[AV Rookie Interview] Suzu Matsuoka: A True Sub Goddess!

Published : October 14th, 2020 Written by Ichigo

[AV Rookie Interview] Suzu Matsuoka: A True Sub Goddess! Behind A Polished & Elegant Exterior Lies...

Known for being “Knock-out Gorgeous”, the popular AV producer, “Prestige”, has a brand new contender in their corner. This ”Absolute Beauty” is Suzu Matsuoka!

Suzu made her debut with “A Prestige Production Rookie Debut: Suzu Matsuoka - An Absolute Beauty Beyond All Others”, released in May of 2020. Suzu stands out from Prestige’s usual fair with her high-class style, attracting attention from the AV fandom.

On that note, we are grateful for Prestige for letting us have this one-on-one interview with Suzu-chan! We brought up some spicy topics with the foxy lady, including her sexual history and kink habits, so you definitely don’t wanna miss out.

Actress: Suzu Matsuoka
Birth-date: August 11th, 1995
Home-town: Kyoto
Height: 160 cm
Size: B85 / W58 / H89
Blood Type: O
Hobbies / Talents: Computer programming / Darts & Squash
Twitter: @suzusprings

※ Suzu's official Prestige profile can be found here.

“A Prestige Production Rookie Debut: Suzu Matsuoka - An Absolute Beauty Beyond All Others”

―― You have quite the sophisticated, high-class air about you.
Suzu: To tell you the truth, although I'm a newbie, I'm actually older than most of the other girls I work with (laughs).

―― Is your age public knowledge?
Suzu: Yes, my birthday is August 11th, 1995, which makes me 24 years old.

―― Where are you from?
Suzu: I'm from Kyoto.

―― We did notice some Kansai region speech patterns in your debut work.
Suzu: Uh oh, my accent was noticeable?

―― I couldn't say it was a Kansai accent definitively, but your speech patterns seemed very akin to the Western Japan area.
Suzu: I really try hard to make sure I don't have any sort of accent, but I guess it comes out more than I realize (laughs).

―― I'm sure there are plenty of guys who are into that, though, right?
Suzu: You think so? I've been in Tokyo for about 2 or 3 years and I thought I had lost all traces of my Kansai accent. I guess you can take the girl out of the country, but not the country from the girl.

―― Your voice is lovely. Living in Tokyo for as long as you did, what led to your sudden AV debut?
Suzu: After graduating from university, I started working an office job. I wanted to find a job where I could interact with people and have fun. I didn't feel like I could be myself at my company, however, and I couldn't seem to click with corporate culture. I also didn't have much in common with my co-workers. In my hunt for a job that was a better match, a friend happened to know this business who was looking for new talent and hooked me up with an interview. I didn't have any sort of prejudice against AV work, and neither my parents nor my friends saw it as problematic, so I figured why not give it a shot and try it out.

―― What type of work did you do at that first company?
Suzu: It was a steel manufacturing company, so a lot of paperwork about steel. We helped facilitate communication with the factories and manufacturers.

―― A Japanese manufacturing industry, interesting! I've always heard that, like steel itself, the steel industry is fairly rigid and strict.
Suzu: I wouldn't disagree.

―― It's kind of interesting to think how you started in the steel industry and are now making AV content. I heard you liked porn porn before joining the industry. What sort of stuff did you like?
Suzu: I preferred videos that had lots of cute girls and beautiful ladies. At the time, I didn't care so much about individual actresses. If the girl was cute to me, I would watch it.

―― How do you feel about joining the world you used to watch from afar?
Suzu: I never had a lot of self confidence growing up; I used to think "my butt's too big" or "my voice is oddly high-pitched, almost like an anime girl's voice." Stuff like that would bother me. It seems a lot of people find these things "cute", though, so I've grown to love my body and myself more since entering the AV world.

―― That's great to hear! Do you have a fascination with kink stuff personally?
Suzu: I love it ♪

―― How many people have you slept with up until your first porn video?
Suzu: About 10 people. One was a long term boyfriend of 5 years.

―― Were all of your former partners boyfriends?
Suzu: Some of the guys I slept with I liked but wasn't dating (laughs).

―― If you weren't dating, then what relationship did you have?
Suzu: Well, for example, I slept with a teacher in university... I guess that was kinda risky.

―― That sounds exciting. I want more details! How did you end up sleeping with him?
Suzu: One time, I went out drinking with a bunch of classmates and our teacher. I really like drinking, and I ended up heading to a different bar afterward, just the two of us. One thing led to another, and...(laughs)

―― Was it a one-night stand kind of thing?
Suzu: Yeah.

―― Do you have any other kinky experiences you could share with us?
Suzu: I've dated a lot of guys who were into the S and M of BDSM. There is some kinbaku included in the bonus section of my debut title. I have some experience being tied up in my personal life, and honestly speaking, I don't hate it. That's actually why the director included it.

―― You've been tied up?
Suzu: Yes... (laughs). I have been tied up before. In high school, I was dared to do something kinky while on a Ferris Wheel. The wheel spun so fast, though, that there wasn't enough time to do anything, and I failed (laughs). AV gives the false impression that you can easily do all kinds of stuff on a Ferris Wheel, but in reality, it doesn't go off quite as smoothly (laughs).

―― I guess people can see you from outside?
Suzu: Yeah. I definitely had the feeling of being watched. The time when you're at the very top is surprisingly short as well.

―― A situation where premature ejaculation isn't a bad thing (laughs). At any rate, I'm sure doing stuff in the privacy of your home is also satisfying... What led to your interest in kink?
Suzu: I had a super strict home life... Maybe retaliation towards that? My dad and his side of the family all work in government jobs, and my mom is a teacher.

―― What do you mean by strict?
Suzu: Until high school, I wasn't allowed to spend the night at a friend's house, even if the friend was a girl. I grew up thinking "I have to take everything seriously at all times." Once I started doing AV work, I came to realize, "It's okay to take things easy", and "There is a world that accepts me the way I am." In general, I feel more satisfied with my life now.

―― When you started masturbating, did you use your fingers?
Suzu: Yeah.

―― What about toys?
Suzu: I like them, too. Actually, the first time using a toy was a game-changer. I like the type that has an inside and outside part. I also have a lot of different vibrators. Recently, I was on the prowl for a new toy with more focus on internal stimulation. I haven’t found my dream toy yet (laughs). Even followers on Twitter know I’m on a quest for “a new friend.”

―― Have you gone to an adult toy shop by yourself?
Suzu: Yep! I’ve actually asked my followers via Twitter for advice while shopping.

―― As a woman, it must take a lot of courage to go by yourself.
Suzu: I go everywhere by myself, so it’s fine (laughs).

―― I bet it’s a hassle when people recognize you at porn shops?
Suzu: Are you implying that guy fans are creepy?

―― Less creepy and more excitable. That sort of situation usually only happens in porn (laughs).
Suzu: I’ve bought a bunch of stuff on-line as well. It’s a gamble, though, because sometimes the image and the real thing are slightly different. That’s why I prefer going in person.

―― You seem to have a real passion for your toy collection. Do you have any other hobbies that you’re as passionate about?
Suzu: I really love building plastic models.

―― In a previous interview, you mentioned your love of vehicles.
Suzu: Yeah! Stuff like airplanes and fighter jets. There’s a specialty model shop in Akihabara I go to pretty often.

―― Airplanes and fighter jets are stereo-typically for boys. Have you always had a tom-boy side to you?
Suzu: I have a younger brother and a male cousin, so while growing up, I was mainly surrounded by boys. I grew up with toy trains and racing cars. Partly because of that, I had this attitude of “Steel is the best!”, which is mainly how I ended up at a steel manufacturing company. I always loved mechanical gadgets with loads of different parts and buttons. Seeing the factory at night is really cool, too.

―― You’re pretty adept at programming and foreign languages?
Suzu: I mainly love getting qualifications for stuff. I’m certified in various Japanese and English language tests. I studied a lot of programming languages and foreign languages while at that company.

―― I noticed your Twitter profile is written in a few different languages.
Suzu: I have “Thanks for following!” in Thai, Chinese, Korean, and French. Because of that, I get a lot of replies in Chinese, and a lot of followers from Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan. I can’t speak Chinese well, but I really want to get better.

―― You’re amazing!
Suzu: I love learning new stuff. Studying hard and excelling is one of my favorite things to do. I guess that’s the attitude I have toward the AV industry as well.

―― It does seem on par with your desire to explore your sexuality. What’s your fetish?
Suzu: I am definitely a sub to the core. I’m happy when my partner is happy. For example, if I was with a dom, I would never say “tie me up”. Instead, I would say “do what you want to me.” That’s what makes me happy. If the dom I’m with is into punishments, biting, spanking, etc., then I would be super into it as well.

―― It sounds like you’re less into punishments, and more excited about servicing your partner.
Suzu: You’re probably right. I love punishments that make my partner happy.

―― Sounds like you have the heart of a sub.
Suzu: That’s what I think, too.

―― One might call you the ultimate sub.
Suzu: Depending on the day, I’ll see a sub and they seem so excited to be punished. It makes me wonder if I’m truly a sub or not, so I reached out to my followers. One person said, “Sounds like you’re the ultimate sub,” so we came to the definitive conclusion that I, beyond a doubt, have a sub personality.

―― It does seem like, mentally, you have sub traits. Physically, where do you like to be touched on your body?
Suzu: My nipples and vaginal area, mainly externally. I love receiving oral, too. However, recently I’ve experimented more with internal stimulation, and it’s felt amazing.

―― Does that sort of stuff show up in your films?
Suzu: Maybe. Or in a previous film. I’m not sure, actually...

―― How was your first filming experience?
Suzu: The director was very laid back, and told me I was free to do what I wanted. He said, “As long as you feel good and show it, then don’t worry about anything else,” and it helped to make me feel less anxious. Consequently, I enjoyed my “first time” quite a bit. I was really happy when he told me I had done a great job.

―― What about facials?
Suzu: I didn’t have experience with that. I prefer when guys cum in my mouth. I would really like to swallow it… (laughs). My first facial was in porn.

―― You prefer it in your mouth…? That’s really sexy! As an aside, there seemed to be a lot of kissing in the first sex scene.
Suzu: I really like kissing...

―― Seems like you have a girly side to you after all!
Suzu: I’m actually quite innocent (laughs).

―― What do you like about kissing? Feeling someone else’s tongue?
Suzu: Hrm… how do I explain. More than the sensation, it’s the knowledge that kissing means you love someone, so when I have sex, I need a lot of kisses.

―― In your debut video, the first and second sex scenes seemed pretty tame. How did you feel about the sex with your co-actor?
Suzu: He let me take the lead, and we got to experiment with different positions and punishments, so it felt really good.

―― What’s your favorite position?
Suzu: It’s really hard to pick one.

―― You can say you like all of them (laughs).
Suzu: Well, let’s see. I love pinching the guy’s nipples when I’m in cowgirl. I like missionary, too… I guess I love them all in different ways (laughs).

―― Fantastic! In the second sex scene, after he came in your mouth, you teased him and then had a second round. Did you come up with that?
Suzu: Since we don’t have a script for sex, this was the result of me doing what I wanted (laughs).

―― So you’re saying the sex was real and not faked?
Suzu: Yep! It seemed like the guy I was with came several times, too (laughs).

―― The next scene involved a threesome. Was that the first time you’ve been with multiple partners?
Suzu: Yes. It was a little overwhelming.

―― Overwhelming mentally? Or physically?
Suzu: A little of both. In my personal life, I tend to have sort of laid-back sex, or I’ll be with a dom who is into specific types of punishment. I don’t really have experience with constant penetration. Having two guys using me over and over… was pretty intense.

―― Did you enjoy it?
Suzu: It was a lot of fun.

―― Would you try it again?
Suzu: If the situation arises, of course!

―― In the bonus video, you are tied up and have a toy used on you.
Suzu: It felt incredible. Actually, during the first sex scene and the threesome, I got to decide what was done to me, so it makes me happy if viewers watch it and enjoy it.

―― What’s one behind the scenes info you can share?
Suzu: In my sex scene with Genjin Moribayashi, I wanted him to strangle me, humiliate me, and spank me so hopefully it appeals to dom viewers. Alternately, I had a scene with an amateur where I doled out the punishment, so there is something for subs as well.

―― Sounds like there’s a little of something for everyone. Is there anything new you’d like to try next time?
Suzu: Too many things, honestly (laughs). I really like girls, so I’d like to try playing with another girl.

―― So like a lesbian flick?
Suzu: I’d also like to try cuckolding or MILF kind of stuff.

―― Pretty aggressive! I look forward to seeing your future endeavors! Do you have a final message for your fans?
Suzu: I’ve been really happy to meet so many different fans through my work. I will strive to get better, and become the type of actress that her fans would be proud to support. I’ll do my best to rise in the industry, so please keep watching!

Originally published in Japanese at Men's Cyzo
Photos by Ishikawa | Interview by Kagurazaka-Bunji / Twitter
Translation by Ichigo

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Onichi 3 years ago
She is really beautiful.. Love the face and smile..
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