I Want to be Loved with Minaki Saotome

Published November 30, 2016

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Elegant rope binding of the highest order in this timeless Japanese schoolgirl BDSM classic featuring Minaki Saotome and Yuuto Kuroda by GUTS.

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I Want to be Loved with Minaki Saotome
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If we're one for categorization, a very general one you can affix to Japanese AV stars are the types who choose more 'regular' roles and the ones who veer towards the 'abnormal'.  You'll occasionally have actresses who do a little bit of both, but generally the longer one remains in the industry, the more pigeon-holed she may become--and this majorly takes into account her own decisions including whatever agency she belongs to hands her way.

Some girls just prefer to experience the truly unorthodox types of sex one can rarely find in the real world.  For some, simply coupling on camera with a potentially handsome man (or men) isn't that much different than what she has already done in 'camera-less settings'.

MINAKI SAOTOME (credited again as NAHO ASAKURA) is one of those actresses whom has always veered towards the maniac side of Japanese AV.  We saw her about a year ago in another defiled schoolgirl update (that a credit card processor asked us to remove for being too hard about half a year ago, sorry!) and fortunately, we've unearthed a monster of a title this time around starring her and AV uber-hunk (if that floats your boat) YUUTO KURODA (credited as his former stage-name, MASATOSHI KURODA).

Folks, it's not only an insanely beautiful bondage title, but a dramatic one as well with a semblance of a story!  Granted it's not a very complex tale, but the ending credits of I WANT TO BE LOVED actually identify someone with writing the 'screenplay' which is a first for us at least.

I WANT TO BE LOVED.  What a name for a movie all about the beauty of being bound.  MINAKI SAOTOME plays the part of a schoolgirl infatuated with the boyfriend of her older sister (also played by MINAKI SAOTOME).  His sexual desires are beyond normal--or perhaps her older sister's desires are the heterodox ones and he's just there to make her feel good in spite of her questionable demands for orgasmic fulfillment.

What we do know is the type of sexual play doled out by YUUTO is almost entirely rope-binding-oriented with a wee bit of hot wax play towards the end.  Being an AV title, the rope binding is often combined with real acts of lovemaking such as toys, fellatio, and of course, coitus itself.  This was a title produced by AV maker GUTS for fans of adult video rather than fans of pure bondage so we're sure many of our ZENRA fans will also take kindly to it.

I WANT TO BE LOVED is not a new title.  We can't lie about that.  YUUTO KURODA still acts even today, but we were surprised to see him in a title over a decade old looking so...clean-cut!  He has a much more rugged look now and we're glad the bleached hair was a short-lived fad.

MINAKI SAOTOME on the other hand went on to directing--mostly lesbian titles--and we're glad to see her look so unbelievably stunning in this update.  The lighting and camera-work were of the highest quality.  The background was dark, but the few lights used made for a tempting chiaroscuro effect that brought out every smooth curve of MINAKI's body.  As an added bonus for fans of beauty, she remained stark naked for almost all of the title's nearly 2 hour run-time.

This also was a title produced during the early- to mid-2000's when studios were really pushing the limits of mosaic censorship.  When it was used, it was thinner than a lot of titles we see today and the skillmanship was top-notch.  Some AV titles obviously are by-the-books, but considering I WANT TO BE LOVED was directed by DIRTY KUDOU , a well-known Japanese rope binding practitioner, it felt more like a true work of love.

Bondage titles like this one are not common, but fortunately we've a few more by GUTS and of course there's our series of TANBIKAI updates as well though the latter admittedly lacks the otherworldly atmosphere I WANT TO LOVE contains in droves.  GUTS actually made a kinda sorta sequel to this title that we'll try to schedule to show possibly next year.  These types of rope binding titles are rarities at ZENRA, but if we see enough subscribers accessing them, then we'll take that into consideration when we license more of them.

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