Actress Spotlight + Top 10: Yuri Oshikawa

Published : February 28th, 2021 Written by Oppaira


Born: June 13th, 1990 (30 years old)
Career: 2013 - Present
Measurements: 93cm / 60cm / 97cm
Cup Size: G Cup
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown

Yuri Oshikawa debuted at Muteki in 2013 and like many Muteki debuts quickly found herself as a hot new exclusive actress, in Yuri's case at S1. While Yuri would go on to take a year off (and not the only time in her career) she would eventually return as a freelance actress and quite immediately prove the industry she was someone to keep an eye on. Starring in all sorts of series such as Oppai's GES and Wanz Factory's 10 Min it would be impossible to ignore the reemergence of this busty, short-haired beauty. Yuri is someone who, especially early on, garnered a lot of attention due to her body, which is quite well rounded.

Today Yuri is still active as a freelance actress. She's coming off a recent hiatus where she was abroad for a year in America. Yuri, now 30, tends to play more MILF roles, although she has frequented such roles for a long time. In addition, Yuri can often be seen alongside some of her better friends in the industry including Arisa Hanyu, Natsuko Mishima, and Hibihata, including in lesbian videos. Yuri is someone I'd consider a prototypical freelance actress. What I mean by that is that she's a good example of what typical freelance actresses are like. Some amount for group studios like Hunter and K.M. Produce, a number of solo videos, and some VR, with videos spanning a wide array of studios.


Metric Score
Face 8
Breasts 8
Ass 8
Body 9
Performing 5.5
Genres Above Average



The best part about Yuri Oshikawa, physically speaking, is everything. That's right, she's amazing from head to toe. That's what makes Yuri stand out, I think - that every part of her is good. Often times you get actresses where you like their ass but not their boobs, or like their boobs but not their ass, but with Yuri it's all great. I don't rate her quite as highly in any individual metric as I may other actresses but her average is still quite high. More notably, the fact that she's good from every angle makes it easy to enjoy whatever content she's involved in, whether it's from behind, from the front, a blowjob, etc. You can enjoy her face as she's looking up while giving a blowjob, enjoy her ass while in doggy, enjoy her tits during a titty fuck, or even enjoy her body while riding.

Yuri's large G cup breasts are round and supple. I find what makes them nice is they have a nice shape brought on by a nice amount of firmness. I find I like boobs that are capable of jiggling and bouncing nicely, something Yuri's are definitely capable of. Don't take my word for it though, check those puppies out in action:

Her ass is also quite nice as well. Definitely one of the better asses in town and, as I've said, is one of the ways to enjoy her physically. Even if it never blows you away like some might you're always up for positions like reverse cowgirl and doggy where you can enjoy it.



Yuri's performing is, in my opinion, the worst quality she has. She isn't a strong performer and never has been. I would characterize it was being very generic, with notes of excessive moaning and lacking facial expressions. Simply put, she's exactly what the JAV stereotype of actresses is. Here we can see an example of what I mean:

I find that, as a result, I tend not to enjoy a lot of videos I would have otherwise expected I would have. In particular I find that her solo videos often have trouble standing on their own and fall a bit short of being good. That being said, the clip also highlights to some extent that her body can make up for some of it. As I mentioned, her body is fantastic, and I find myself able to look past the mediocrity in exchange for physically appealing content.

I think where Yuri winds up doing the best is with other actresses. It makes a huge difference when she's working alongside someone else who can help elevate her performance, or even just make her performance less of a factor in the overall video. As we'll see from her top 10 the majority of her videos star other actresses in some capacity. I find I also enjoy videos where that kind of performance isn't as off-putting to be better suited for her. That is to say, as my expectation of the content is that it's supposed to be a little more rough I find I'm much more okay with her performance not being great because I have some expectation of that kind of content. I similarly feel the same way about videos where the content itself carries more weight than the performance. I ultimately find her slightly above average at best



When it comes to genres Yuri is above average. I find what puts her above average is her willingness to do some genres that actresses rarely do, particularly anal and BBC. I actually find in general that those are two genres that increase the variety quite a lot.

She isn't someone I'm amazed at but she's done a lot more than I would have ever expected her to do. Even stuff like regular lesbian content stands out when a good amount of popular actresses, even some of my favourites, don't do any of it. This is a good amount of variety for an actress in general, that they are at least willing to do a few unusual genres every now and then to spice things up. I can accept that Yuri will often play the wife role and be okay with it knowing that you can get this kind of variety. Even both videos above are wife roles but when you spice them up a little it goes a long way. Yuri's also still at an age where she can plausibly play older type roles which helps with a wider array of roles and thus a wider amount of genres she covers.


Honourable Mentions


WPVR-058 - Will You Punish This Girl With Me?

This video focuses on Yuri being Erika Kitagawa's plaything and the two of you use her as you satisfy all of your desires. The highlight of this video is the wonderful content which is a mix of punishing Yuri, sex with Erika, and lesbian. If that sounds hot, well, believe me it is. The content starts off with Yuri basically being her slave and being made to deepthroat you. When you're having sex with Erika you get lesbian action simultaneously with Yuri making out with Erika or playing with her tits. And just for good measure when you creampie Erika, Yuri is then made to eat her out. What ties this all together is some nice performances, especially on the part of Erika. As I've mentioned, Yuri often does better with other female costars and this is no exception to that rule. The video is sadly only 30 minutes long which is perhaps a big meaning as to why it's just an honourable mention. Such was the fate of VR back in 2017 (and I'm glad that isn't the case anymore) and this type of content today would almost assuredly have made my top 10 list.


Top 10

10. CESD-719 - Hibi & Hata Play With Yuri Oshikawa's Huge Sexy Ass In Lesbian Anal Orgy

First on the list we have Yuri starring alongside Hibihata in a series featuring anal sex. Hibiki and Yui each have a scene with Yuri before double teaming her in the end. Oh, and by double team I really mean it - they grab some strap-ons and double penetrate her.

Firstly lesbian action with a good cast almost always turns out well and if there's any two actresses to star alongside it would have to be Hibiki Otsuki and Yui Hatano. Hibihata is legendary and really make the video better than it otherwise would have been. Secondly I rather liked having solo scenes each. Both are individually very good performers so instead of being overwhelmed by threesome action we get more traditional lesbian action for some part of it. Watching them do all the kinds of stuff you'd expect, like fingering, 69, and scissoring is always nice to see. Of course, the highlight is the group scene with anal and DP. It's really hard to go wrong with strap-on DP, something I always find myself enjoying. I think part of that is how rare it is, especially comparing to how much more common it is in the west, so it's like a unicorn that you just have to appreciate. I think more than that, Yuri is someone with an exceptional body and mediocre performing, so shifting the content to something that requires less on the side of performing and matters more visually simply works out better for her. I'd much rather see someone sucking on her tits as she's taking it in the bum than see her try to perform appropriately, and yes, that really does happen and it's as hot as it sounds.


9. VOSS-057 - When My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me, My MILF Felt Sorry For Me, And Made Me A Promise That She'd Fuck Me If I Wore A Condom!

As the story starts out, he is struggling with a breakup and Yuri eventually offers him her body to console him. Of course, a condom is a must, can't be cumming inside his step-parent after all. However, Yuri is so uninterested that she uses her phone while having sex and he can't even enjoy it. So, naturally of course, he takes off the condom to see what happens, and what do you know, Yuri starts loving it.

One of my favourite aspects from this video is just how great the idea of going from completely uninterested to being in the instance is. For someone like Yuri who isn't a strong performer this is a perfect way to turn that weakness into a strength. It did require her to act better than usual when she had sex and couldn't show any emotion or moan but then there was lots of content where not only was that typical performing what happened, it was appropriate and expected. Especially as the dichotomy shifted from her absolutely not wanting a creampie to asking for it that dynamic I found that contrast to be great. On the front of her not moaning at all at the start, I find actresses are much more capable than they put on but only when it's made abundantly clear, and this is one series where actresses know exactly what's being tasked of them. I'm not sure any other series has made me enjoy average performing quite like this one has and it's honestly such a brilliant way to overcome such shortcomings of an actress. I would recommend this video even if just to see how much you can enjoy Yuri in content you might otherwise expect to be very generic.



8. FCVR-007 - A Black Exchange Student Is Cumming Over For A Homestay!

Marina Yuzuki joins Yuri Oshikawa as her step-sibling as they play host to a black man from America named Bob. Seeing how amazingly hot and juicy the two are Bob takes the first opportunity he can get to have sex with them. Oh what a great homestay this will be! Oh, and the video is also over two hours and is essentially one giant scene.

First off you immediately notice that the character you're playing is not Bob but actually Yuri's husband. It creates an interesting perspective for the video as you're actually watching VR but not the one participating, which when the action happens you're out of it from all the alcohol. I found that to be surprisingly enjoyable because you got a mix of perspectives between the immersion of VR but camera angles of traditional porn. Anyway, we're treated to an awkward but wholesome conversation as Bob tries his best at Japanese and Marina and Yuri try their best at English. I always love seeing actresses speak English and such a natural opportunity was great, even if it caused the intro to be quite lengthy.

The content itself sets itself up as a bunch of different things between both actresses. All the standard foreplay stuff including blowjobs and titty fucking plus stuff like 69 and even spanking their asses, which was all done quite well. I think in particular having two actresses meant we got twice as much nice foreplay as well as some options that only arise from two actresses (blowing Bob at the same time or his cock between both of their tits). Then when you get to the sex it's full of great variety. VR often puts forth zero effort with sex but this video put out all the stops. Doggy, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, there's plenty to enjoy. Even variations of the position like missionary on their side or doggy from a different angle make the content continually feel fresh.


7. RCTD-031 - If You're Good, Then You Should Be Able To Know What She Looks Like Naked!

A Rocket video on the top 10 list?!?! And a game show no less! Japan is known for it's crazy game shows but I don't think any are quite this crazy. The plot is simple: you have to guess which one of the ladies is your step-parent, but you can only see them naked and their faces are hidden. Even crazier is that the step-parent's older and step-siblings are also among the ladies. Seems like it's too crazy and nobody would do it but a vacation is a big enough prize to convince them otherwise. The video plays out with two families with Mary Tachibana the step-parent in one group and of course Yuri the step-parent in the other, so even with the video having six total actresses Yuri is still able to stand out.

The video is actually a great mix between funny, entertaining, and actually good porn. There's often quite hilarious instance as the guy's trying to guess who's who and of course guesses wrong. Especially seeing him creampie someone he didn't think was his step-parent but actually was, it can only end in hilarity. However, the video even goes a lot further to make it awesome by having the aunt be concerned about the step-parent getting pregnant so she goes and "extracts" the creampie with her mouth; yup, that happens. It's also surprising how enjoyable watching a set of ladies in a lineup be played with and even having sex. The whole "let me pick my favourite" and enjoying her body is nice especially when you factor in that it's more than just grabbing their boobs but also the way his cock feels in their pussy. There's also some really great sex after the game show part that's quite unexpected but also very pleasant. Honestly this is one of those videos you'd never in a million years expect to be quite this good but in reality it was great and is worth the watch.


6. HMPD-10042 - The Voluptuously Perverted Creampie Elder Step-Sibling From Next Door Is Cumming Over Yuri Oshikawa

Yuri plays an office lady who often stumbles home late at night after a night out. Have no fear, her kind neighbour is there to help take care of her. Of course, Yuri repays him in ways beyond his wildest dreams.

First off the plot is really good, even others in the series are great. You never really see this side of Japanese culture in porn, the late nights working and going out that office workers so often do; we especially don't see office ladies in this type of situation. On top of that the plot was just nice seeing him enter this relationship with his neighbour. Yuri had a boyfriend and yet she came to want the guy next door who helped her out in a time of need. The little intricacies of how it plays out is really great, not just from a plot perspective but Yuri's performance as well. Seeing her stumbling into his apartment or fumbling during sex was nice as it really fit the situation she was in. Not only that but any extra moaning bits could simply be chalked up to an expectation of being somewhat incoherent. As I mentioned, videos where the performance lines up with your expectation do better, and this one definitely hits that mark.


5. JUFE-221 - Twin Sluts - Video Record Of Busty Wives Trained Up To Be Cum Dumpsters

Yuri and Honoka Tsujii find themselves as part of a plot by a guy to make them his private cum dumpsters. The video chronicles his attempts at doing just that where they can be seen deepthroating, tied up in ropes, and taking his seed.

As one might expect the highlight of this video is the content but not in the way you may be thinking. Yuri and Honoka, despite being trained, manage to engage in lesbian content throughout the video. Of course lesbian interaction with two attractive women is going to be enjoyable but I found that it being unexpected made it even more enjoyable than usual. It's like when you see nudity on TV, it doesn't compare to porn in the slightest but the unexpected nature of it is surprisingly hot. I think also the lesbian mixed with the roughness from the rest of it was also great. Seeing them spanked or deepthroated gave you many different angles to enjoy the content. Especially for Yuri, finding ways to create unexpectedly good content to mitigate emphasis on the performance is great, and of course the fact that lots of the content does have a roughness to it makes her general performing rather appropriate. Trust me on this one when I say it's far better than the cover would ever have you believe.



4. URVRSP-006 - I've Been Caught Cheating! But Now The Tables Have Been Turned!

What if you got caught cheating on your girlfriend? What if instead of getting mad she opted for a threesome? What if it was in VR? These are the questions we need answered and I can say you need not look any further.

First off the video is split into two separate scenes, one with a pairing of Natsuko Mishima and Arisa Hanyu, the second Yuri Oshikawa and Marina Yuzuki. I'd be lying if I didn't say that cast is a good way why I like the video. Four nice actresses that I enjoy and beyond that actually good pairings. Natsuko and Arisa are great friends outside of porn so seeing them work together is fantastic. Especially with light lesbian play in both scenes it's a quite lovely experience. No rampant makeouts or pussy eating but even just grabbing their boobs or licking their tits goes quite a long way at making sure the second actress isn't boring. Honestly, it even makes the primary actress more enjoyable. For example, when Marina is riding you and Yuri's grabbing her boobs it just makes it more enjoyable. I found that the plot itself was just enough to make the content feel like it had something going on and I quite appreciated it. Especially seeing something like Arisa having to hide under a desk, it's so simple, requires little effort, but makes me enjoy it so much more. Honestly, this video could have just been two separate videos and the fact that they made it one with two distinct scenes made it so much better. Yes Yuri's only in half the video but her scene with Marina alone is still quite lovely and worth watching.


3. CESD-355 - Lovey-Dovey Lesbian Date

Yui and Yuri go on a date and end up at a hotel having sex. The video is scored by what's essentially 2.5 hours of non-stop action.

First off the fact that the video has more or less non-stop action is really great. Instead of a lengthy dinner date or chat in the bath we just get plenty of action between the two. Secondly the two manage a really nice mix between being active and passionate during sex. Striking that correct balance can be very difficult to do and I find lesbian videos usually fall too far on one side. I tend to find lengthy make out sessions can help mitigate what might otherwise come across as lacking passion which is something this video does expertly. Especially from someone like Yuri who isn't a great performer it's really easy to mitigate that with the more passionate approach or giving her opportunities to be the lead in lesbian content. Yui definitely was the more dominant one, especially when there was strap-on sex with her wearing it, but I'll take any strap-on lesbian sex I can get. It's also worth noting that Yui's just so good she can work well with anyone and that should come as no surprise with this being the second time this pair has made the list so far. If you're up for lesbian sex that strikes a good balance of passion an action and isn't some rough DP then this is certainly the pick.


2. CEAD-222 - Non-Stop Four-Play Lesbian Action

Just like the last entry this one is also non-stop lesbian action. However, instead of just Yuri and Yui we also get Hibiki Otsuki and Yu Shinoda along for the ride. The video is split into three sections: one with Hibiki + Yuri, one with Yui + Yu, and then a final group scene. Interestingly, the video segues each section into the next so it feels like one giant scene (hence the non-stop action part).

First off you have to just admire that cast. Hibihata + Yuri Oshikawa + Yu Shinoda is an insanely nice cast for a lesbian video, perhaps the nicest I've ever come across. I also liked having the earlier content split up Hibihata because I think they're skilled individually and can help someone like Yuri perform a bit better. That being said, it's definitely the group scene that shines in this. Seeing all of them go at it together is an absolute gem and they go wild for each other. We get so many amazing different positions and perspectives, like someone having their ass and pussy eaten at the same time, all of them eating each other out in a circle, squirting - the video has it all. I especially liked that they didn't bother messing around with toys, just accept that they're attractive with nice bodies and let it speak for itself. If you've ever wanted a lesbian video with four actresses it's hard to compete with this, and even though Yuri doesn't stand out it's easily one of the best she's ever been a part of.


1. PPSD-051 - The Maid's Creampie Special: Big Tits' Service Paradise

For Yuri's best video we have a video featuring her as a busty maid alongside another insane cast. Ai Sayama is one of my all-time favourites, so much so I already wrote a spotlight for her. Joining them is Mao Hamasaki and Mio Kayama, another two actresses I enjoy. The video is quite lengthy at three hours and contains a variety of maid scenes with a focus on creampies.

I think first off you just have to admire what a cast this is. It goes without saying but finding videos with four actresses where you enjoy all of them is a big deal and they almost always turn out wonderfully. Especially when they break into duo scenes and you get the two you enjoy most together (Yuri and Ai), what great content. Particularly one of the best aspects was that there are some lesbian interactions. I feel like a broken record as lesbian interactions keeps being pointed out but unexpected lesbian content is surprisingly hot. Especially knowing the video is by Oppai and they don't do lesbian it makes it all that much more surprising and hot. A huge benefit to the video is just how good the content is. If it's not lesbian stuff it's squirting, if it's not squirting well it's a busty maid riding you with her other busty friends beside her. Like I've said over and over, Yuri's best qualities are how nice she is physically, and drawing attention to her body or pairing her with similarly nice actresses is the right way to manager her. What's better than one maid is two and what's better than two is four, and when they're all hot, busty, and getting creampied, it's all lovely content.



Yuri has, over the years, proven to be one of my favourite actresses. There's just something about her that compels me to watch her even as I have somewhat low expectations of her videos. She isn't the great performer other actresses I enjoy are and yet that doesn't stop me - she's quite easily one of my most watched actresses. I guess between her big tits and round ass I came to the conclusion that being this hot and well-rounded offsets not being the strongest performer. At the same time Yuri's willingness to put herself out there is also great. A lesbian video with hibihata where she takes it up the bum exemplifies everything you need to know about what shes's willing to do. I hope everyone's seen her before but if not I hope I've convinced you otherwise. Especially with a top 10 list to filter to her best videos hopefully you can find something worth checking out.

I hope you've all enjoyed my Yuri Oshikawa, until next time!

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spaten78 3 years ago
Very useful list. Yes, she is beautiful but a little inconsistent. A bit like Julia in that regard. Your number 1 is spot on. As another honorable mention, I would suggest DCOP-025.
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