New Debut Review: November 2022

Published : November 15th, 2022 Written by Fried Chikan

Yotsuha Kominato(小湊よつ葉)
aka Rikako Inoue
Age: 26
Status: SOD
Height: 154 cm / 5'1"
Measurements: 83 Bust ( C Cup ) – 59 Waist –  80 Hip
Descriptors: Celebrity, Pretty, Cute, Slim
Social Media: Twitter –
Personal Website -

Body, Looks, and Performing

Starting off for us today is a bonafide celebrity making her AV Debut. I am talking about former FAIRIES idol singer Rikako Inoue now going by Yotsuha Kominato for her AV career. Fairies or FAIRIES was a somewhat popular Jpop idol group that first started in 2011. Not a massively popular group they did chart on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 with their songs. The biggest name to enter JAV since Yua Mikami I believe. Fairies was also know for among other things their dance practice routines which they posted many of. You can see Yotsuha’s pretty good dancing skills in action here. I’m hoping and expecting lots of singing and dancing themed titles in her future.

Yotsuha is quite pretty especially in all her glamour photography. SOD and her agency has given her the superstar treatment and are putting out great photoshoots of her. A beauty with very plain girl next door looks. Big bulging eyes, a very pretty nose, pronounced chin, long neck, and big imperfect teeth. She doesn’t jump out to you but I found her prettier the more you looked. Body wise she isn’t much to speak of. A slim and small figure with a small C cup chest. Her behind fares better with a nice little bum and good thighs and legs. As a whole though not exactly a physical stunner, small but not flat.

As a performer Yotsuha has some good genuine moments but is par the course for most debuts. Reserved, awkward in bed, and wooden. Overall Yotsuha wasn’t a very memorable actress. She’s definitely pretty and her celebrity background makes things a bit more interesting/spicy. However looking at her as an AV actress I would say she’s pretty average right now. She has her plus sides (her looks) and her down sides (her flat figure and performing). For now his celebrity only gets a B from me but I’m still going to keep an eye out for her. That star power really does raise your eyebrows and I’m not alone, JAV fans all over are clamoring to see more of this idol. Lets see if she’s worth the attention.

“ Kominato Yotsuha First Orgasm Cum 4 Production ”

Of her titles out right now I would check out her second one. The sex is much better in that. Although her first does feature her AV music video and the behind the scenes making of it. This is a simple sex focused title with four scenes. A vanilla outing for the newbie with little in spicy gimmicks for sex play. Here you get a nice sense of Yotsuha especially during the interviews. She’s quite well spoken and composed, probably thanks to all her public speaking and performing. 

The better  scenes are the first which has a nice extra long doggy style. Yotsuha’s small ass gets nicer the more I look at it. But I also liked the hotel scene with her hands tied up. She also looks fantastic giving a slow blowjob near the end there. Even though I get her a middling score, I am definitely interested in seeing what she does next. And yes seeing a former idol singer go down on a big cock is pretty enticing. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a celeb.

Final Score:

Ruisa Totsuki(都月るいさ)
Age: 24
Status: Idea Pocket
Height: 165 cm / 5'5"
Measurements: 89 Bust ( E Cup ) – 56 Waist –  86 Hip
Descriptors: Muscular, Fit, Slender, Sexy, Plastic
Social Media: Twitter –

Body, Looks, and Performing

Following up our soft and pristine idol is a rock hard body ready made for porn. Idea Pocket follows up with Ruisa Totsuki. Looking at her covers, this is one of the few times they undersell someone’s body. Ruisa is a cut, toned, and muscular lady. A solid 5’5” figure with a fit and slim body. She has fake looking E cups that are firm and pointy. What doesn’t look fake us her backside; from her cut back to her muscular ass to her well-toned long legs. Ruisa should please fans of very fit women especially that shredded back which looks fantastic. Body wise Ruisa is aces all across the board.

(good lord)

The fun doesn’t stop there. She’s a sexy babe with her thin brows, her shiny complexion, wide lips, and piercing eyes. She has silky medium long brown hair that she keeps parted. She’s also good in bed and does not have sex like a newbie. Ruisa is solid all across the board with her pretty face and sexy looks and her good performing in bed. She’s a bit plastic but this is good plastic. At 24 she looks a bit more mature than that with her face. Body, looks, performing she has it all.

If I had to critique anything about Ruisa, I’d say her moans can be a bit too shrill and that her butthole is not nice to look at but those are nitpicky stuff. With her fit body and looks, she reminds me a bit of Touka Rinne. Fans of her should give Ruisa a look. Only if you don’t like very fit chicks like her that I wouldn’t recommend her. As a whole Ruisa is a winner. A body first actress that is still good all over. I’m giving her a stellar S rating. This debut is great out the gate and I can’t wait to see more of this muscular babe. Idea Pocket has a star on their hands.

“ Naked. Pleasure Climax 4 Production SPECIAL”

Ruisa’s title is a simple title with a few scenarios. It starts out getting right to the action. Her pouncing her partner as soon as they get through the door. Next we get her do a little bit of femdom teasing and edging during a blowjob scene with her in a dark latex outfit. Later we get a POV maid scene, a squirt heavy scene, some sex toy playing, and finally an oil heavy finale. Good titles from newbies are uncommon but this is a goodie with her. Varied scenarios, nice outfits, fun light themes, and of course hot sex. The first scene is clearly the best of them all. Ruisa and her fit bod are really taken to task. I can’t wait to see more of this debut.

Final Score:

Reina Kuroki(くろきれいな)
Age: 23
Status: Fitch
Height: 162 cm / 5'4"
Measurements: 100 Bust ( J Cup ) – 66 Waist –  98 Hip
Descriptors: Big Boobs, Curvy, Thicc, Plus size
Social Media: Twitter –

Body, Looks, and Performing

We move from a fit and muscular body to almost the opposite. Next up is Reina Kuroki and her voluptuous body. Fitch is rolling out the red carpet for this supposed former gravure idol. Another hottie with a body, Reina is a curvy dream. Standing up at 5’4” she will delight fans of bigger women. Big like in her big J cup bust and her 98 cm hips. She’s got some weight to her all around. The boobs of course will draw the most eyes. A heavy pair with big areolas and funny enough one breast looking bigger than the other. Her fat ass is good too with a thick bottom half. A droopy set of boobs and ass. If you like cushion for the pushing, you should like Reina.

In the looks department she’s not the best looker around but does have a great style that enhances her beauty. Sporting prim eyebrows, wide lips, a big mouth, and great silky smooth hair. Brownish to orange-ish locks, she is a stylish big lady. I quite like her styling in a few of her videos. As a performer she leaves a lot to be desired. Not bad but not good either. She did have a good attitude and personality in her videos, it’s just the sex part that I feel she could be better at.

Overall I think she just edges into A territory, maybe in A minus/B plus. A nice thick body with just ok performing but a good attitude. It’s her looks that edge her over. I find a lot of these bigger curvy types to not be great lookers but Reina’s looks had me. Hopefully she is not another hottie with a body who coasts on their slamming body but delivers on the sex as well. As with most debuts time will tell. For now she’s a good debut for curvy fans to check out.

“ Fitch Exclusive Vol.2! Former Gravure Idol's Big Titty Fetishism! Reina Kuroki”

Fitch has done right by her in her first couple of titles. They have given her some good productions to start off. My pick is her second outing which is all about the boobies. It’s a simple title but also filled with eye candy. Well shot and brightly lit, Reina looks amazing throughout. I liked particularly how her hair looked in the video. Pulled back, in pigtails, or just side parted. She was looking fine. I hope Reina keeps that bright orange hair; it’s a good like and it separates her from the others. Fitch isn’t a studio I watch too much of but if Reina gets better I may have to.

Final Score:

Momona Koibuchi(こいぶちももな)
Age: 23
Status: SOD
Height: 161 cm / 5'3"
Measurements: 103 Bust ( M Cup ) – 65 Waist –  92 Hip
Descriptors: Thicc, Curvy, Big Hips, Heavy Boobs
Social Media: Twitter –

Body, Looks, and Performing

Next is the alternative version of Reina with SOD’s Momona Koibuchi. I say alt version because the two share some similarities but also key differences. Momona is another curvy babe with a voluptuous body. Listed at a whooping M cup with wide 92 cm hips. A massive low hanging pair of heavy boobs. Despite her large size she has quite a flat butt. However I did find her wide and meaty hips to make up for that somewhat. Her boob and her ass are both droopy as a whole. But if you like a set of low hangers then this should be another sure fire pick for you fans of the bigness.

Usually when I see these big and curvy actresses they are not so hot in the performing department. To Momona’s credit she has gotten better and better at that as the videos have racked up. She has worked herself into a much better performer judging by her latest releases. Starting off as a quite mouse and turning into a more confident and looser cutie. And what a cutie Momona is. Big beady eyes, a small face, and high cheekbones. She has the classic dark hair in comparison to Reina’s more trendy style.

I think fans of Hitomi or Kaho Shibuya might like Momona too. Cute looks, voluptuous figure, and a quickly becoming a good performer; SOD might have their next Matsuri Kiritani on their hands. I’m not a huge fan of these types expect for the rare exception like Matsuri and I think SOD has found her successor. I am giving Momona a full hearted A. She is shaping up to be a solid addition to SOD’s exclusives.

“I Was Squid With A Piston Vibrator So That I Squirted A Lot Of Squirting And "I'm Already Cumming" A Super Chasing Piston ”

This video is a sex machine title with lots of vibrators, dildos, and fucking machines with some light bondage. I usually don’t go for these sex toy heavy videos but neither do I go for girls like Momona a lot too. Both were a pleasant surprise. It was quite nice seeing Momona getting drilled by both man and machine. Her big and soft body jiggle and writhing like mad as she is teased to the edge and back. A real messy title with Momona letting herself go freely. The highlight being the purple maid scene with her in glasses. Watch her get absolutely used by both the guys and the toys to a messy wet conclusion.

Final Score:

Reika Ichiba(一場れいか)
Age: 46
Status: Monroe
Height: 158 cm / 5'2"
Measurements: 86 Bust ( C Cup ) – 60 Waist –  90 Hip
Descriptors: Mature, Pretty, Petite, Dick Sucker
Social Media: Twitter –

Body, Looks, and Performing

Up next is a mature woman from Monroe by the name of Reika Ichiba. At 46 years old she is a true mature woman. If you like a good older woman than you should like Reika. A pretty wrinkled beauty with short dark hair, short brows, and a surprisingly big mouth. A skinny lanky lady, she isn’t much in the body department at all. The flattest of them all today. She sports a small Cup chest with very thick nipples and a small little butt. Skinny and small, she was quite fit with a solid core. A tight little tummy. A skinny mature woman. Reika isn’t much to speak of in terms of looks or body but fares better in the performing side.

Reika is a solid performer, not a fan of some of her moans but good in bed as a whole. What really struck out was her blowjob skills or more accurately her willingness to go deep and let guy’s use her mouth and head freely. This Monroe product is A-OK with face fucking. Her first two titles particularly having her shove her face right up to the guy’s stomach as she takes them deep. I’m a big fan of deep BJ’s so Reika really caught my eye here. This mature debut might not be the bustiest or prettiest but her face fucking skills may turn heads. And it’s thanks to those skill that she nets an ok B rating.

“ Former Beauty Secretary Reika Ichiba 46 Years Old I Can Not Forget The Intense SEX Of Those Days And Made My AV Debut! “

Where else does she show off her deep sucking skills than her debut title. In it are some head pounding suck jobs. The middle part of the video being chockfull of it. There we get a deep Irrumatio BJ but before that we get a nice threesome with loads of spit roasting. That’s with two members in both ends of Reika. Come see how willing this mature lady is. She might not have a great body but a good enthusiasm and willingness can make up for it. I won’t be following Reika but if she has a future deep throating title I all there for it.

Final Score:

Yuri Adachi(安達夕莉)
Age: 20
Status: S1
Height: 152 cm / 5'0"
Measurements: 87 Bust ( G Cup ) – 56 Waist –  83 Hip
Descriptors: Cute, Small, Busty, Well-Proportioned
Social Media: Twitter –

Body, Looks, and Performing

Finally we close out with S1 and Yuri Adachi. Let’s cut to the chase Yuri nets my second S rating of the month. This cutie is fully stacked. From the figure to her looks to her performing; S1 adds another solid actress to their massive roster. The rich get richer. A 5’0” tiny girl with a very adorable face. She’s even cuter with her charming smile. She sports a well balanced figure with her ample G cup breasts and 83 cm hips. On her small figure her breasts look even bigger as do her round butt. A well proportioned girl.

As good looking and fine figured as she is, Yuri is just as good in bed. A game actress with a fun attitude and can get sloppy in bed. Sometimes you can tell when a new actress has it and I get that from Yuri. She should blossom into a fine actress in the future. Looks, body, attitude; Yuri is an easy S for me. Nothing to really critique about her. I guess you could say she’s not very notable and may blend with the rest of the well-proportioned and cute actresses out there. But I think her good performing will take her over the top. All around good and great out the gate.

Tiny, Cute And Big Tits! Yuri Adachi's Moe Is Messed Up! First Experience 3 Production

It was too hard to pick just one title from Yuri. These two are great for different reasons and viewers looking to get into her should not both. First of them, SSIS-507, is a cute production with plenty of costume and scenario fun. With Yuri the school girl, Yuri oiled up, or Yuri taking on a threesome. The video is shot really well and is a colorful and light hearted delight. The school girl and oil scene get my nod as does the pigtail blow and titty job.

Intersecting Body Fluids, Deep Sex Complete Uncut Special Yuri Adachi

The second title, SSIS-538, is a much sloppy and messy affair. A hard fucking title with lots of wet, messy sex with plenty of squirting. Yuri shows off her pure slut and nasty side as she gets freaky. In one moment she takes her sweet time sucking and licking a man’s balls. Every scene a banger. A sweet cutie or a nasty nympho; if she keeps it up she could be a good name at S1.

(balls deep)

Final Score:

This was a great month. Ruisa and Yuri are very promising debuts and may have a shot at my favorite debuts of the year. Reina and Momona are two good curvy debuts with Momona looking like she has star potential. Then we have Reika a mature newbie whose mouth does a lot of her talking. All good or at the least interesting debuts. As for our celeb Yotsuha, I’m not ready to write her off just yet. That pretty face and background is too good to pass up.

Til next time FC out

New Debut Review: November 2022

Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction

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jackfromdownunder 1 year ago
Nothing says you've made it when someone goes from being one the many idol group girls Rikako Inoue / Yotsuha Kominato to doing JAV and being average at that too
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