Naked in School But Only on Mondays 2 First Half

Published January 29, 2024

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Announcement: beginning next week and every Monday thereafter in one academy in Tokyo all students and teachers will be attending nude.

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

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Every have that dream you were in school but totally naked? Everyone around you--classmates, teachers, that girl you have a crush on with the cute dimples that show when she smiles--is clothed. You: naked as a jaybird. For most of us, the dream ends there, but what if this concept was turned into a JAV movie? What if in some not well thought out way to reduce shame, the Japanese government decides that at least for certain students, once a week at least will transition to Naked in School day! Monday, chosen for ideal reasons (because who normally wants to go to school on that day?!) is where our adventure begins and what a journey it becomes!

Last spring we showed the first iteration of SADISTIC VILLAGE's take on their tried-and-true embarrassed nudity given an academic vibe in the form of NAKED IN SCHOOL BUT ONLY ON MONDAYS and now we return with its sequel (and yes, there should be more on the way). The casting remains ideal by featuring cute faces, good proportions, and in one instance, an incredibly hairy pussy that even NONO YUUKI, who also can boast expansive thatch may do a double-take at.

NAKED IN SCHOOL BUT ONLY ON MONDAYS 2 looks great though the most obvious issue for those who have seen the previous one is this one is pretty much identical. New teacher, new students, same location, same plot. I'd be surprised if the run-times were different; they're that alike. But as we have noted many a time, we don't expect JAV studios to re-invent themselves with each new release. If you have a really good and popular theme, what's the harm in re-using it every so often with different faces? It's not like SADISTIC VILLAGE is shooting one of these every month. Like other movies of its kind, we may get one or two a year which is a pace most anyone can enjoy without getting antsy about finding something new.

What NAKED IN SCHOOL BUT ONLY ON MONDAYS 2 really nails is the transition from shame to enjoyment. It does bring people together and sure, being a JAV we get a strange take on gymnastic class where penises remain locked in vaginas during certain poses, but who can complain about students just wanting to have some innocent, harmless fun?

It would be nice to see SADISTIC VILLAGE increase the amount of females in these movies to balance things out, but even for them, these movies are not inexpensive affairs. That they do them even at this pace is a blessing and they almost make me want to become a student again. How about you?

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2376

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Great theme: naked in school!

+All three actresses look great in unique ways.

+You will actually learn something.

+Sex is wild, audacious, and at times funny.


-Movie is pretty much identical to the previous one.

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