Oppaira's Top JAV Asses Part 5

Published : February 21st, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here with another ass post. As I mentioned before this is going to be a monthly post for a while so I hope you enjoy seeing my take on asses. I know I'm not the ass guy but I think we can all appreciate a nice butt. Don't forget to check out my previous posts, you can see the last one here. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy part 5!

Ai Sayama is someone you think first of her H cup tits but she's always had a nice butt. I think in recent years people have noticed just how juicy it has become. It's no secret that Ai has put on a few pounds but when some of it went to her butt that turned out not half bad. I find her butt is in this more interesting space now where it's that phat style Western media hypes up: it's not quite fat and is instead just the right level of meaty. You notice this especially when she bends over and you can get it at just the right angle where it looks huge and jiggles perfectly.

With Ai Sayama it's all about finding a video that focuses on her ass. As someone who has been around the industry for 15+ years and often finds herself in these multi-exclusive situations, she has had a lot of opportunities to have ass focused videos. My selection, WAAA-176, isn't the only video from her that promotes it, but it is a recent one that capitalizes on the more juicy body she has these days. Don't get me wrong, her ass has been nice for a long time, but I really like the way it's more unique these days with the added weight she has, and this is a perfect one to capture that perspective.

Minami isn't necessarily the first name that comes to mind when I think about top asses. I think part of that comes from a Western philosophy of bigger is better. I know I'm absolutely guilty of that with boobs and I'm sure many are with asses too. Minami's ass is very nice though, way more than first meets the eye. It's small but it's curvy and it really looks incredible. Minami's thin figure really compliments it as it allows it to stand out without too much effort. Especially when you see her butt dimples, I don't know about you but it makes me just take a second to admire it. It's a really nice butt that any actress would be lucky to have and even though Minami is retired now there's plenty of great content to go look at.

The top clip features content from IPX-649 which is my personal preference pick for Minami's booty. Like other studios that often have heavy drama flicks, simplifying the content and giving more space for the actress is good. This is especially true for Minami who really excels when you give her a simple narrative, let her be in charge, and see how she runs with it. As you can see she has really perfected her arch where she can do it even while giving a simply blowjob. If you just give her the space to do her thing she'll give you great content like this. IP knows what they're doing to capture her well and you can clearly see just how much of a bubble butt it is when she consistently poses like that.

Suzu is an actress that always feels like she's getting the short end of the stick. She's pretty, has solid boobs, can perform fairly well, and has an even more incredible ass, and yet she found herself going back to SOD's Kanbi label. Maybe they gave her a good rate there but it feels like they're relegating that ass to the depths where it absolutely does not belong. I mean seriously, that thing is very nicely shaped. It's this perfect blend of wide, big, and toned that is just absolutely insane. You can enjoy whatever other parts of Suzu you want to (or don't want to) but there's no hiding that butt is incredible. I do find that Kanbi isn't terrible when it comes to promoting her ass, they do tend to have videos that are a little bit more on the wild side than Prestige's main label has, so they suit promoting her body a little better. As you can see, her ass clearly looks incredible when it gets red from being spanked a few times. Definitely an ass to be excited about!

Suzu's case is interesting because I think you can do no wrong with just about any video you pick. Her videos tend to be very light on the themes and narratives that make you focus more on her physical qualities and performing. I would say ABW-116 is my personal choice for her butt (the doggy clip comes from there as you can clearly see) but there are plenty of other moments in the film highlighting it as well. Especially with Kanbi using Prestige camerawork, you get high quality productions to show just how nice it can be.

Yuna Ogura

I have never truly been the biggest fan of Yuna but my god does she have an incredible ass. I think people look at her more quirky personality first and foremost but she quietly has one of the nicest asses around. This is especially true when she bends over in ways that show you just how big and wide it is compared to the rest of her figure. Watching her ride the guy in the bottom clip it looks like the guy has to do the splits just for her ass to properly fit. Yuna is definitely one of the more underrated asses but I'll be damned if it isn't worth talking about.

STARS-260, the video where the top clip comes from, is a pick you can't go wrong with to experience her butt. SOD often likes to do more reality based porn which means that sometimes the concepts get in the way of experiencing the physical qualities. You might get a heavy drama one video or a thick theme the next that don't let the actresses speak for themselves. Yuna being in a simple hotel theme, even if it does have a narrative attached, simplifies it and gives you more time for her body to be the spotlight. Who thinks you actually need a drama when you can just enjoy Yuna's great butt bent over on a bed? Yeah, that's what I thought...

Yuri Oshikawa has always had an incredible body and her ass is no exception. I think people look at her from the front first but she honestly might be even nicer from the back. She has wide hips that perfectly match her curvy cheeks to provide a really nice booty. Whether she's riding or bent over it looks quite incredible, especially on a figure that is quite nice. What has always astounded me with Yuri is how great her body has been for as long as it has been. Here she is approaching her mid 30s, in the industry for 10+ years, and holy moly does her figure, boobs, and ass still look as great as ever. Easily an ass you should be watching more of.

Yuri manages to have her ass look nice in just about every video she does but if I were trying to find the best one I would go straight to her Marrion release. Yes, it's a relatively recent video (late 2022) relative to how long she's been in the industry (over a decade now) but that just goes to show how well she's kept herself in shape. It still looks just as good today as it ever has and Marrion's amazing ass-focused work will get you hooked. When has Marrion ever let anyone down with an ass-focused film? That's right, never!

I hope you've all enjoyed another set of wonderful asses. Stay tuned for next month when I share another great set, until next time!

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