night, she stuck around for the entirety of shooting.  Usually female extras in non-sex roles seem to exit the set once sex starts.  Most likely less due to any contractual reason and more for privacy of those having sex reasons.  Here, while she wasn't in most frames from start to finish, she did poke her head in every so often thus was never far away.  It's a minor technical thing among all the insanity these types of movies are known for, but I found it a great touch from a JAV studio that often flies under the radar of fans on both sides of the ocean.

And on that note, really, SADISTIC VILLAGE is probably one of the most under-rated 'major' makers out there.  A handful of big movies like this each month yet with almost no social media presence and home page badly out of date (editor's note:  not too long after this review was written, they finally joined the modern era with a shiny new website!).  Fans seem to love what they do and I'm sure their production schedule keeps them too busy to handle all the extra tasks one may take for granted nowadays.  I can't complain much as I'm honored we at ZENRA can be showing their craft.  It contains some of the best CMNF/ENF material and makes up for not filming A-listers with wonderful themes and eye candy of an even more realistic variety.  Now...back to the review!

If you're familiar with the other Magic Mirror updates we have shown by them, then I can't really add much.  The theme is getting college-aged amateurs off the streets to try their hand at funk-reducing testicle masks and massages that of course lead to some crazy and audacious sex.  Each scene follows a similar course and that could really only be the one minor nitpick about this beast of a double update:  it gets redundant.  What's more, the way each woman acts for the most part is quite similar.  We get a few wild-cards (the last one threw me off!) and after living and breathing with this movie for almost two weeks of subtitling, my suggestion is to watch it piecemeal--something I am sure most of our fans do with longer releases anyway.  One other issue is the weird decision to seemingly end every bout of sex with a sus creampie only for the actor to almost immediately go back in, do his thing for a few more minutes, and then pull out to cum for real.  Long-time fans know my issue with this and a movie as insane as MAGIC MIRROR TESTICLE MASSAGE TRAINING COURSE FOR CURIOUS WOMEN really didn't need to incorporate this.  It has enough going in its favor already.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2219

4 Files 4.33GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Perfect example of getting your money's worth!
+Magic Mirror for added thrills.
+Cool portion halfway through showing how the windows close.
+Real cum finishes at the very end.


-Real cum finishes are preceded by unneeded questionable creampies.
-Scene structure across all five encounters is pretty much identical.
-Missing the "vaginator

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