Oppaira's Ai Sayama Spotlight - Top 10 Videos of a Legendary JAV Star

Published : August 1st, 2020 Written by Oppaira

Hey everyone, Oppaira here again, this time with a spotlight post. So what are spotlights, you might ask? Spotlights are an in-depth look at an actress going over everything about them, from their careers to my personal opinions about them to their top 10 videos. These will become a regular occurrence on the blog but don't expect them all the time as they take quite a while to prepare. Anyway, without further ado let's jump into my spotlight for one of my favourites, Ai Sayama.



Born: Jan. 8th, 1989 (31 years old)
Career: 2007 - Present
Measurements: 98 / 61 / 90
Cup Size: H Cup
Hair Colour: Brown / Black
Eye Colour: Brown


Ai Sayama made her debut in 2007 for Alice Japan. Pretty and busty, she had everything for a star in the making. It would take a few years for Ai to hit her stride, which was around 2010 when she landed at Moodyz, but once she made it Ai would turn out to be an incredible actress. Over the next four years she spent at Moodyz Ai would go on to cement herself as a household name in the industry. She would then go on to split her time among some different studios including Oppai, Tameike Goro, and Premium. It's hard to understate just how good of an actress Ai has been over those years when she's considered to be among the top 20 actresses of all time, according to fellow blogger JTA. Being talked about in the same conversation with actresses like Hibiki Otsuki, Kirara Asuka, and even Ai Uehara, that's an impressive feat.

These days Ai is working as a semi-freelance actress. In the past year she’s worked for Fitch, Wanz Factory, Tameike Goro, and Chijo Heaven, as well as Idea Pocket and Moodyz for VR. Ai continues to be popular but not quite as popular as she has been in the past, usually appearing closer to the bottom of the top 100 charts. Still, continuing to be in even the top 100 of the industry is an incredible feat considering the fierce competition in the industry. She still continues to put out a ton of great content and for a semi-freelance actress releasing about once a month it's pretty great to see her still well received. I think seeing Ai in some big series would be nice, I would particularly like to see Ai take on the famous Wanz Factory 10 Minute series, especially since Ai has been working with them lately.


Metric Score
Face 9
Breasts 7.5
Ass 7
Body 9.5
Video Quality 8
Performing 9
Genres Average


Physically Ai Sayama is wonderful. If you’ve been watching Ai from her early days you’ll know that her appearance has changed quite a lot over the years. She’s looked quite different over the years, from her early days at Alice Japan and S1 to her prime at Moodyz to her current look with short hair. It’s been nice seeing her mature because you can watch her whether you want someone a bit older, and I think Ai right now looks beautiful. I’ve personally most enjoyed her look during her period at Oppai in 2015 although she’s looked great for a long time. Ai is also known for having some nice H cup breasts, especially her great nipples, that she puts to fantastic use. I think perhaps the best quality is how meaty she is. She's got some of the most amazing thighs in town that make her ass stand out much more than it otherwise would. Simply put, Ai has looked great for a long time and continues to look great.

Ai's performing skills have always been a strong point for her. She seems to understand how to be enthusiastic especially when she's given the reigns to be somewhat dominant. That's a trend we'll see in my top 10 videos - that Ai is very good at being dominant and that her dominant videos stand out much more than her submissive ones. She's great at seductive glances and smirks that really just add so much with so little effort. One of the biggest draws for Ai is not just how good she is but how long she's been good for. Videos on my top 10 list span from the beginning of the decade to the end of the decade and it's quite impressive to see someone continue to be this good for this long. Actresses tend to have a peak and having Ai be so consistently good is not only just impressive but a great selling point for her.

When it comes to genres Ai is surprisingly average. You’d think someone in the industry for 13 years would branch out a little more and do something out of the ordinary but Ai is pretty plain. Ai has worked with over a dozen studios though she’s spent the majority of her time with Moodyz, Oppai, and Tameike Goro, studios that aren’t particularly known for being adventurous. The most she has done is bukkake for Moodyz, which was really part of the old persona of Moodyz. As fellow blogger WoodOfTheRisingSun put it in part 2 of the history of Moodyz, Moodyz moved to de-emphasize extreme themes, and you can really see that being the trend for Ai when her most adventurous video was nine years ago. Instead Ai tends to do the same sort of stuff over and over again: housewife, office lady, stepsister, even just general videos focusing on her being busty. Ai has at least done a couple VR, although at this point most active actresses have. It's definitely a shame that Ai is so reserved but her popularity seems to indicate that people really don't mind. With Ai's physical qualities and performing skills I think she gets a pass on having a lot of videos that feel similar. A lot of actresses are like that and Ai actually compares quite well to the extremely popular actress Julia, at least from a career perspective on the variety of genres.

Ai's video quality is generally good despite having a low amount of variety. I find the consistency from Ai matters a lot, and going into videos being able to count on it being at least solid is a really big selling point. There's really nothing worse than being excited to watch a video only to be let down because the actress phoned it in. As a westerner I find this to be particularly true since I am more accustomed to western porn performances than Japanese, thus the strong performances stand out a lot. Especially with Ai being good throughout the years there's plenty of older content you can go and enjoy. I find her catalogue has been good throughout the years because she has spent a lot of time working with some of the biggest studios. Big studios like Moodyz tend to have really good production quality whether it's the camera work or good plot ideas.


Honourable Mentions


CJOD-242 - A Horny Lady Boss Is Wrapping Her Big Tits In Tight Clothing And Relentlessly Luring Us To Temptation

Ai plays a horny boss lady and, well, horny bosses are hot. I enjoyed watching her have fun with her subordinates especially when she was doing it all over the office including with one guy in the lunch room. While the video had a nice clothed sex theme to it unfortunately that theme fails a little bit with some outfits that just don't cut it. Still, it's a good recent entry that any Ai fan can be happy about.


MIDD-891 - Colossal Titties Instructor's Shapely Seduction Lesson

Ai plays a thicc fitness instructor intent on having some fun with her students. Ai has some really hot outfits on throughout the video and there's always something amazing to look at whether it's her juicy ass in leggings or her tits in a braless shirt. I especially liked how the content matched the theme, like slowly making the workout become sexual. I found the earlier scenes were more enjoyable than the latter scenes, especially as they started introducing toys and caring less about the theme. Still a great video you can't go wrong with.


Top 10


10. PGD-939 - The Day I Fucked My Hot Older Sister With Colossal Tits Until My Cum Ran Dry

Ai visits her folks and spends the day getting busy with her step-sibling. While it's innocent at first as she helps him with some morning wood the two of them eventually end up having sex. One of my favourite aspects of this video is how varied the scene durations are. When the video is themed around them doing it all day long it's nice to see them having some very brief scenes. There's even one where Ai catches him jerking off in the bathroom and gives him a helping hand. The outfits are also simple yet effective, especially the sweater depicted on the cover; having sex while wearing that zipped down sweater was extremely hot. Ai's performance is also quite nice, she definitely had fun initiating with her step-sibling and getting him to join in.


9. PGD-911 - Kick-Ass Nympho Boss Controls Everything From Work To Ejaculation

Ai plays a take-charge boss who uses her position to take advantage of her subordinates sexually. Whether she's getting them off with handjobs / titty fucks or having sex with them she doesn't take no for an answer. That's probably the best part about the video, Ai being dominant the entire way through. It's so hot watching her make an employee jerk off for her only to then make him have sex with her. I don't know about anyone else but I would gladly let Ai harass me like that. Ai also wore some great outfits that pushed the theme nicely, especially when she had sex and kept them on. I always love it when office lady themes use supporting visuals to help portray the theme and they did a wonderful job, not even just with her wearing skirts, blouses, stockings, and blazers, but also with a rare appearance of glasses. Similarly I thought the settings were great, having sex in the stock room was a rare but welcome appearance and with other locations like an office and main employee area there's just so much great variety. This video is absolutely office lady sex done right.


8. MEYD-447 - My Boss' Big Tits Wife Is Luring Me To Secret Temptation With Dirty Talk

Ah yes, what a time our guy is in for this time as he goes to his boss's house and meets his hot wife. Not only that, she's a little bit promiscuous and decides to have a bit of fun with him. While it's a little harmless at first before you know it he's having creampie sex with her. Right off the bat it's really hot seeing her give some hints to him whether she's lifting up her skirt or touching herself on the other couch. That theme is also made even nicer when it's as risky as it is and at one point the guy even has sex with her while there's a plumber in the background! That risk also felt much more real when the video was shot in POV, it's not quite the immersion of VR but it was certainly much more immersive. I found it was great seeing Ai be so expressive throughout the video. You could tell she really had fun with the theme, often smirking and smiling with how naughty she was being. Especially with the dirty talking theme and all the risk, the sex never felt like she was going on autopilot. Truly a great video from Ai.


7. MIGD-370 - Dream Woman

Bukkake videos are so simple yet so easy to be good: just dump loads on her face and call it a day. However, a great bukkake video, like this one, is noticeably better. Moodyz's Dream Woman series is probably the pinnacle of bukkake (sorry Waap) and Ai Sayama really knocked it out of the park. Right off the bat you notice the video is a whopping four hours long, and four hours really gives you a lot of options. One of the big deals with bukkake videos is about getting a critical mass of bukkake content. Videos will often put filler scenes in, like just having an actress blow a single guy and take a facial, and it's just not ideal for bukkake videos. Even though that does happen here the video duration offsets it and I found myself much happier with it as a sort of pallette cleanser between the main scenes. The fact that it is as long as it is translates to the video having a few themed scenes, including Ai going to a company to be a cum dumpster for them. The absolute best part of this video is the split screen scene that they do in this series, where the actress is sitting around naked on half the screen and getting bukkake'd on the other half of the screen. Seeing her so innocent yet so filthy simultaneously is something you just have to experience for yourself. Easily one of the best bukkake videos around and highly worth seeing her face get covered time and time again.


6. JUY-777 - Wife Next Door

This video is the story of a lonely housewife who takes up camming when her husband can never make time for her. Shockingly, one of her viewers is actually her neighbour, and some hot action ensues as she cheats on her husband with him. First off this video really uses the theme of them being neighbours quite well utilizing a window between them expertly. Not only is it used when she finds out it’s him but it’s utilized both to give him a few from her place while also during some risky sex at his place. Speaking of which, the video utilizes risky action in many ways, including a scene when he delivers their pizza and she gets him off behind her husband’s back. Ai’s performance is also impeccable in this one, especially seeing her attitude change over the course of the video and how well she performed both styles. At first she was shocked and embarrassed about her neighbour finding out but once she started enjoying it she really seemed to be loving every second of it. Definitely Ai's best cheating wife film and worth the watch.


5. PPPD-571 - Busty Older Sister's Temptation!

Ai goes to look after a guy who has his friend over. With them being inexperienced in sex, Ai has a delivish idea to have some fun with them, masquerading it as educating them on sex. I really liked the performance from Ai, I thought she blended all the required emotions and expressions quite nicely. She had to come off as nurturing (teaching them), deviant (enjoying herself), assertive (dictating the action), and submissive (allowing them to explore their sexuality) all at the same time and that's not easy to do. Especially on the part of them being introduced to sex, Ai and the guys all did a great job of it, taking the lead sometimes but also having the guys lead at other times. I also really liked the final scene (depicted below) where Ai gives him a special birthday present and lets him creampie her. Especially with everyone just in the other room there's some nice risky action and Ai does a great job keeping her voice down. All-in-all a great performance that really elevates the already good content.


4. PPSD-051 - The Maid's Creampie Special
Mao Hamasaki, Yuri Oshikawa, Ai Sayama, Mio Kayama

This is a maid special from Oppai and what a special it is. For starters the cast is incredible. While Ai Sayama is my favourite from the cast the others, Yuri, Mao, and Mio, are all quite wonderful actresses that I’m a fan of. Seeing a video with a cast of four where I like them all is a rare treat. The video is also quite lengthy at three hours long so there’s plenty of great content in here. There's a good variety of duo and group scenes as well as POV and non-POV action. Speaking of which, the video is also filled with awesome content whether it’s the maid outfits, creampies, or squirting (Mao and Mio are both incredible squirters). The biggest reason I like this video so much is the lesbian interaction. For an actress like Mao Hamasaki she’s done countless lesbian scenes but for Ai it is a rarity, in fact it’s the only one I know of. It’s not exactly straight lesbian action, all scenes have guys in them, and it’s more of her kissing other women or having her breasts fondled. That being said, you better believe that her making out with Yuri or Mao sucking on her tits is hot as hell. It's probably worth a spot on the list for that alone, although I'm happy there's a lot of other good stuff in it.


3. MIDD-778 - Slutty Big Titted Office Lady

It seems like office lady themes are becoming a trend on this list but what can I say, I love 'em and Ai really does them justice. This time Ai isn't the boss but is just a slutty office lady who takes every opportunity to fool around. What's great about this one is that it's three hours long so there's a lot of opportunities to do some fun things. That includes all the usual suspects: sex in an office room, the locker room, the main employee area, etc. They even venture a little outside the office theme a bit when she goes to the club and has sex or has some fun at the convenience store. While it's not exactly office lady content I found that the general theme of a sophisticated woman worked nicely in tandem. I also liked that her outfits were a bit mixed in some circumstances since the office lady theme can become a little bit pushed if you don't take care to avoid it. With the standard dominant performance that Ai is known for the content wonderfully matches up with a great performance. If there's only one office lady video you watch make sure it's this one (but really, watch all of them because they're all great).


2. PPPD-408 - My Girlfriend's Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It's OK To Creampie Her

This video is part of a longstanding series at Oppai which has nearly 50 entries in it and is by far my favourite series. Nicknamed GES (Girlfriend's Elder Sister), it's a wonderful story about how your girlfriend won't let you creampie her, and when her sister notices your interest in her big tits she shows you them and says you can creampie her. Ai Sayama's entry is one of the absolute best in that series and I've seen all 47 entries. It has all sorts of wonderful risky content as you're having sex with Ai behind your girlfriend's back. The video really manages that risk from start to finish, like Ai seducing you at the table in the morning all the way to her inviting you to have sex with her instead of your girlfriend. This entry is, of course, made so much nicer because of Ai's fantastic performance. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take it, expertly shown off with all her seductive expressions. The absolute best part of this video is the first kitchen scene which is one of my favourite scenes of all time. It's just so amazing, and, well, I'll let the clip I created blow speak for itself.



1. MIDD-752 - Horny Exhibitionist

Horny exhibitionist is one of those themes you never knew you needed until you've seen it. The idea of a hottie like Ai approaching you and offering to have sex, now that's truly something. Especially when the actress is excited about it instead of the more typical embarrassed, there really is something about the the actress wanting to do it. That's definitely the case with this performance from Ai, one of her absolute best among a sea of wonderful performances. She's enthusiastic and vibrant the entire time whether she's blowing someone at a DVD store, having sex in the park, or strolling into a men's washroom to find someone. This is especially true with the trench coat depicted on the cover where she flashes people, in fact she does it several times. While you might think that gets repetitive you'd be wrong, it's still extremely hot every time. That also highlights another great aspect about the video that the content just flows really well. The trench coat is such an easy way to push the content forward and if you think it feels a bit too fake, well, one guy actually turns Ai down! This video is really just the culmination of so many things done right, from Ai's brilliant performance to some of the hottest scenes you'll ever see.


Ai Sayama is an actress that needs to be on your radar if she isn't. She's a really fantastic actress that's good on so many levels. She's pretty, she's busty, she's thicc - the right combination of physical qualities to make anyone excited. She's also a wonderful performer that is great at dominant performanes and, above all else, consistently good. Ai's been one of the top actresses for the past decade, she's one of my all-time favourite actresses, and it's not surprising why. Ai's career is still going strong, so here's to another decade of great Ai content!



I hope you enjoyed my spotlight on Ai Sayama. I intend to do more of these for some more of my favourite actresses. Be sure to let me know what you thought of it, your thoughts on Ai, or any other wonderful Ai videos to check out.

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Jab hum 3 years ago
No offence intended. I love your blogs.
You are right in that Anri Okita has 10/10 boobs and kurea hasumi has the best ass in the world(I just lover her in the cowgirl position).
However by rating Ai sayama 7/10 you are implying that 30% of JAV actresses have finer tits than her which is just not the case. Her rating should be at least a solid 9 in tits and 8 in ass.
Just my personal opinion.
Jab hum 3 years ago
Holy fuck!!! Breasts 7.5?
Ass 7?
I stopped reading after that.
ZENRA 3 years ago
You should continue reading to spot the potential Easter eggs. :)
Oppaira 3 years ago
You’re not the first and definitely won’t be the last to complain about my ratings. I find I don’t like just giving everyone 10s because it leaves no room to say someone is better. I’m curious what you’d rate her then compare to Anri Okita’s tits or Kurea Hasumi’s ass.
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