Saddle Up! The Wildest Bicycle-Related JAVs

Published : May 8th, 2024 Written by jmsorry

Bicycles and sex - don't deny that you haven't made the connection in your mind at least once in your life. Especially if you've had some experience cycling.

Cycling is particularly huge in Japan. Most Japanese own at least a bike or two. People of all ages use their bicycles for their daily errands and commuting to school or work. This is why it's not really shocking for them to have this particular kink.

So let me take you on a ride to some of the JAV industry's most unhinged videos related to cycling - and much more.

RCTD-026 - Hyper Electric Massage Bicycle

As expected, Rocket delivers another instant classic off the beaten path. Featuring Mao Hamasaki, Kaho Shibuya, and Yuina Sakurano, RCTD-026 features a sex-toy bike that can make anyone who rides it cum their bladders off.

I cannot help but be astounded by the effort that Rocket put into their video. The editing, for instance, is hilarious. For instance, they even showed us how they made the bike.

On top of that, they showed a demonstration of how strong the vibrator component of the bike is. The vibrator is strong enough to break glass - and make a woman piss herself while riding it. Good golly.

But what I really like about RCTD-026 is how meticulous it is. Not only do we get three actresses trying on the bike, but we also get a wide variety of action. We see the actresses trying the bike outdoors and indoors. We see them getting fucked while they're on the bike. We see them cumming their cunts out while pedalling. They even had the courtesy to provide a glass component in the bike for all the gushing liquids. So considerate of Rocket, no?

I also like the variety of camera angles. We have wide-angled shots, some close-ups, some action shots. It's a work of love.

If you want to see a great video, regardless of the theme, you have to see RCTD-026. Check out the trailer and see for yourself:


SDMS-598 - Last Minute Exposed Street Squirting - Meguro Kosaka

Let's pedal back to 2008 - a simple time when JAV was little bit crazier, and the image quality is more rustic. Featuring a little known actress, Meguru Kosaka, SDMS-598 is one of SOD's long-lost masterpieces.

SDMS-598 is part of the series "Last Minute Exposed Street Squirting." The one actress I recognize who also did the series is Tsubomi (no surprise about that ) in SDMS-685. But SDMS-598, one of the earlier videos in the series, is undoubtedly among the best and the wildest.

So what's it all about? Well, the idea is simple: Meguro-chan needs to ride a special saddle that has a dick toy on it. The dildo moves in and out of her pussy as she pedals. The faster she pedals, the faster that the dildo goes in and out of her love canal.

So basically we watch Meguro-chan ride the bike all over town with a dildo fucking her (wait, is she fucking herself?).

But what makes SDMS-598 special are (1) the camera angles and (2) the situations they put Meguro-chan in. The angles are simply perfect, as they follow her in a variety of settings.

The first setting, for instance, was in the middle of the town. In a classic JAV fashion, we see Meguro-chan getting bike-fucked as civilians and fellow bikers past her by.

It's worth noting that they seem to have shot this video during rush hour. There are way too many cyclists and pedestrians on the road. Maybe this is what they call "hiding in the plain sight?" Or maybe they have no plans on hiding at all.

Regardless, the machine itself is not well hidden. The saddle is made of transparent plastic, and I'm sure any attentive onlooker can notice the weird contraption underneath it. Meguro's short skirt didn't help either.

Perhaps another factor in the video is Meguro herself, who took the challenge like a champ. She was all smiles throughout the experience, except when she gets too aroused and she pedals as fast as she can to make herself cum. What a satisfying look, seeing a woman have an orgasm while riding a bike in the middle of a crowd.

If you're curious to see how it looks, take a look at this trailer:


SDJS-103 - SOD Employee Tries Alternative Insertion In The Orgasm Bicycle - Rei Hanamiya

Being an SOD employee is a sweet gig. You get to have a steady income, and some time for physical exercise.

Or at least, that is what SDJS-103 makes it out to be.

SDJS-103 is part of the series, "SOD Employee Tries Out Tries Alternate Insertion in the Orgasm Bicycle." This time, it is Rei Hanamiya who takes on the role of the SOD employee. SOD has developed a state-of-the-art "orgasm bicycle" that is equipped with two holes that are made for the pussy and the ass.

The video starts with a bit of drama. We are introduced to Rei-chan who is a new but eager employee at SOD. The executives then saw her as the best person to try out their new product. Of course, the executives have to prime up their guinea pig first, so they opened up Rei-chan's ass for a bit of backdoor action.

After her ass is made ready, Rei-chan then tries the orgasm cycle with only the pussy dildo attached. Check out the three perspectives in the following frames. It puts the viewers into the perspective of the SOD executives - we get to see Rei-chan's reactions from every angle, including her face, her legs, and her overall bodily reactions. It's genius.

After two filler scenes of Rei-chan being made to cum on camera and a fucking session, we finally get to see her using the two dildos. But before that, we see her explaining how the machine works.

Finally, we get to see her sitting on the two dildos, but not without some difficulty.

When Rein-chan finally places her bum on the saddle, we slowly see her get acclimated to the feeling of being double-penetrated. First, it appears that she is not really comfortable. However, she eventually enjoys the experience.

What's really great about the machine is that you get to control the pace. You can go slower or faster to your own liking. This is why we get to see Rei-chan reach the peak multiple times throughout the session.

SDJS-103 is quite a simple video, but it has a premise that is strong enough to keep the viewers glued to their seats. I bet watching the Tour de France becomes rather boring after watching this.

Check out the trailer here:


JUC-476 - Ms. Cycling - Yuu Haruka

JAV never runs out of cycling cosplay. However, not a lot of them are well-done. JUC-476, featuring petite princess Haruka Yuu, is one of the better ones.

What makes JUC-476 good? Well, for one, it has an actual story. In this video, Haruka-chan is a mysterious cyclist who is currently doing a tour on the road. Eventually, she meets a vagabond camper while taking a break on the roadside.

The camper guy is actually a good guy. She lets Yuu-chan stay at his camp and gave her some of his barbecue. The two spend a heartwarming night over a bonfire, talking about who knows what. In the morning, Yuu-chan leaves to resume her journey.

However, Haruka-chan has a secret -- she is a horny slut. In fact, during one of her pitstops, she meets two boys who shows their interest in her, so she proceeds to indulge them and fuck them in an onsen. (It's real. Athletes have a lot of pent-up sexual energy, and they perform too well on the bed).

Unfortunately, for her, some of her fellow cyclists can smell her pheromones, and they couldn't resist following for on the road.

The boys couldn't get enough from Haruka-chan, so they decided to get more. Haruka, however, is not much in the mood. Fortunately, the camper guy sees them and saves her. The two then engage in some heart-to-heart conversations and K-drama moments.

Finally, the two finally consummates their relationship and makes love in a tent. The video ends with Haruka-chan going her own way to finish her cycling journey. Meanwhile, the guy is left with beautiful memories of the hot cyclist she met one summer.

JUC-476 has some really hot scenes of Haruka-chan being fucked in her full cycling uniform. But what makes it stand out are the long cycling shots, the drama, and the (almost) love story that frames the sex scenes. It's quite unique and definitely worth the watch.


SGKI-015 - Popular AV actresses takes on the challenge! Peeing, squirting, orgasming on a bicycle in the city! Luna Tsukino and Alice Otsu

A modern take on SOD's classic "cumming while riding the bike" theme, JAV maker SHINGEKI released SGKI-015 featuring Luna Tsukino and Alice Otsu. Using the same formula as the SOD videos, this one features the actresses cycling around the city while "squirting" every now and then.

While Shingeki's take on the genre is less daring than its older counterparts, it is still quite impressive. Released in 2024, at a time when outdoors and public JAVs are as rare as a hen's teeth, SGKI-015 definitely stands out.

Basically, the video is divided in two parts, the first one featuring Luna-chan while the second half features Alice-chan. Both actresses had to do the same tasks: they have to ride the custom dick bicycle in public. After the quick stroll, they proceed to try it indoors, this time naked. That's it.

Like in similar videos, the best bits in SGKI-015 are when the actresses encounter pedestrians and fellow bikers on the streets. Some of them even look twice with curiousity at them, wondering what's up with their odd-looking bikes.

We also get to observe the actresses'' look of shame through the many camera angles that the producers provided. The angles also show us the pedestrian reactions. It's obvious that these hot actresses are up to something, so they cannot possibly escape the onlookers' gazes.

SGKI-15 is quite a ride. Maybe the biggest pleasure in watching it is the video quality and the nice editing. Moreover, Luna Tsukino's performance is also quite hot on this one. It's a treat to see an actress with such a pretty and innocent face to agree to do such a ridiculous video.


ATOM-053 New Weapon Bello Bello Cunnilingus Bicycle

Speaking of ridiculous, ATOM's "New Weapon - Drunken Cunninglingus Bicycle" takes ridiculous to a whole another level. This old video (made in 2012) has an insane idea - what if we could turn a bicycle into a cunnilingus machine?

Move over, J.G. Ballard, the Japanese have done it better, again!

So what's the big idea? Simple - just install a couple of flaps on the tyres of the bicycle, and make a cyclist - with a helmet and full riding gear, of course, ride the bike. An instant orgasm machine, powered with clean, renewable energy.

As for the effectiveness of the bike in inducing a female orgasm, it's rather hard to tell. Nonetheless, it's amusing to see their reactions. First, the actresses couldn't help but chuckle upon seeing the rickety machine. Then, all they could do was sit back and let the pathetic flaps graze their taints. It's more hilarious than sexy, which is to say, it is not a bad watch at all.

Unfortunately, the guys at ATOM couldn't think of other tricks to keep the viewer interested. This is why after the (what passes for) "cunnilingus" session, they also fuck the girls. There isn't much to say about the sex scenes because they are as featureless as an asphalt road in the countryside.

At least they gave the actresses some real tongue action.

Overall, ATOM-053 is a merry watch that doesn't offer much by way of production. Still, I think the concept and execution can be improved upon. I wonder which brave studio will take on the task?

So there goes our list of the wildest bicycle-related JAV? Do you know some other JAV studios that feature cycling and cyclists? Don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments!

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