Fried Chikan's Actress Spotlight: Matsuri Kiritani

Published : April 23rd, 2021 Written by Fried Chikan

Actress Spotlight
Matsuri Kiritani
Age: 24
Height: 5’4”
B 91 / W 59 / H 88
I Cup
Descriptors: Busty, Shy, Fun
Genre Choices: Big Boobs, Massage, Soap land, Bondage
Studios: Wanz Factory, Tameike Goro, (Formerly SOD, Oppai)
Fun Fact: Was the captain for her high school Basketball team 


Hey everyone Fried Chikan with a mini spotlight with the buxom Matsuri Kiritani. Actress Spotlights are meant to highlight a specific actress, their career in JAV, and show what makes them unique and notable. Being a mini version this entry will be just a one part. Well lets get started.

Debuting in 2016 with SOD (Soft on Demand), Matsuri certainly gets around. Studios that is. Her and her tits made her a hot commodity among the studios. After leaving SOD she was for a time a double exclusive girl with Oppai and Wanz Factory. Currently she signed on with Wanz and Tameike Goro. Like most exclusive girls she releases about 1-2 titles a month sometimes more or less. With her studio hopping who knows where she will go next. 

In terms of her title choices she mostly does titles focused on her boobs and servicing. She plays a lot of soap land or massage attendants. She also does a couple of bondage titles, she likes to get tied up a lot. We will delve more into the types of titles that she stars in at the Whats section.

Matsuri Kiritani: Body and Looks 

The first thing that jumps out to you is of course Matsuri’s large bazongas. Her I cups (which grew from H cups) are big, soft, jiggly, and hang nicely. And boy do they move. Her tits are the definition of fun, just the type of boobs you want to play with. Most of her titles make ample use of her top class tits. 

Matsuri’s facial features are almost as big as her chest, with her big eyes and lips and an inviting smile. She’s a big smiler and likes to laugh a lot, just a joy to be around. Even in the most frenetic of sex scenes she is giggling and grinning. She’s always given me a chill if ditzy vibe, which I like. Her personality like her body is really fun.

Debut – STAR-735
“Sod star Magic Mirror Number 20th Anniversary Commemorative Film: Matsuri Kiritani's AV Debut”

Debut titles are never the best titles in an idols catalog. They are successful if they can introduce and convey what makes a girl unique. This debut does a great job of that. A lot of focus of it is showing off her tits obviously but it also lets us get to know Matsuri too. Her fun, smiley, and shyness self is felt throughout the video. We also get a nice Basketball scene where she shoots hoops while getting fucked. Her debut shows that she is not just a great pair of tits. There is a lot of charm and character in that hot body of hers.

The Whats

The Whats are about answering the questions “What kind of actress is she?” or “What kind of videos does she like to work in?” or “what is she known for?” Does she have a big ass? Does she only do vanilla content? The Whats cover all of this and more.

Tits Tits and More Tits
Obviously the biggest draw of Matsuri is her humongous bazookas. Here are the best titles at showcase her massive milk silos.

“Matsuri Kiritani Makes Her OPPAI Debut. Her Colossal, I-Cup Tits Shake As She's Fucked.”

For her first title with Oppai, studio known for big tits, the focus in all on her boobs. Her awesome awesome boobs. Oppai stays true to their name with this title. The camera almost always keeps her boobs in the shots. It keeps it up close and shots never lingers too far from her chest. A delight for any boob lover.

Her boobs get put to the test here. They get fondled, pulled, rubbed, massaged, sucked on, and so on and so forth. Titty fucking and rubbing its all there. If she can put her tits on it, you bet they will play with them. The last scene is my standout. There she, in some frilly light green lingerie, gets oiled up and fucked nicely. A great intro to Matsuri’s war chest.

It is a pretty simple and vanilla title. The outfits and scenarios are pretty standard, except for the lingerie in the last scene. The title is carried by the strength and appeal of her tits. For anyone looking to see what the big fuss is about Matsuri’s tits, then just check out this title.

“An I-Cup Titty High-Class Lingerie Sales Lady And Her Temptation Sales Technique”

Our last title had Matsuri’s tits naked for most of the title but this next one pairs her great tits and body with some enticing as hell lingerie. Matsuri plays an underwear saleswoman who has a unique, and way better, method of selling her wares. She sells her goods with her um goods. Matsuri’s body plus sexy lingerie that’s all you need to know about this title.

I have written a lot about her boobs (for good reason) but her body is pretty great too. At 5’4’’ she’s taller than most JAV stars and bigger too. She’s not a Thicc queen or petite waif. Her medium build is made bigger by her big tits, wide hips, and long legs. Her body is almost as fun as her tits. Come for the boobs but stay for the body.

Matsuri’s fun figure is supported by some fine underwear. Lacy, colorful, and outrageous: the lingerie perfectly accentuates her body. I found myself admiring her body over her breasts in some scenes. But lets be clear, her tits are still the high points. Seeing her tits hang off those skimpy outfits. Chef’s kiss. She wears a lacy red and black item around the hour mark that needs to be seen. In that scene her underwear gets plenty of play. I’m talking about using bras to bounce her tits and riding up her panties to her pussy. Great lingerie can make an average body great. A great body with great lingerie makes for a fantastic body. Check out Matsuri’s fantastic body here.

Here to Serve
With a fun body like hers you know it will be put to great use. She plays all types of service roles:
be it soap land, masseuse, or hostess. Let Matsuri serve you with these next titles.

“Divine Titty Fuck Action & Creampie Sex!! An Unlimited Ejaculation Titty Soap land”

Matsuri’s body is put to good use in this classic soap land title. She serves her clients while lubed up, in baths, or a simple massage. Her body’s service is the highlight but her fun and smiley attitude is a close second. I myself don’t really care for the soap land genre. Soaping does nothing for me and I find the excessive oil too much. But what I do like about soaplands are the massages, servicing scenarios, and seeing girls get nice and wet. A great soap land title for even the least interested of parties.

In the servicing scenario the girl’s charm and persona really comes to the forefront and it has to because they dictate the action. Matsuri’s personality gets to shine here. She is shy and bashful but also smiley and fun. She has kind of an airhead vibe to her that I find really alluring. She’s not the type of actress that tries to coast on her body or good looks (and boy could she coast off that body). Matsuri seems really genuine in inserting her own personality and character into her work.

What’s better than seeing Matsuri’s tits up close or her body in some sexy lingerie? Seeing her put that ridiculous body to good use. The titty fucking and rubbing here is next level. Some of the best I’ve seen. Mainly due to her awesome tits. Matsuri gives a full body soap land service: her tits, body, and charm are all here for your pleasure.

“Titty Fuck Hospitality In A Puffy Soft Heavenly Full Course Special”

The night club hostess giving some off the menu servicing is an oldie but a goodie. Matsuri plays our hostess in a title that lets up get close and personal with her. The video takes place in a color and loud night club. Public sex being a secondary feature to the subgenre. Matsuri’s performing and face are our highlights for this title. 

The tight and close angles gives us a good look at Matsuri’s pretty face. The POV angle in the second scene being the best example of this. She’s cute and she is even cuter when she’s being lewd as hell. In this scene she does a behind the back kiss while keeping strong eye contact with the camera. Her full lips and tongue explore her clients mouth as he caresses her boobs. The more you watch her the more you notice the little great facial reactions that she does.

Our second highlight has to do with Matsuri's performing and by that I mean how she uses her body. She’s got a great body and she knows how to use it. She knows exactly how to stuff her tits into a guy’s face or how to suck someone’s tongue deeper into her mouth. Matsuri started as a pretty average performer but she has become much better. Relaxed is the best way I would describe it. It’s not the best or most intense. She takes her sweet time. Give this video a try if you want to see a club hostess video where both parties are having a good time.

Fast and Floppy
Come here to see Matsuri’s tits and body jiggle and shake. This section is all about fast and hard sex.
Come watch Matsuri become your personal rag doll. 

“She Likes It Raw One Creampie Is Allowed!”

This next section is all about fast and hard fucking. I love seeing tits and ass shake and bounce so when you add Matsuri into that combo, baby you got a stew going. This title is cream pie centric but the fantastic hard fucking in one scene made me include it here. The first scene is a slower more intimate scene that ends in a deep cream pie. The last scene has to do with a late night love making session that’s pretty good. But it is, hands down, the second scene that you need to see. 

The second scene has three guys running a train on Matsuri’s body and pussy. She gets fucked properly. I’m talking about deep and hard poundings. She gets picked up, flipped around and fucked however the guy’s please. As good as it sounds for the guys, Matsuri is having just as good a time. The sex isn’t rough or mean though it is intense. With a body like hers it’s really great to see it used hard. 

The second element of this section is seeing tits and ass bounce which this scene delivers and then some. The hard fucking gives us some great titty bouncing and ass shaking. One scene has her standing, ass up and hand on the floor as the three guys attack her pussy one at a time. The way her legs and tits shake and bounce is crazy hot. By the end of it Matsuri is on her knees begging for mercy. Watch this title to see one of Matsuri’s best scenes.

“"I Already Came!" We Creampie Her Over And Over Again Even After She Orgasms!”

This video is like the last video but on steroids. This next title is about continuous sex even after cumming. The video starts with Matsuri getting jumped and fucked from the get go. So the mood is established early. Matsuri gets fucked and fucked and fucked until she’s a giggling and slobbering mess. 

Like the second scene of the last title, the sex here is fast and hard. I think Matsuri is at her best when she is taking a hard fucking. I like titles that focus on her tits or show off her fun personality but seeing her take an intense pounding is something special. She also gets nice and filthy here too. She squirts quite a bit and drools too (something I notice she does a lot). 

Spotlight Title

“The Growth Of My Step Niece's Breasts, I Spent Sweaty Days Fucking Her To Climax”

For this last entry I want to highlight one of my favorite titles from Matsuri. Here she plays a woman who is made upon by her step uncle. It has some light bondage with handcuffs and binds. Matsuri does like to do the occasional bondage title. The sex is a little rough at times so your mileage may vary (though it is pretty light). What I really liked about this title was the fantastic deep throating blow job she gives in one scene. I think it is one of the best deep throating scene out there.

In the scene Matsuri has her hands cuffed up and her step uncle has his way with her. Matsuri gives him a nice, long, and deep throat fucking. She gags, tears up, and sucks it tight. I mean her throat gets used and she takes it like a champ. For a part of the scene it is just him fucking her throat. She drools a lot too which we get to see drip on her tits. Her unsullied boobs are covered in her spit by the end of the scene. It is one of the best deep throating I have ever scene without needing to go too overboard (it doesn’t go to the hardcore/extreme territory). 

The rest of the movie is pretty good too. It has some sweaty sex and most of it is about her uncle taking her against her will. At the end of the film she has turned into a sex addicted nympho. But the real draw of the video the absolutely fantastic deep throating scene. Check out the title to see Matsuri deep throat with the best of them.

Other Recommendations

Here are some other titles that I would recommend. In PPPD 804 Matsuri gets nice and sweaty. I’ve written about it before but it is probably my favorite title from her. In WANZ-966 Matsuri looks her best there. She’s got a new look and boy does it do wonders for her. WANZ-955 is a really weird title. It is all about her getting fucked and ignoring it, so fans of Bored and Ignored will like that.

Matsuri Kiritani is a big recommendation from me for any boob lover. Thank you all for reading I hope you enjoyed reading about Matsuri and her humongous milk jugs. I think you’ll enjoy watching it even more. Well that concludes another actress spotlight. For my next mini spotlight I think I want to cover under appreciated or lesser known girls. Maybe someone like Kato Tsubaki, or Saryu Usui, or even an older name like Kaede Matsushima. If you have any thoughts fire off below.

Until next time, Fried Chikan out.


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DDland45 2 years ago
I've been a huge (pun intended) fan of Matsuri Kiritani ever since she debuted in 2016. She's in my all time Top 10 JAV actresses, and that's saying a lot considering I've been watch JAV since the late 90's. I had been curious about her absence since November 2020 and I was hoping that she was just on hiatus due to Covid. It seems, based on what I've been able to read, that Matsuri has 'retired' from porn? if that is the case, I will truly miss her. She was a joy to watch and her bubbly personality made her easy to really like.I wish her well if she's done with the business. Don't look back, Matsuri. There are always new starlets to keep us interested, but you've made your mark on our hearts.
0 0
Mary Poppins 3 years ago
The "lingerie sales lady" series is one of my favorite series of all time. Most of the great busy JAV actresses have done it and they're all really good.
1 0
Mary Poppins 3 years ago
1 0
cacao 3 years ago
I miss her, I hope she is just taking a break, same for Saeko
1 0
Fried Chikan 3 years ago

I wouldn't hold my breath, it's likely she's done sadly

2 0
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