Oppaira's Spotlight + Top 10 Videos of Julia, One of the Greatest

Published : October 25th, 2020 Written by Oppaira


Born: May 25th, 1987 (33 years old)
Career: 2010 - Present
Measurements: 101 / 55 / 84
Cup Size: J Cup
Hair Colour: Brown / Black
Eye Colour: Brown


Julia is one of the most recognizable names in all of JAV having a career that has now spanned a decade. That wasn't always the case as Julia was of course once a debut actress. She debuted for E-Body back in 2010 and her slim figure and large natural breasts set her apart from the competition. Back in the day Julia was something special, those kind of measurements are quite rare indeed. Julia would spend much of her early career freelancing for whatever studios she could, including Oppai, Fitch, Venus, Bi, SOD, Moodyz, Idea Pocket, Max-A - basically whomever would take her. Every studio wanted a piece of this hot, curvy young babe. In 2012 Julia would settle down after a few months off and decide to start being exclusive. From then on out Julia would spend the bulk of her time as dual-studio exclusive actress, working with studios like Moodyz, Tameike Goro, Oppai, and Wanz Factory.


These days Julia continues to do much of the same. At the beginning of the year she was still exclusive for Oppai and Wanz Factory. She would go on to leave Oppai later on in the year, having worked for Bi, Premium, and Hon Naka since. Right now her output appears to be at one video per month, having only one release per month since July. I wouldn't be concerned about Julia slowing down, she's made statements before saying she loves what she does and wants to go for as long as she possibly can. As long as we're still getting a monthly video I think fans can rest easy. Julia also continues to do both VR and Image Videos on occasion. Both dodge the exclusivity rules of her contracts, doing VR for Moodyz and IV for REbecca. Julia has actually been doing videos for REbecca for some time now, in fact the latest release just came out, Julia 12!


Metric Score
Face 10
Breasts 10
Ass 5
Body 9
Video Quality 7.5
Performing 7
Genres Average


Julia's career has been noted by a few key phases she has gone through and I think it makes her stand out that she's had various phases to her career. While I find this does align with her career I find it also aligns quite well with her physically. As a debut actress she was pretty unrefined: just your average girl with some humongous boobs. 2012 marked a return from a brief hiatus as well as the point where she became a dual exclusive actress. One of the studios she was working for, Moodyz, is one of her top two most filmed with studio. I find it also aligns fairly well with Julia's appearance becoming a lot nicer, really getting past that raw debut look. As she progressed into her prime she would become easily one of the most attractive actresses in the industry, busty yet slim and very pretty. Her prime started right around the time she started to work for Oppai; during her prime she mostly worked for Oppai and Moodyz. These past couple of years Julia has started to really look mature. You can really see it around the eyes, especially when watching VR. I still love how she looks but it's clear she's not the same young actress she debuted as a decade prior. Time will only tell where Julia ends up in the future and with some of the comments she's made in the past maybe the next phase will be the mommy phase and she'll start lactating.


Phyiscally Julia is quite amazing. I think the first thing people notice are her nice, large, natural breasts. They're really quite nicely shaped and have a really great firmness to jiggle ratio, which is really just to say they jiggle nicely without being saggy. For a lot of people I think they represent a perfect size of being big without being overly so. Even if Julia's breasts have shrunk a bit from her debut and aren't quite as nice, they're still easily some of the best in the business and part of what makes her so fantastic. I think perhaps I find Julia's beauty to be more appealing than her breasts as shocking as that may sound. Julia is just extremely pretty and easily one of the most attractive in her prime. While Julia's past her prime now and in a mature phase I think she still looks wonderful. It's rare to see actresses that maintains their beauty like this as her appearance changes, so that also makes her stand out. I think Julia looks older than her age (and knowing how actresses lie it wouldn't surprise me to find out she's a considerable amount older) but she has looked great for the vast majority of her career. Her body is similarly fairly nice, it's not toned and she's not exactly thicc but she maintains a slim figure that suits her quite well. Her ass is easily the worst part of her, it's quite average and especially doesn't stand out among the porn industry. I find I don't mind as much since I can keep myself focused elsewhere but you definitely do notice.


I think the best way to categorize Julia's performing is inconsistent. Julia is someone who can actually do a decent job when she gets it right but that she often doesn't. Julia, to me, seems like someone who's afraid to let loose, like she's scared she'll unlock a side of her she enjoys and then can't return to normal. That's kind of the hentai trope of the housewife who ends up in sexual endeavours she never thought she would. I know she's commented in the past about all the lewd things her boyfriend makes her do and I've always thought that seemed a bit odd for someone who regularly does lewd things on camera - I guess that just reinforces my opinion of her. I will say that Julia does often find herself in videos where the plots are fairly generic and let her give generic performances, but even in instances where she does get good opportunities like her Wanz Factory 10 Min entry she can phone it home. Being inconsistent isn't the worst thing in the world and average Julia isn't terrible like some actresses, but it sure does make a night and day difference between an average and a great performance from her. The downside with being inconsistent is that every video you watch is a gamble. Any of Julia's videos could be really great depending entirely on a performance. In fact, one of my honourable mentions is a video I absolutely would have skipped if people hadn't let me know her performance was great. I don't find that I skip out on videos because I fear a bad performance but I do find I spend a lot longer than usual trying to pick out which videos are worthwhile watching. Especially among my top 10 list you'll see videos throughout her career.


When it comes to genres Julia has always been quite average. Julia is someone who I think just generally doesn't like doing too much when she doesn't have to. Julia has said before she likes having sex and having guys eat her out, and that she would prefer to do more standard scenes. While she has mentioned before that she's interested in doing lesbian content that has never come to fruition, and I'm not sure it ever will. Maybe Julia was just placating some fans in that moment, who knows. What surprises me is that she hasn't done a video like JUX-678 where it has some lesbian interaction but is by and large still her having sex with a guy. Julia, like quite a few others that are this attractive, tends to get away with doing so little because of it. Honestly, with the kind of variety she's done with genres and how little she generally does, she could have been part of S1. A lot of Julia's variety comes from her early days and her variety of genres today just isn't what you'd like to see (although is unsurprising for a mainstream exclusive actress). Julia remains quite popular though so it's not as though I can fault her for not wanting to do that much. In fact, as JTA pointed out Julia is one of the most popular actresses ever. Julia continues to sell well both domestically and internationally, being 19th in domestic digital sales in July and 6th in international sales in September so definitely people still love her.


Julia's video quality remains fairly good relative to both her performing skills and genres variety. It's interesting for her that it has since you would expect it to be much lower. One of the things I've noticed is that being a dual exclusive has caused the plots of her videos to be quite good. I think there's a couple of reasons for that, the most obvious being that she's simply at two studios and has twice the number of videos. Different studios have different plots and themes and so I think she certainly does get variety from that. I think even more so is that Julia actually found herself in good variety at the studios she was working for, especially Oppai. Oppai is a studio I've criticized for mismanaging talent with really limiting themes but somehow Julia manages to avoid too much of the zero-effort generic content. Another is that Julia does image videos every once in a while, about one every 8 or 9 months, which is definitely refreshing. While I'm not personally the biggest fan of image videos on the whole, it's hard to ignore Julia doing them given how pretty she is. I think the same is true for other types of videos like maid, soapland, or masseuse where you can just enjoy her beauty.



Honourable Mentions


CJOD-255 Moaning Soapland Slut Desperate For A Creampie Will Treat You To A Full Course Of Pleasure

Julia works as a hostess at a soapland that will treat you to a full course of pleasure. Of course, that course includes being able to creampie her as much as you want!

This was the video I mentioned earlier that I was surprised I enjoyed so much. Soapland is a theme I find particularly boring but somehow Julia managed to make it great. I think the biggest thing was that Julia actually performed well. Soapland is a plot that doesn't really require anything from an actress so you tend to get a lot of very underwhelming performances, even from good performers. Julia performing uncharacteristically good being vibrant and cheerful was just such a good call. Seeing her be energetic during sex rather than lethargic like many do in soapland videos was really quite the treat. It ultiamtely does fall short of my top 10, largely in part to it still being a mediocre plot, but colour me impressed for her making such a bland theme enjoyable.


PPPD-276 - Fuck Fest With A Big Tits Girl

Julia is the busty girl who wants nothing more than to just have sex with guys. As soon as they come over to her apartment she's instantly going to town on them.

There's something to be said about porn videos that muster a plot without ever spending time on it. So much of JAV is setup as dramas where you spend 20 or 30 minutes just attending to the plot. Sure, I enjoy a good plot, but at the end of the day I'm here for the porn. Seeing Julia get it on immediately with no downtime just gives you plenty of content to enjoy. That plot is also just such a simple thing and you'd be surprised how enjoyable Julia inviting a guy in and immediately pulling of his pants is. Especially with a plot like that where she knew what she wanted she wound up having fun with it and being upbeat. I also enjoyed that there wasn't too much foreplay, and honestly a good majority of the video itself was intercourse. With the video being so much intercourse I found they managed to ha ve great positions and camera angles to really capture the best of such a beauty. While ultimately the video lacks a certain something to make it truly stand out, I think it goes without saying that a solid performance with sex that's visually appealing is enough to produce a great video.


Top 10


10. WANZ-930 - Wait... Step-Sis?! Mistaking Her For My Girlfriend I Slipped It In

Julia has a sister who looks just like her, they even wear the same clothes. One day her sister's boyfriend mistakes Julia for his girlfriend while she's bent over and he decides to suddenly have sex with her. Their lives are forever changed when he realizes just how awesome it is to have sex with her and Julia feels the same way.

I personally found the plot to be quite entertaining and a big reason why I enjoyed it so much. It may not seem like the kind of plot that is enjoyable but the interesting perspective on risky sex where it's basically by accident is surprisingly good. I think that also comes from how well Julia played the performance at all stages. Acting surprised at first but later on coming to enjoy it was nice to see. Especially when the script flipped to Julia wanting to fool around with him, she certainly looked like she was enjoying herself. I also found those later risky scenes had good opportunities for her to keep her voice down and laugh off how they almost got caught. One really underrated aspect about the video was the opportunities the plot gave for early sex scenes. I find I hate it when videos wait an hour for intercourse and even if the earlier scenes were quite brief I definitely appreciated them. This video might be the lowest on my top 10 but it's still a solid video that I think Julia fans would appreciate.


9. PPPD-312 - Big Tits Nymphomaniac Craves Creampies

Julia plays a nympho who loves to mess around with guys whenever and wherever. On the train? Perfect place to reverse roles and go after an unsuspecting guy. In a taxi? Best pay for it with with your body. Come see Julia masterfully reverse roles in some wonderful scenarios.

First thing is that the plot was great. So much of JAV is focused on plots where the actress is submissive and so Julia being able to flip that script and be the one leading the charge was great. I quite enjoyed the scenarios as well, especially the first scene where she gets a guy off on the train and then makes him get off at the next station and have sex in the washroom. The camera angles were a bit hit or miss at times but on the flip side I thought they created a real amateurish vibe I could enjoy, like someone was filming on their phone but still created high quality footage. I think perhaps the thing that stood out the most was how good Julia's performance was. She had a lot of great expressions and her energy was just great, especially with how she moved around during intercourse. Let's also not forget how great her titty fucking was in this video, quite possibly the best I've ever seen from her. Seeing Julia deliver a great performance in a fun theme is definitely worthy of a top 10 spot.


8. MIDE-042 - Julia Is Your Wife

Julia is your wife and you're lounging around one day on the weekend. Turns out a lazy Sunday at home is as good as it gets when you get to have sex with Julia all day long.

I think the biggest selling point for the video was how natural it all came across. The idea of Julia being your wife actually makes it so there doesn't need to be some crazy performance, just her doing her is great to see. Especially when the content being them just lounging around and having fun as well it's hard not to enjoy. I found the naked apron scene to be especially nice, from watching her cook in it and laugh while teased to a blowjob under the dinner table, fantastic material. Sometimes a video that doesn't feel like a porn drama and is very casual is exactly what you need, and Julia's entry is definitely great stuff.


7. PPPD-368 - Trying To Make A Baby With Your Busty Bride

Julia is your new bride and wants to have a baby. She concocts a weekend plan to have sex with you over and over so you can help get her pregnant.

Like the video above, Julia in a casual environment and casual plot are easy to enjoy. Listening to her say things like "give me a big creampie" or "let's have sex all day" are things you just have to enjoy. Just the thought of someone as attractive as Julia asking you to make a baby with her, especially given a good amount of POV content, is wonderful. I think that's what made it edge out the previous video, that the slight change in the theme made it better. That and perhaps Julia being in her prime, she looked absolutely amazing here and 2015 was just such a good year for her. Like the last video it also had a really casual performance from her where you could feel good about however she performed, and I also think the impetus for her wanting to have sex gave her a little push to perform better. Yes, there was content that wasn't just creampie sex, but soaping up Julia's lovely boobs is hard not to enjoy. If you're a fan of the previous video then a better version is sure to be a hit!


6. PPPD-736 - The Busty Female Manager Who Keeps Repeating The Year To Fuck Cherry Boys

Julia is the manager of a bunch of boys' sports clubs. She loves being the manager because she gets the opportunity to have sex with this virgin guys. Every opportunity she gets she abuses her power over them as the manager to get them to be naughty with her, not that it would take any convincing to do it with a hottie like her!

I absolutely loved the plot and various themes throughout the video. Julia having sex with virgin club members in POV is just all kinds of hot. Julia wearing different sports related outfits like a tennis outfit, swimsuit, and baseball jersey were great at adding variety. These types of videos tend to overuse the whole Japanese gym class bloomers outfit so I found those outfits really stood out. There were even extra props like a tennis racket or a stopwatch to really help the theme. Julia, knowing she was the club manager, made sure to remain enthusiastic and engaged which made for a great performance. Let's also not forget that the sex was visually very appealing especially with it all being in POV. Even if you never played a sport in school I think the gym scene + POV combination made for lovely content that anyone could enjoy. This video is really just an example of school sports themes done right.


5. PPPD-348 - Busty College Tutor

Julia stars as the busty tutor, adored by all her students. She offers up her tits as encouragement and sex as a reward for doing well. I don't know about you but I definitely would have been a straight A student if Julia was my tutor.

Tutors are a theme I find myself really enjoying, largely because I think the theme is so easy to do well. The idea of them offering up themselves as a reward is an idea that's so simple that I can get behind. Especially since it offers such nice progression, like Julia giving a titty fuck to encourage studying and offering up sex when he does well on the test. It's also a theme that requires very little from the actress and lets fairly average performances feel quite good. Julia doesn't have to be crazy dominant or super submissive, and acting a little in both directions worked out great. Sometimes she was taking the lead and showing her student what to do, other times she was letting him explore and find out what he liked for himself. I also found myself quite enjoying all the scenes, two titty fucking scenes and three sex scenes, including one hot sex sceme in the bath. Overall just such an easy video to enjoy with such a simple yet effective theme.


4. PPPD-547 - Married Woman Escort

Julia gets asked to become an escort to which she initially declines. However, she isn't given a choice about the matter and winds up unhappily doing so. It then becomes a slippery slope and she's made to do it again and again, slowly eroding her doubts. In the end she comes to enjoy being an escort.

I thought the video did a great job of the plot mixing between Julia very clearly hating it and slowly breaking down as the video went on. That extended to both how scenes played out as well as the performance. Usually these types of videos have the actress loving it at the end and I think Julia still not quite loving it was more enjoyable to see. It's sometimes so unrealistic to see them do a complete 180 and Julia being more receptive but not complete 180 was good, especially early on when she was very clearly opposed to it. I think they also used that to their advantage with the sex, having many positions throughout (especially in the first scene) that looked great and came about because of her reluctance. I generally find these types of videos to be very mediocre because the content and performances are just so average but when the great ones (like this) stand out quite a lot.


3. MIDE-286 - Sweaty Body Fitness Club

Julia goes to the gym to keep in shape and finds herself having some special workouts. Whether she's masturbating alone or having a threesome in a swimsuit she's definitely getting a workout.

There's just something about that cover that makes you immediately want to watch it. Actresses getting sweaty is something I think everyone loves, and when someone this hot not only gets sweaty but also squirts you just have to stop and admire it. Julia's performance didn't stand out too much although there were a few pivotal moments like when she became horny at the gym because of the hot guy or smiling at the two guys that had boners. I would say that largely the performance didn't matter because the visual appeal of the video was meant to be the focus. As unsanitary as it may be, watching Julia have sex on a treadmill is perhaps the most surprisingly hot thing I've ever seen. At the end of the day porn is mean to be visually appealing and you can do no wrong with sweaty Julia at the gym.


2. PPPD-670 - I Was Made To Cum Over And Over Again By My Big Tits Sister-In-Law...

Julia is the hot, busty sister-in-law and one day her brother-in-law catches her masturbating. As payback she makes him masturbate for her and when she finds herself enjoying her perverted brother-in-law she decides to join in the fun.

I really quite enjoy dominant women in JAV and this video takes a really good stab at that. The plot is just so wonderful, seeing Julia "punish" her brother-in-law in a really hot way. From the teasing of making him jerk off to her to shoving her boobs in his face it's all wonderful. And her performance is incredible as well. I loved seeing her mannerisms as she was humiliating him and really getting a kick out of it and that extended as the video continued. Especially seeing a look of dissatisfaction as he came too soon and she wasn't finished yet, it's just such a simple thing to do that ties the performance and content together nicely. Dominant Julia is just a rare treat that is so wonderful to see and I think others would love it as well.


1. PPPD-340 - My Girlfriend's Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It's OK To Creampie Her

Julia plays the older sister and finds herself interested in her sister's boyfriend. Between her big tits and her willingness to get creampied, the boyfriend stands no chance. Julia and the boyfriend then mess around behind her sister's back until they finally get caught in the act.

This video is, without a doubt, Julia's best video. In fact, it's one of my top 5 videos of all-time and contains my favourite scene. If I'm being honest with myself, that's partially because I love the plot, and this series is my all-time favourite series. The idea of the actress fooling around with her sister's boyfriend behind her back, there's just something about how wrong it is that makes it hot. They get really risky at times, especially in the middle scene depicted below when they're fooling around on the couch while Julia's sister is engrossed in her video game. The riskiness a video like this provides is also an easy way to make sure Julia doesn't get too whiny, and I loved how she performed the ending. Aside from it getting risky the video has a ton of content that just looks really good, especially when she's half naked on the balcony having sex with her tits up against the glass. All-in-all a highly recommended video that I think everyone should watch, even if you're not a Julia fan.


Julia is one of my all-time favourite actresses and it's not hard to see why. I think most people by now know me as someone who loves busty actresses and Julia is simply one of the best the industry has to offer. While her performing skills aren't quite as high as I would like them to be it's hard to look at her and not be awe-struck. She's simply stunning and when coupled with such a long career working for quality studios, Julia is just wonderful.

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J. Walter Puppybreath 2 years ago
Julia!! The anti-Hitomi.Don't misunderstand, I LOVE Hitomi, but Julia is in a completely different category. That is, I don't think she has "big" tits. Rather, she has perfect breasts.She seemed out of place when they shipped the JAV gals over to Las Vegas, for that AVN meat-market. She, herself, said she didn't feel in the same 'league' as the others. She's right!Fun fact: Kaho is shorter than Hitomi (if that's possible).
MikeinLA 2 years ago
I saw her in Las Vegas when she went to AVN with R18. She is a tiny girl, very beautiful, and seemed to be the sweetest interacting with the R18 guys and fans.
MikeinLA 3 years ago
Got to meet her in Las Vegas when R18 used to bring the girls. She is tiny and very beautifull in person. Looked to be having a good time. What a great smile.
ZENRA 3 years ago

Most JAV stars are on the short side. I think this is one of the reason why some end up doing JAV rather than more mainstream work. Some may have the looks, but lack the vertical standing.

Pico 3 years ago
Any possibility scope in present or future of Anal scene with Julia ?
ZENRA 3 years ago

Her doing anal would be the final frontier.

Kamau 3 years ago
Love the in depth analysis. Thank you!Does a video/scene exist where she swallows?
Mary Poppins 3 years ago
I don't know why but her giant veneers are very sexy and I love that smile. If you see some of her really early stuff, she had bad teeth.
Take-D 3 years ago
Why is there no DASD-118 (500 cum in a row/baptism) on the list?
ZENRA 3 years ago

Why should it be on the list?

Oppaira 3 years ago

I am not a huge fan of that video. I don't inherently dislike that content but all the actress in that series whether it's Julia, Hitomi, Miho Ichiki, etc. all had poor performances. The video really does set them up that way given the intention is for them to just sit there and take it. I tend to greatly prefer videos where the actress is required to act, something you see in this list but pretty much any spotlight I've done whether it's the Ai Sayama one I've written for ZENRA or any others I've written in the past for actresses like Meguri, Rena Fukiishi, Chitose Saegusa, Aki Sasaki, or Anri Okita. It also ruins the mood a bit with the cum looking fake, particularly during the bukkake.

BlckTne 3 years ago
What exactly lewd things her boyfriend makes her ? I never hear about that
spaten78 3 years ago
This is a master craft of a profile on Julia. All the pros and cons. She takes amazing pictures and the covers for her movies almost always look incredible. But the actual performances are a throw of the dice. Your number 1 work of hers is spot on. Well done.
ZENRA 3 years ago

Thanks for the comments. This truly is an epic piece.

ramp_it_up 3 years ago
Has Julia ever been with a black actor? She looks like an anime milf, her body is too perfect to be mature.
Oppaira 3 years ago

She has not, and I suspect she never will; Julia just isn't that adventurous.

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