Maki Hojo - The Insatiable Wasp Spider

Published May 3, 2021

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ORGA taking traditional Japanese folklore and turning it into a wonderful JAV movie about a beautiful succubus.

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Maki Hojo - The Insatiable Wasp Spider
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

"A fateful night sees organic farmer Ryota encountering a mysterious woman (MAKI HOJO).  Fair of skin with curves all in the right places, said fate sees them begin a tense form of cohabitation.  Their unfathomable relationship begins spreading like wildfire among the men of the village and rumors, as always, pave the way to jealousy.  Looking to help Ryota settle his many debts, MAKI begins secretly seeing these men and accepting their seed.  Is her true motive to help someone she loves or simply to satisfy her own carnal needs?"


"Jorougumo is a legendary creature in Japanese folklore. A Jorougumo is a spider that can change its appearance into that of a beautiful woman. She seeks men to seduce, whom she then binds in her silk and devours. "


If I could go back and time, I'd of made myself read a bit more into the back-story of our final ORGA release before going right in to subtitle it.  At first, the plot in the early moments of THE INSATIABLE WASP-SPIDER felt thrown together.  "Yea, OK, some down-on-his-luck farmer all the sudden has MAKI HOJO--a stranger no less!--staying with him and she starts having sex with everyone" was what was going through my mind.  Thankfully, as things ran their course, my worries about a poorly done plot were thrown to the wayside.  After all, this is a TEI JAGA-helmed production.  While his movies may feature less dialog than average, they're shot so darn well it's almost cheating to compare them to other JAV movies and the stories almost always are lush, fulfilling, and have a nostalgic days long past feel to them.

I'm not sure if you can call THE INSATIABLE WASP-SPIDER the best movie MAKI HOJO has ever been in (my favorite was a movie we showed with her costarring with SAAYA TAKAZAWA that we had to pull a few years ago).  It may not be the best, but it's definitely up there.  Way, way up there.  From the aforementioned cinematography and all around production to MAKI's performance as both mysterious, amorous, and dedicated, we get something truly special here.  Heck, even everyone's favorite odd-ball old man actor KEN AKITA finally gets a scene where he has real actual sex instead of being dominated upon for a pity handjob (and I mean with real penetration, not staged play sometimes found in JAV dramas!).

MAKI HOJO by now has done many titles both censored and uncensored.  There certainly will be many who prefer the latter, but you'll never see any mosaic-free JAV maker attempt something with such a lush story and using such high-end gear.  MAKI's skin looked as smooth as butter thanks to good cameras and great lighting.  The sex in INSATIABLE is not pornography; it's love-making albeit with somewhat twisted intentions.  Remember, is MAKI of us?  Is she human?  Or a spider that took a human form and simply paying back a favor?

ORGA as a studio is over.  Never say never; their site is still online and functional.  However, from what I'm told, there are no plans to produce more under that label.  Thus, THE INSATIABLE WASP-SPIDER is where we close the curtain on this epic JAV drama studio.  We thank them for their continued cooperation and we hope you enjoy this and the rest of their offerings on our site.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 161

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Picture-perfect in every way.  ORGA at top form.
+One of the best MAKI HOJO movies ever shot.
+Fantastic story borrowing from Japanese folklore.
+All sex scenes are fantastic.  Every one.


-Without knowing about the wasp-spider story, the plot may feel hackneyed until the reveal at the end.
-Aside from the last sex scene, actors pretty much remain still and supine (makes sense though given the source material).

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