Pleasantly Plump Masochist Michiko

Published December 5, 2016

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Michiko is a docile and demure Japanese woman tipping the scales at a hefty 110kg who finds loves in ways most prurient by means of FETIS.

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Pleasantly Plump Masochist Michiko

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Read our exclusive interview with FETIS, the production company behind this release!


Yes, even Japan has it's "land whales". They may be (for now at least) rarer than their western counterparts, but people of both genders that are considerably larger than normal are a way of life here too. Surprisingly, you see larger folk not in the cities, but mainly out in the countryside where people use cars or kei-trucks to travel *anywhere*. 

Gotta drop off the trash at the neighborhood collection bin 5 houses down? Hop in the truck. Need to give a friend 2 houses down a small bag of rice? Might as well use the truck! Need to use the bathroom? Hop in the...OK, you can walk for that one.

We're not sure if MICHIKO hails from the boondocks of Japan or is just a very big city girl, but holy tomatoes does she serve well as the poster girl for plus-sized AV actresses. During the interview portion of this slightly more straight-forward FETIS title, we hear MICHIKO announce her weight as a cozy 110 kg (243 lb) with a height of 160 cm (5'2"). SO yea, she's pretty hefty though she still boasts a rather cute face.

We don't consider her as 'unfortunate' as other actresses we've seen. She's no three-bagger that's for sure, but given most folk's preference for women with more manageable frames, we do know she isn't for everyone.

In PLEASANTLY PLUMP MASOCHIST MICHIKO, we see her spend some salacious time with SADE SATOU in his very expansive house. He actually has a pretty nice residence not too far from Tokyo. It's far from new, but it's gargantuan by bachelor standards. MICHIKO and he put it to good use with a series of escalating sexual acts that starts with coy licking and concludes with tremor-inducing quakes as they go at it full throttle on a poor dining room table.

Bit by bit, more of masochist MICHIKO was exposed. Her breasts may be a bit smaller than what you'd expect on a frame as dominating as hers, but she makes up for it with a stomach that never seems to end and an ass that goes on and on and on into oblivion. SADE SATOU was thrilled and honestly, we were as well. I'm sure it's in the fantasy playbook for many of you, but going all the way with a bona fide fat woman at least once is something even the most normal of men would probably want to try.

If we had to pick between doing MICHIKO and RIANA, we'd pick MICHIKO due to her innocent aura and natural burikko demeanor. We don't know how long she has been so...immense...but she did mention her first time back in high school also saw her in a similar weight class having sex with an internet boyfriend for the first time. Most likely, she's always been a big girl who can't seem to say 'no' to good'n'tasty food.

PLEASANTLY PLUMP featured a lot and even before the actual sex began, we saw what we can only describe as 'unabashed fat worship' as SADE pretty much gave MICHIKO's butt and gut extreme oral devotion; there was the licking, the dry humping, the facesitting...oh, the facesitting that never seemed to end and came so close to literally crushing poor Mr. SATOU who just wanted to orally pay homage to double-cheeked perfection...

...breath in...slowly.

A really neat thing we noticed as the title became harder was just how thin the mosaic was. Everything's covered so don't expect any accidental uncensored snippets of BBW privates, but the level of pixelation is super duper low to the point where you can easily make out just about everything.

We don't do BBW often at ZENRA and when we do, it's rarely with women as big as MICHIKO. We do have more titles starring 'voluptuous' women though none come close to the double-chinned majesty that she brought to the table...and so nearly destroyed. Sex on furniture when you're plus-plus-plus-sized is dangerous...mmmkay?


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers: this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan. We would like to know your impressions of this production. Did you like it? Did you not? Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out. Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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