JAV Sales Report - February 2024

Published : March 31st, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Welcome to the February Sales Report.

Top Actresses

Mana Sakura is up quite a lot of spots this month and I'm just going to take a stab at the reason why being this Power Rangers video. Sadly she doesn't play one of the rangers but this level of production quality is nice to see. We often think about SOD being one of the top companies for production quality, and usually they are, but rarely do we see them going to this level anymore. Major studios often skimp out on the real good stuff these days and I'm glad to see them taking the initiative. This kind of super hero movie isn't all that uncommon, there's a dedicated studio Giga that keeps doing them month in month out, but to see a major exclusive like Mana in it (even if she's sadly not dressed up) is again pretty nice.

JULIA has long since been a mainstay of the top of the charts and it's not hard to see why. This March release has her pit against a younger actress Hinano Sonoda, who is basically a no-name actress. Oddly enough, Hinano has starred for two Rebecca videos despite otherwise being unknown. I think the idea with this video is to pit her against a younger but less attractive actress to showcase just how beautiful JULIA still is. Or, maybe some people think Hinano is quite pretty and it showcases even better how insanely attractive JULIA is. I can't say that it's necessary as I still think she's one of the most beautiful women on the planet but hey, after this many releases I suppose there's a need for new stuff to keep it interesting.

Ruisa Totsuki continues to surprise me with how popular she has become. I suppose with the kind of body she has and her willingness to go freelance it all kind of makes sense. I mean just look at that left cover, I can hardly blame people for being interested. Hell, even I'm kind of interested and I already kind of put my stick in the sand on her. On the right we have the compliment to it which is Ruisa in her bondage ban lifting. Interestingly the video is directed by Nao Masaki, and I say interesting because she normally doesn't do straight shibari (rope) stuff like this. I mean she certainly does more interesting things but this is definitely not it most of the time. Regardless I think Ruisa having such a nice figure and having it complimented by being a bit more adventurous is helping her out and it'll be interesting to see just how adventurous she's willing to get.

Up in 7th place we have Konan Koyoi who feels like a perennial favourite for our lists. What can you say, pretty, big tits, what's not to love? As a fan of hers I've found that her performing is quite nice and really sets her apart from some of the others at S1 who just don't cut it. We've got the likes of Hikaru Nagi and Ria Yamate, for instance, who are both on Bookmate's radar but just don't satisfy as performers. Her latest release was a little underwhelming for me and failed to make my watchlist. I find that because Konan is a better performer I tend to prefer watching her in videos that let her flap her wings a little more compared to Hikaru or Ria where I would prefer something higher on the eye candy scale. Don't get me wrong, Konan looks fantastic in these outfits, but so too would Hikaru and Ria and I'd rather watch them in stuff where I can focus on their physical qualities and not complain they can't perform. I doubt it will be long before Konan has another great release, she's made several of my top 25 of the year posts and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Aika is way up on our list this month right as I hear she's back to filming. If you haven't been keeping up Aika hasn't released anything in a few months and has instead been working at famed hostess bar Red Dragon. We're starting to run out of old guard actresses there, I can only think of Minami, Aika, Saki, and miru. It's interesting to see a roster like theirs turn over but that's the way of the industry. Sometimes I even find myself doing the same, letting go of older actresses I once enjoyed to make room for more. As much as I have loved Aika over the years I had honestly made room for other S1 actresses by simply not watching Aika all that much in the past year or two. Hopefully she comes back with some renewed vigor and reminds us all why she captured our hearts for many years.

Eimi Fukada is a name I don't talk about nearly enough because of my own preferences about her. She's insanely popular even while she's now an exclusive for Faleno. People have been raving to me about her new tits being way better and I'm a bit dubious about it. My brain keeps reminding me that they can only go up and so do the screenshots from Faleno. I mean sure, it's definitely photoshopped, but even I have to admit that it does look nice in this photo. I doubt that's enough to convince me to watch her when we have way better options around but hey, good on her for bettering herself.

In 10th place we have Ren Gojo in her image video debut. Maybe that's a bit awkward of a saying since she comes from gravure but this is certainly her debut with nudity in that sense. I think the thing that excited me the most of this is just finally having some proper full nude shots of her since those had been sorely lacking. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see Ren doing well, but image videos aren't usually my cup of tea and these photos look great. I must say, Fair & Way does a good job with the promo pics, especially since some of the image video studios just take poor screenshots and call it a day.

Speaking of Fair & Way my god have they been doing incredible. Ren Gojo starring there now brings their count up to 4 / 4 of the new busty S1 debuts which is a pretty incredible feat. On top of that they've had a ton of other great actresses both new and veterans alike which is just outstanding. They've basically come out of nowhere and cemented themselves as one of the best in town which is just all kinds insane. Hopefully they can keep it up for years to come!

The first place video this month is an absolute banger of a video as Moodyz brought back their bako bako bus series. I think most of us assumed the series was dead considering the current era of JAV seems to be so heavily focused on cutting costs and making cheap productions, and this is basically the exact opposite. These covers make it feel like a choose your own adventure which I kind of dig. I've seen most of them and personally I'm in for Hana Himesaki (surprise surprise I picked the one with giant tits) but there are plenty of options for everyone. Ass lovers have Mitzuki and Alice, boob lovers have Hana and Ibuki, and there are plenty of other ways to slice it. The video is an absolutely mind numbing 8 hours long and will run you nearly $40 USD but $5/h for a video like this really ain't that bad. Do I expect it to be a bit of a cluster fuck? You bet. Do I expect it to still be interesting? You bet. There's a good reason it's our number one video this month.

Niko Kawagoe has been blowing up lately. Her February debut video (the 3rd place entry) is doing well but more than that she's really getting around. I've seen her hanging out with long time S1 veterans like miru but even more impressive is her headed to TAE. TAE, if you're not familiar, is Taiwan Adult Expo and is an adult convention a bunch of JAV actresses go to. I've seen other relatively new actresses like Rei Kamiki there but after just two videos is kind of wild. I don't know if S1 is trying to hype up someone who isn't omega busty or whatever but they're definitely setting Niko up to really be someone special and we shall have to follow her career with great interest to see how it holds up.

Our 6th and 7th place videos feature a pair of lucky bag compilations. The left is 素人 which is amateur while the right you can plainly see says gal. 15 and 20 actresses respectively with 20+ and 34+ hours respectively is absolutely insane. If you're somewhat unfamiliar with the way amateur stuff works in JAV it's often not amateur. In fact, in the top row the third from the left is Yuri Oshikawa, second from the right is Akari Niimura, and fourth from the left on the bottom row is Rino Yuki. They will often just use a random name and call it a day and try to convince you that you don't recognize them. Look on the right and you see the same thing: third from the right in the top row is Mizuki Yayoi and the fanned out ones on the bottom contain both Hazuki Wakamiya and Hana Himesaki. Those are just the ones I can easily recognize from scanning which goes to show how effective it is. Sometimes it pains me because it makes it hard to keep track of someone's catalogue but these videos are usually more of a bang for your buck instead of quality content. At any rate, there's so much content that you can do no wrong with either of these and clearly fans were all about it, even if they arrived a little late to the new year lucky bag festivities.

Bookmate Rankings

Mai Tsubasa (つばさ舞) is someone I recently watched for the first time. Immediately two things jumped out to me: I can see why people like her but also I wish her tits compared to the rest of S1 these days. Mai debuted in 2021, just early enough to get in before the wave of huge tits S1 has gotten. You can compare her tits to Ren's that we checked out up above or Momoka and Haru down below but they just aren't comparable. I mean sure, they're big enough that even people like me would be perfectly content with them but it's so hard to be happy with these when you could have so much more. At any rate it's interesting to see some of the older crowd like her get some love considering how insane 2023 was for S1 and it'll be interesting to see if anyone other than Saika can compete with those busty newcomers.

Alice Nanase (七瀬アリス) has been picking up a lot of steam lately. It's not really surprising when she finds herself starring in incredible films like this. Eight quality actresses in one release? I don't know what to tell you but it feels like we're going back to the good old days. Moodyz had their Bako Bako Bus Tour video, Madonna had two videos with 20 actresses a piece, absolutely insane. For this one I'd be against Alice Nanase (who is on the orange team), how can you go wrong with Mizuki Yayoi (弥生みづき), Mina Kitano (北野未奈), Waka Misono (美園和花), and Riho Fujimori (藤森里穂)? Regardless, an eight actress creampie royal is for sure a big reason to keep her up on the map this month.

Miki Mihama (実浜みき) is up to 26th place this month. That's quite a jump, so much so she retweeted the ranking post from Bookmate. I always love seeing actresses who really buy into the industry and care enough to look at the rankings. It shows a level of dedication to their craft that excites me to follow them compared to actresses that can barely even put together social media. It's also kind of crazy to see Miki being the one up in 26th place considering the depth of Madonna's roster. They've got a staggering 50+ actresses last I checked and while I can understand a long term veteran like Maki Tomoda (友田真希) being up high in 20th place I just don't know how Miki is beating everyone else. Maybe that's a signal I'll have to check her out, she's somewhat low on my radar right now but there's plenty of time for her to grow on me.

Momoka Kagura (神楽ももか) continues to do well for herself up in 33rd spot this month. It's no surprise to see one of the omega busty actresses from S1 doing well but there is a particular reason I wanted to call it out this month. Yes, that's right, the image above is Momoka next to none other than her fellow K-cup mate at S1, Haru Minato (みなと羽琉). Yes, it's exactly as you hoped too, the two of them announced they're co-starring together. I'm super excited about it, S1 not only delivered on some 10/10 tits but took it a step further. I'm so excited for what's to come from both S1 but also the pair of them, and hopefully the full release is sooner rather than later.

Erika Ichigo (一心えりか) is a 2023 debut I spoke fairly highly of and she's finally made her VR debut. For the life of me I can't figure out how these are the screens they used because she has the worst expressions in them. She's very pretty when she smiles and I imagine more of the video has that eye candy you're really looking for. I might honestly opt for her nurse video instead if I were using my brain but sometimes you want to watch them in VR and you can hardly go wrong with someone as attractive as her.

Kana Mito's (水戸かな) someone we haven't spoken about in a while and I think it kind of reflects the state of Madonna as a studio. It's not that Madonna is a bad studio but Madonna is a very crowded studio. Their roster is something like 50+ actresses last time I checked and there's just too many directions to go. Sometimes you're looking at the latest actress to join like Miki that I mentioned above or the major veterans like Maki Tomoda. Maybe sometimes you're looking at whomever the latest major transfer to them is, which this time around it's Himeka Iori (庵ひめか) of all people. It can be extremely difficult to stand out if you're Kana Mito and there are just so many different actresses to follow. Last year alone I watched over 30 different actresses from them and that number is only going to keep growing when they keep growing their roster like they're trying to collect all 151 Pokemon. At any rate, Madonna still believes in her as she's one of the entries in the 春のパンツまつり (Spring Panties Festival). It's what contributes to the PFES code on the back, something Madonna and many other studios contributed to. It's kind of like a knock off AV Open without any awards (if you're listening please bring back AV Open) and the obvious panties theme. It's not the best but it's sure something and despite Kana's ass being fairly mediocre from my recollection they managed to make it look nice. Either way though it's nice to see Madonna not toss someone like her aside for the hottest new thing and I'll be very curious to see exactly how big they can grow their roster.

It can be interesting sometimes when you see only one of the infamous Hibihata pair on the list but this month has Hibiki Otsukii (大槻ひびき) without her other half Yui Hatano (波多野結衣). That being said both of them are forever working together whether it's them as side characters in Moodyz's bako bako bus tour or a video like this that pits them up more directly. The label IKUNA has done a handful of these, this is actually episode 8 in the series. They've had some great pairings before such as Alice Otsu x Mao Hamasaki, Ayaka Mochizuki x Akari Niimura, and Marina Yuzuki x Yuria Yoshine, but no duo compares to Hibihata. They also do slight animal themes as we see Yui appearing to be a cat whereas Hibiki is a frog. Regardless, it looks like a fun time and anyone who has seen their similar funny game show content knows how great videos like this can be. So if you're in for more of this pair, this video should do the trick and then some.

Have you ever seen such a picturesque promo photo, because I sure haven't. Monami Takarada (宝田もなみ) rounds out our Bookmate actresses in 87th place in her video for Hawaii. Yes, that is in fact the name of the studio, and the palm trees on the logo are supposed to be the two Is in Hawaii. I don't know if they're fooling anyone without any indicators it's in America especially when Japan has over 10,000 islands. Monami definitely falls under the radar compared to some of the other busty chicks these days so maybe the double view of her and the scenery is a nice change of pace to keep people interested. I can hardly argue with a hot, juicy babe on the beach. Yeah, maybe actually getting sand everywhere might not be fun, but everything else looks great if you want a more simple video and a view. Honestly it feels like a cross between sex and an image video and I think there's definitely an appeal for that somewhere

That's all for me this time folks. Hope to see you all back next month, until next time!

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