BREAKING: Two High Profile Exits At DAHLIA, Here's What Aika Yumeno Has Been Up To & More

Published : February 10th, 2024 Written by trapstar

Here's a rundown of some of the top stories that happened in February

Remu Kicks Off TSE 2024 With A Bang

It's been a while since I spilled the beans on anything related to my beloved Remu-san, but guess what? The cutie just wrapped up her gig at the adult expo in Taiwan, and it was one heck of a tour for her, considering how the actress rarely flies out for work.

Remu was the the talk of the town in last year's adult expo held in Taiwan and so she decided to hit it up again for round two. And now, it seems that she's done and dusted with her Taiwan adventure and is jetting back to the Land of the Rising Sun, aka Japan. According to her latest tweet, she's all smiles and seems to have had a gala of a time there.

For the unversed, TSE aka Taiwan Shot Expo was held from January 26-28, 2024 featuring 6 JAV artists in the lead, namely Ai Hongo, Meguri, Remu Suzumori, Airi Suzumura, Mayuki Ito, and Rei Kamiki. The main stars at the TSE 2024 event were of course Remu and Airi, who coincidentally both enjoy the status of an exclusive JAV artist at Prestige studio. Airi’s appearance at this event automatically became the center of attention because she rarely appears in public, having even briefly been away from social media for a while now.

Now, let's talk about the juicy deets. For those who think that Remu was just strutting her stuff out there on stages, you’d be surprised to know that she also took a small field trip out in the capital to give a nod to the local customs by worshipping a deity. The pics are doing the rounds on X with Remu striking a pose in front of hundreds of noodle packets. Her manager captioned the pic, "Thank you for 3 days of TSE! We are so happy to have met so many of you and hope to see you again in Taiwan." Talk about a unique photo op, right?

Now, there’s more to it. Remu absolutely slayed the style game at the expo. As I could make from the tweets, on day one, she rocked a pink two-piece that had everyone's jaws dropping. Then, for the grand finale, she switched it up with a beige and red ensemble. Rei Kamiki couldn't help but dub her a goddess, "With a goddess whose face is your type, who is kind and whom you love." rightly so Rei she’s nothing less than a JAV goddess.

And here's a sneak peek into Remu's thoughts on her Taiwan escapade: "Gala time, people! Taiwan, you've been a blast." Rumor has it that both Remu and Rei Kamiki joined forces at the AV+ booth, representing the Taiwanese AV broadcaster. Double trouble, huh?

On the work front, Remu's ABF-063 that came out last month, porrayed her playing a reverse NTR role on her male colleagues, throwing thirst traps & luring them with her amazing oral skills. Besides, this we've Rei Kamiki who has been quite active lately and her latest JAV to be released was STARS-947 wherein the actress plays a secutive guesthouse owner who is lured into NTR sex by one of her guests and makes for an interesting watch.

So, there you have it. Remu's Taiwan adventure wrapped up. Let us know in the comments below if you followed Remu through the TSE 2024 event.

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Here's What Aika Yumeno Has Been Upto All This While

A much needed update for fans of the sultry Aika Yumeno. You must’ve wondered what happened to our busty starlet lately? Did she suffer a fate like Yuu Shinoda or did she discreetly disappear into the night?

If you've been keeping tabs on her Twitter, you'd notice the radio silence that's been going on. The last time she appeared in a proper JAV like scenario was back in November last year! Since then, it's been a guessing game of some sort, is she chilling on a tropical island or just taking a breather from the steamy scenes? We happen to have the answer.

But hold on, because after what felt like an eternity, Aika broke the silence with a tweet that must’ve raised a few eyebrows. Turns out Aika has focused her attention on different sort of hustle during her off days. in what must be a bit surprising for her fans, Aika is far off from the glitz and glam of the JAV industry and now happens to sling drinks at a cabaret club in Roppongi. You must’ve guessed it by now, it’s the Red dragon Club at Roppongi. The actress is presumed to be working for the cabaret club in Roppongi to make some extra bucks from her time off from AV.

Apparently she is using SNS to broadcast to her clientele list, Recently she posted a story that read, "Wednesday and Friday this week. I will be on duty at Red Dragon. Reservations, no questions asked, just come to the shop! We are looking forward to seeing you. Friday will be busy with events. Advance booking is recommended! I can also work on other days! Please contact me if you are coming. (This is only for people I know)"

I mean, who wouldn't want to hang out at a club where Aika Yumeno is the main attraction, right? It's like getting a front-row seat to a whole new kind of show! Whether it's a temporary gig or a career switch, we can't help but wonder what tales she'll have from behind the bar. I can't help but wonder how long it will take her to be back in th grind. Let's just hope she resumes JAV shoots soon.

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Double Trouble At DAHLIA, As Two High Profile Stars Exit Back To Back

Alright now, let’s move on to the next on the list. For Jun, it has hardly been an year since she decided to debut from FALENO’s sub studio DAHLIA. Now, considering she made her debut in August 2022, it’s still too soon for her to make a such a decision

Back when she made a comeback, Jun had a bit of a tussle with the legal side of things regarding her name. So, she had to stick with the name we all know her by today. But legal hiccups aside, fans were pretty stoked about her joining forces with Dahlia. You know, that kind of optimism that is there when an underperforming actress rolls over to a different studio.

Some eagle-eyed fans on the platform started dropping hints about Mizukawa's weight loss journey. They claimed she had shed some pounds, flooding Instagram with a barrage of pics. Right now, I'm crossing my fingers that she's just living her best healthy life, but hey, it's the internet, hotbed for speculations.

What's really making us raise an eyebrow is the fact that Jun just turned the big 30 last year. Now, it's not rocket science, but hitting the 30s can sometimes mean a shift in roles in the adult industry. The question on everyone's mind is, will she be cast more into those typical mature genre roles that Madonna is famous for?

In a statement published on X, she wrote "We have an announcement for you all! I will be graduating from DAHLIA, where I have been working with you since May 2022. I'm really grateful for the 12 years I've been working exclusively with DAHLIA since my debut. In 2024, I will do my best as a standalone project. We would be very happy if you could support us."

Fast forward to today, after putting in some solid half-year service with DAHLIA, Jun seems confident enough to picture herself as a freelancer. Cue the suspenseful music… I wonder what kind of studios will scoop her up now?

Considering her time at Dahlia, one can't help but wonder if she'll take a leap to a more prominent studio like Madonna. You know, it’s about time I guess, for her to make the leap to a renowned studio like Madonna to up her chances of making it to the top charts.

Now, let's talk real here. Jun, with her age factor and her physique, could easily fit into the Madonna or Moodys mould. Picture her in those roles, I’d certainly love it. Who wouldn't love to see her rocking those roles?

So, as Mizukawa bids farewell to Dahlia, her fans await with bated breath to see where this 30 year old hottie will land next. Will she embrace more mature roles in future, or take a detour into uncharted territory? One thing's for sure, the next chapter in Jun’s career is bound to be as tantalizing as her on-screen presence. Stay tuned, because this is one steamy journey we all want a front-row seat for.

Apparently Jun isn’t the only one leaving DAHLIA at the moment, Ayaka Tomoda too, just cleared that she is ending her exclusive pact with DAHLIA. After a whopping nine years with the mature makers, she's taking the freelance plunge. But hold on, there is more to it than the eye could see.

Ayaka and Jun slamming the studio's exit door in quick succession is what is worrisome for the studio. I feel there’s something absolutely fishy going on at DAHLIA but we don’t have a legible source as of now to verify this claim.

I can't help but wonder if there's some backstage drama or an ongoing studio-agency feud between Dahlia & Diaz group that we're clueless about but two big names leaving the studio back-to-back isn’t any sort of a coincidence.

Ayaka posted online that, "I have an announcement for you all! I will be graduating from DAHLIA, where I have been working with you since May 2022. I'm really grateful for the 12 years I've been working exclusively with DAHLIA since my debut. In 2024, I will do my best as a standalone project. We would be very happy if you could support us."

Also Ayaka was in the news lately since she had released an exlusive photobook, Ayaka's recent photobook release was apparently just the prelude to her revelation of moving on from DAHLIA. Sneaky move, to say the least. No one saw it coming. Now that she's a freelancer, it's a whole different ball game for her but there’s nothing to be afraid of. Apparently, she's already shot some JAVs under diffferent labels, ensuring there won't be any delay in your regular dose of Ayaka goodness.

It must be emotional for Ayaka who started with the studio back when it was formed in 2021

Let's just hope this new freelancing gig brings out even more of Ayaka's wild side that we’re yet to witness. I mean, who wouldn't want that? She's asking for support from her fans, and honestly, who could say no to that?

And oh, the exit strategy or lack thereof. Ayaka's in the mood for a full blown party, she's throwing a graduation event at Moulin Akiba next month. That's right, for all you fans living around Akihabara , mark your calendars. It's your chance to catch a glimpse of Ayaka in the flesh and show her some love.

So, what's next for Ayaka Tomoda in her newfound freelance adventure? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure, this mystery surrounding DAHLIA got even more intriguing. Let's see where this heads in the near futire. Stay tuned for more updates on Ayaka's wild ride into the world of freelancing.

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But DAHLIA Isn't Done Yet, As It Rakes In Yesteryear Star

But wait there’s even more crazier news, on this episode of blast from the past, you guys remember Yuna Hayashi right, that svelte, toned MILF who left us all with some unforgettable performances? Well, guess what? It's giving me nostalgic vibe already so the word on the block is that she’s making a comeback and that is perhaps the biggest surprise DAHLIA could give us, coming into 2024.

The tweet reads, "Information about Yuna Hayashi's shocking comeback work has been released She did it! ! She took the AV world by storm, Her re-debut as DAHLIA exclusive. Unchanged beauty. Her 8 years of silence is finally broken."

Since she is back on the scene, let me tell you that she's still got it. Perhaps in a glance, you won’t notice major cosmetic changes though but she's rocking a full grown bush down there. And those perky C-cup tits that are fondled in full view in the trailer. The guys at DAHLIA are certainly working overtime on the trailer, giving us a glimpse of what's in store.

I can't help but think that if Yuna hadn't ever made her JAV debut, she could've easily rocked as lingerie model walking the ramp. Just by looking at her pale, lean physique on full display, it's clear she's bringing her A-game after all these years. It's certainly nostalgic for me, and I wouldn't be surprised if her fans get emotional while watching the JAV.

Now, what’s interesting is that she's been on a hiatus for eight years, and here she is in 2024, making a surprise comeback. But, the good news out of all this is that Yuna is not alone in this trend. Seems like more actresses are making their way back to JAV. I’m glad with the recent trend of actresses reverting back to JAV, it gives us more to choose from and a bit of nostalgia.

In a world where trends come and go, Yuna Hayashi's return is the kind of surprise that keeps the excitement alive for us JAV fans. So, grab your popcorn, clear your schedule, and get ready to welcome back one of the OGs. It's a comeback worth celebrating, and I'm all in for the trip down memory lane – and maybe a few other lanes, if you catch my drift.

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Ah! Sogoi 4 months ago
Well, I can understand their leaving! It's not like back 10 or 20 years ago where JAV's only option is to make AVs, today there are plenty of avenues and platforms for them to take, there is live streaming, influencer, and many more. The opportunity is rich for them, and I am seeing a future where, lesser JAV models are coming out, as they come and go, but I am happy for them for whatever path they take, it's just that I will not be watching them anymore, which probably help as there will be less fapping on my end, lol! The only time I'm hearing a JAV is leaving the industry is due to retirement, but mostly JAV's nowadays retires too soon, just look at Shoko Takahashi who came in late compared to Kana Mononogi or Yua Mikami, but she retired earlier or Yusa Arisu who just shot a couple of videos and gone. So, it's not like the Maria Ozawa or Ameri Ichinose era anymore, they can leave and live a different career, just like what Shoko Takahashi did, she went back to her former job as a DJ, or Ai Hongo for instance doing some live stream, even Tia Bejean after her retirement you can see her on Youtube or Eimi Fukada is also doing some social media and influencer stuff. So, no wondering if this is the case, and Ayaka Tomoda has been in the industry for so long now, I guess it's her time to take some of, she's a great actress and I love her videos. As I said, even there are new faces today in the JAV industry, I am seeing a future of less AV models out there as Japan's population is also declining, so there is no telling that the industry will continue in the near future! But, it was a great ride as a fan, though I am looking forward for the new face of JAV!
0 0
fff 5 months ago
natsu toujo news please
0 0
Double egg 5 months ago
Yuna Hayashi's comeback is truly surprising news. She is 47 years old now, she is very worthy of being/playing all the roles of MILF, the true MILF.
0 0
Joopten 5 months ago
Well I knew Aika was doing work at Red Dragon...
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