First Time Lesbians Secret Hot Spring Vacation Returns

Published July 8, 2019

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Two college friends go on an onsen getaway with one harboring a relationship-changing secret in this authentic lesbian release by GOGOS.

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First Time Lesbians Secret Hot Spring Vacation Returns
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

You may be surprised to hear just how popular GOGOS has been at ZENRA.  As of writing this, every single one of their movies has been a resounding success with our subscribers (yes, with other JAV studios we once in awhile do have 'bomb' updates).  Sure, for the last year and a half or so everything we've shown from them has been from the same lesbian massage series, but even before that, our updates alternated between that series and another one we found extremely welcome with our female subscribers:  FIRST TIME LESBIANS SECRET HOT SPRINGS VACATION

Way back in 2010-11, GOGOS released 16 titles in this series.  Each one featured a 'lesbian navigator'--the admin of a BBS for curious women--and a member of the forum who wanted to finally see if her lesbian urges were more than just an idle fantasy.  What we got was some truly authentic footage filmed entirely by the navigator (no extra camerawoman!) of real lesbian play including a very believable date and train ride.  This series did OK in Japan and the biggest reason GOGOS decided to suspend it was finding eligible talent.

Now my knowledge of the comings and goings of willing and able lesbian JAV stars is rather minuscule, but going by their recent output, GOGOS has decided not only to resurrect this amazing series, but are going all out with it.  Today we present the first iteration of FIRST TIME LESBIANS SECRET HOT SPRINGS VACATION RETURNS and in spite of this one still being a rather new title even in Japan, GOGOS already has a dozen titles out!  We'll almost certainly be showing them all, but do take note the format this time is *slightly* different than the previous series.

In RETURNS, there is no 'lesbian navigator'.  Instead, each iteration features two young women--one with a secret. In the maiden release in RETURNS, we're introduced to camera-wielding YUKI who invited MANA, her best friend from hotel vocational school, on a quick hot springs getaway.  Ever since they first met, YUKI viewed MANA as more than just a friend and has decided to use this special trip as a way to come clean.  It's pretty obvious how this goes so if you're expecting a real bona fide drama, you may want to keep on looking.

Love confessionals out of the way, visually what was show in the original HOT SPRINGS VACATION series is pretty much what happens this time around.  The camera has been improved making for sharper picture quality (though for some reason beyond me, it's still shot in SD) and if you really were not keen on having an older navigator appear in very single title, the variety and youth of both parties this time around should be a welcome surprise.

Overall, RETURNS is a well done lesbian JAV release.  I felt that on one hand, the buildup leading to the bathing confessional was fantastic, but some of the sexual play itself featured YUKI (or the actress who plays her) to over-act.  A fine line between real lesbian friends and lezzing out for the fans at home was potentially breached in the second sex scene.  Let's just say YUKI gets a bit too vocal with all her "kimochi's".  Our translators (read:  me) were rolling their eyes towards the end of working on this one.

Not everyone is going to like a JAV movie that's entirely self-shot.  There's no crew here.  What you get are two bubbly, young Japanese women filming their most intimate moments.  I'd of liked a camerawoman during the sex scenes with self-shot footage being regulated to the trip to the onsen, but I'm just a lowly reviewer and subtitler who knows scant about actually producing the content I see day in and day out.

We'll be pushing out titles from this series regularly later this year.  They have been popular in the past on ZENRA and according to the owner of GOGOS, the new version beginning with RETURNS has been selling well.  Even the usually nit-picky Japanese user reviews have been good.  Expect a lot more like this in the months and maybe even years to come.

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