New JAV Debut Previews February 2024

Published : February 4th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan

Welcome back to my New Debut series this time it’s taking a different form. Instead of reviewing rookies after they come out we’ll be previewing them before they come out month to month. Taking a first look at the most promising or interesting debuts as they are coming out.  Welcome to the New Debut Previews of the new year.


Debut Studio: Idea Pocket

Descriptors: Pretty, Slim, Slender


We kick off with the one name RARA with Idea Pocket. From the cover and the trailer they are pushing her looks hard and I can see why. RARA has a remarkably beautiful face with model good looks. Striking eyes, big shapely lips, and a large sharp nose. Physically she is on the slimmer side with a slender figure and small pointy breasts. I can see why they are pushing her beauty first and foremost. It’s early on but Idea Pocket have uncovered some great looking debuts out the gate.

Mio Katsuki 香月みお

Debut Studio: kawaii

Descriptors: Skinny, Long Legs, Squirter

CAWD-635 Discover a beautiful girl! ! Tohoku's NO.1 squirting female college student Mio Katsuki's miraculous big squirt AV debut

Next us is kawaii with Mio Katsuki which fans of skinnier girls should like. A very slim and skinny newbie with a narrow waist, a flat chest, and very long limbs. She looks much taller than she is thanks to them. Facially she’s got a long face with rounded eyes and a pretty square jawline. Her debut title focuses all on squirting which she does with quite a bit of volume and velocity behind it. Also a loud screamer. Maybe not as pretty as on the cover but her skinny figure and volume squirting make her an interesting one.

Ema Yano 矢埜愛茉

Debut Studio: SOD

Descriptors: Celebrity, Plain, Normal Figure


 STARS-984 Celebrity Ema Yano AV DEBUT

We have a celebrity debut for you next with Ema Tano. SOD loves bringing out celebrity debuts with Yotsuha Kominato being their most recent success in years. Ema also known as Maeda Misato as former pop idol active in a couple of different groups. I don’t know much about these groups but they don’t seem to be all that big nor she was. Despite that her AV announcement garnered over 10 million views on Twitter and there have been reported rumors of her signing on with SOD with a fat 10 Million Yen signing fee (a figure I very much doubt). Regardless there’s some gas behind her and JAV fans love seeing someone with a known past enter porn.

We have a celebrity debut for you next with Ema Tano. SOD loves bringing out celebrity debuts with Yotsuha Kominato being their most recent success in years. Ema also known as Maeda Misato as former pop idol active in a couple of different groups. I don’t know much about these groups but they don’t seem to be all that big nor she was. Despite that her AV announcement garnered over 10 million views on Twitter and there have been reported rumors of her signing on with SOD with a fat 10 Million Yen signing fee (a figure I very much doubt). Regardless there’s some gas behind her and JAV fans love seeing someone with a known past enter porn.

Reiko Mine 峰玲子

Debut Studio: Dahlia

Descriptors: Milf, Short Hair, Slender, Long Legs


 DLDSS-263 Newcomer Reiko Mine, the multi-talented girl who went viral with her braless walk video AV DEBUT

Speaking of celebrities this next debut seems gunning to be one. We look into Reiko Mine with Dahlia, a late debut at the ripe age of 34 years old. Reiko’s a nice looking Milf with short hair, high cheekbones, small eyes, and a big face. A pleasing looking Milf with a youthful energy. A slender figure with small pointy breasts and a long body. She’s listed at an average height but her long legs, lanky arms, and svelte body give her a tall appearance. Reiko seems very much made for the AV life. Already very active online and not afraid to show some skin; I am very much digging the free and open vibe she’s giving out. I’m looking forward for this one.

Imaru Tsuji 辻いまる

Debut Studio: kawaii

Descriptors: Busty, Cute


CAWD-636 A J-cup music college student who has been playing the piano and was ignorant about sex and has her thoughts about making an AV debut.

When I think of the studio kawaii I think of cute chicks with smaller petite figures. So color me surprised when I saw this busty newbie on with them next and even more surprised to learn she’ll be a double exclusive with kawaii and Fitch. Imaru Tsuji jumps onto the scene and it’s I can see why both studios want a piece of her. A cutie that fits with kawaii with her small eyes, round nose, and innocent face. She also packing a big pair of thick J cup tits that Fitch loves in their girls. A pair of soft low hangers with small nipples. Big boob lovers will like what Imaru’s packing as the first wave of new big tiddies come in.

Miki Mihama 実浜みき

Debut Studio: Madonna

Descriptors: Milf, Sexy, Big Fake Tits

JUQ-555 A devilish sex appeal, I cup hungry for love. Large newcomer Miki Mihama 32 years old AV DEBUT

Coming up more big boobs but this time through enhanced means. We have Madonna with Miki Mihama and they are giving us a sexy looking Milf with a pinup style body. This sexy 32 with pretty eyes, high cheeks, and shapely lips is a nice looker. However the star of the show are her big I cup knockers. Huge tits that hang nicely off her slim figure. Big, round, and firm looking tits that are obviously fake. I can be a sucker for a good pair of bolt-ons and these are getting my attention. On the performing side she seems to be quite a loud vixen. Madonna keeps finding enticing older ladies to come out their studio and Miki looks to follow that model.

Hikari Takito 滝冬ひかり

Debut Studio: Moodyz

Descriptors: Cute, Slender, Slim, Long Legs


 MIDV-605 Newcomer Exclusive Hikari Takifuyu AV Debut Reiwa's 9-headed and slender active female college student

The pseudo tall newbies keep coming in with Hikari Takito up next. This Moodyz debut is quite tall and long looking with her lanky arms and long legs (9 headed as the title describes). A lanky lass with a small pair of pointy breasts that look a bit enhanced and an ass that looks pretty nice for her build. Face wise she’s a cutie with a fresh face and a classic look. A soft spoken woman with a good energy. A slim and slender actress that should interest fans of women with long legs and bodies.

Niko Kawagoe 川越にこ

Debut Studio: S1

Descriptors: Cute, Small


SONE-088 Naturally popular SEX that melts your eyes with pleasure Newcomer NO.1 STYLE Niko Kawagoe AV debut

Next up is the adorable Niko Kawagoe. These studios are always pushing some gimmick for their debuts and for this one S1 opts to push her love for cooking. I was less interested in that than I was with the playful cutie in bed. Niko is a charming woman with beautiful big eyes, a small face, beauty marks all over, and an adorable smile. Truly eye catching eyes likely thanks to some big contacts. A small woman that barely reaches up to 4’11” with small breasts, some wide hips, and a darker complexion than most others too. She seems really cute if in a more subdued way. Honestly Niko seems out of place for the star studded S1, I can’t see her lasting long with them but I’m never rooting against the newbies. Hopefully this cutie finds an audience.

Rika Usui 臼井リカ

Debut Studio: Faleno

Descriptors: Celebrity, Long Legs, Slender


 FSDSS-746 Celebrity late night idol group Rika Usui AV released!

More long legs and celebrities entering JAV with Rika Usui and Faleno. A former pop idol who was with Ebisu Muscat; the singing group best known for featuring mainly JAV actresses. Rika was one of the few non JAV idols in the group and now she’s finally making the switch to porn. At almost 5’6” she is on the taller side for JAV and her slender and lanky figure add onto that. Another debut with long legs I don’t know what is going on with February but it’s all filled with the long gams this month. A short haired woman with light colored hair, small tits, and a pretty flat body. Not all that enticing as AV actress If I’m being honest maybe Ebisu Muscat fans will want to see her.

Honoka Mori 森歩乃花

Debut Studio: Moodyz

Descriptors: Blonde, Cute

MIDV-633 Too fleeting, tears... "Can I become an AV actress too?" A boxed girl's AV debut who applied to change herself

Our last February preview looks into Honoka Mori a blonde newbie with Moodyz. AS much as I love the dark haired beauties in JAV I do like some variety too. With her blonde hair Honoka separates herself from the rest of the crowd. A pretty and cute face with a shy and reserved air to her. She is a tiny one just up at 4’9” with a slim figure with small firm and perky breasts that look a little enhanced. Her face is the biggest draw and one of the cutest girls here today

Mitsuri Nagahama 長浜みつり

Debut Studio: Idea Pocket

Descriptors: Pretty, Nice Tits, Great Smile

IPZZ-214 FIRST IMPRESSION 166 Terumi SHINE BEAUTY Mitsuri Nagahama

Now for some debuts that have already come out. First is Mitsuri Nagahama with Idea Pocket. Right off the bat they shove her sweet chest into your face and what a chest it is. A great perky set of round G cups with nice nipples. A fuller figured woman that’s still slim with some thick thighs. Overall she’s got a nice well-rounded body. A nice face with one heck of a smile. A magnetic smile and easily the favorite thing about her. She’s also got a vibrant personality and performers decently in bed. It’s early days but I already have a new debut I’m looking very forward to seeing more of. IP might have a knockout on their hands.

Maria Chihaya 千早まりあ

Debut Studio: E Body

Descriptors: Milf, Cute, Fit


I can't tell you the name of the store, but a popular trainer who works at a personal gym in Kansai. Beautiful body and big breasts coexisting body vs. macho actor. Athlete's flesh sex.

Next up is an interesting one with E body. They love their bodies over there and Maria is no exception. A fit little chick with a nice figure and a good pair of tits and ass. Quite flexible too while a good performer, her fitness is highlighted in her early films. Maria was kind of a pleasant surprise with her body and how fun it was in her videos. She’s older looking than her covers and promo pics suggests almost milf like. While her body was nice it did look a little scuffed with small marks, bruises, and blemishes. If she’s really a trainer she’s putting her body through some rough work. Maria’s an interesting one I’ll have my eye on and maybe you should be too. A cute little milf with a fit body and nice tits and ass.

Nanase Mizusawa 水沢ななせ

Debut Studio: Idea Pocket

Descriptors: Milf, Slender, Hardcore?

MEYD-871 Newcomer wants to open a cafe in Shonan... A married woman whose sex is too passionate Nanase Mizusawa makes an explosive AV debut

Another nonstandard debut and one that comes in from very late 2023. I really wanted to include Nanase because of how interesting she is. A debut with Tameike Goro with a long slender figure and small fake titties. She also has one fantastic ass; a bubble butt that’s equal parts round as it is fat. But the most interesting thing I got from Nanase was her hardcore vibe. This newbie looks like she is down for a lot more fun. In her debut title we see her getting spanked for some rough play and have some fun with bondage. A future hardcore freelancers perhaps I got Yumika Saeki vibes from her. Just hunch, don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Hikaru Aiura 相浦ひかる

Debut Studio: E Body

Descriptors: Cute, Parody

 EBWH-062 Hikaru Aiura, the charming poster girl (estimated to be a G-cup) who works at a local Chinese restaurant that went viral for being too cute, made her unexpected AV debut without telling the manager.

JAV is not above ripping ideas straight from the headlines with our next copycat debut. Hikaru Aiura comes in with E Body but the stories not about Hikaru but the one she is copying. The story they are copying is that of the Chinese restaurant Tonton in Japan. Where two cute college students took over for the ill owner and brought it back from collapse. The story of the girls went viral on YouTube with millions of views with the restaurant is blowing up as are the two girls with one of them even scoring a photobook. The secret to a failing business? Put some cute girls in charge. As for Hikaru and the debut title itself? She’s cute and the video looks to do a nice job with selling the whole premise. Some eagle eyed viewers noticed that she has done uncensored amateur videos. But really the story here is the story behind it all.

Unlisted, Possibly Akari Mizuki and Kurumi Fujii

Debut Studio: Rocket

Descriptors: Duo, Joke

RCTD-570 A Female Comedian Makes Her AV Debut With A Combination Of Erotic Comedy That Is Prohibited From Being Aired!

Now for a bonus with a debut not a debut and let me explain. This is a “debut” pair from Rocket the studio that loves their strange and gimmicky smut. Debuting in pairs or groups have been done before but it’s really rare. Our pair being a comedy duo, a Manzai act, making their porn debut together. This of course is a joke title and I’m doubtful they are real debuts. While they are unlisted, a common practice with Rocket and using no name actresses, I think they are Akari Mizuki and Kurumi Fujii. Not a 100% on that. While not real debuts this is a pretty funny and creative title; par for the course for Rocket. The idea of two ladies debuting together is already a fun idea but tack on the whole standup routine while having sex and you’ve got one of the most inventive titles out in a while.

Some more notable debuts; in order Miren Aida 愛田みれん, Mihana Sumikawa 澄河美花, Sora Aisaki 愛咲天空, Nozomi Shirahama 白浜のぞみ

From today’s previews I’m most looking forward to Reiko Mine; I like her face, her body type, and her personality. Chime off on any new or upcoming debuts that look interesting to you either on here today or not.

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