My Girlfriend Takes Me to a JAV Set and Forbids Me to Become Erect Game Show 3 First Half

Published March 18, 2022

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Couples test their commitment to each other by observing a live JAV set while trying not to show arousal. Spoiler: guess who can’t stay flaccid?!

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My Girlfriend Takes Me to a JAV Set and Forbids Me to Become Erect Game Show 3 First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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How awesome would it be if elements of what's shown in today's game show update were actually real?  Imagine an, club--whatever--that targets adventurous couples in ways that test their fidelity.  I'm not referring to swingers clubs, but something a bit tamer, but still risque.  Sort of a strip club focused on private couples.  To avoid any pesky legal requirements, there would be zero touching between performers and customers and the couples wouldn't be able to have sex there.  Conveniently (and this is true!), there would be neighboring love hotels the establishment could 'introduce' the couples to.  There, they can go and do their thing in private.  I'm running in circles with a great idea in the making and I have to thank the zaniness in the third and penultimate release in this fantastic fourth-wall breaking JAV series.

What if you were that boyfriend who was really into JAV and had a girlfriend who would be OK with you going on a live set?  If money was involved, could you hold back your erection while watching such brazen salacious action with your significant other sitting right next to you pouting the entire time?  Is this really the ideal way to spend a Friday night?  We find that out and more in MY GIRLFRIEND TAKES ME TO A JAV SET AND FORBIDS ME TO BECOME ERECT GAME SHOW 3.

This is HOT ENTERTAINMENT in their most glorious and most daring.  Their biggest releases filmed in the tail end of the Golden Age.  So recent that some of those actors I think are still active today; a bit older, but still doing what they do best.  We get a handful of unique encounters that all predictably end in erections leading to the girlfriend having sex while her boyfriend soon finds himself dumped and kicked to the curb.  Ouch.

While the maid cafe scenario was filmed in what appears to be a makeup changing room sure lacked location realism, it remains my favorite of the bunch due to the heavy CFNM elements that eventually did lead to harder play.  Do note we also get some really bizarre femdom partway through.  I won't spoil it.  It's equal parts CFNM, grotesque, and funny.

Showing game show-type JAV movies is always a blast.  Sadly flicks like ERECT GAME SHOW 3 are rarely shot nowadays for a variety of reasons, but who knows, with enough hope, we may see more like them in the future.  I for one don't mind less focus on sex itself if what leads up to it is wildly entertaining.  That just makes the 'act' itself more enjoyable and meaningful to watch.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 726

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Fantastic theme perfect for cuckold fans who want something different.
+Excellent scenario variety.
+YUMA MIYAZAKI fans take note of final non-bonus-material scene!


-While shot in FHD, this is a slightly older movie and it sometimes shows.
-"THAT" femdom scene.  You'll know which one.

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