My Girlfriend Takes Me to a JAV Set and Forbids Me to Become Erect Game Show 4

Published December 2, 2022

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The ultimate ice breaker for new couples is to see how far one can keep arousal in check when watching a really wacky JAV game show.

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My Girlfriend Takes Me to a JAV Set and Forbids Me to Become Erect Game Show 4
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Tame couples go to parks on their first dates.  Or maybe window shopping.  Who knows.  As someone who is most definitely graduated out of the dating pool, I'm basing my observations on low-budget J-dramas and JAV.  But I can tell you one thing with confidence:  adventurous couples looking for ways to make their first experience memorable visit active JAV sets.  At least this is what I have learned from my years on the job.  Based in truth or fantasy of the libido?  Who knows.

We are back again for another edition--the last most likely unless HOT ENTERTAINMENT decides to dust off old ideas and film them anew--of MY GIRLFRIEND TAKES ME TO A JAV SET AND FORBIDS ME TO BECOME ERECT GAME SHOW.  Originally the ninth released but the fourth we are showing, this marks the last one available filmed in FHD.  While HOT did film others before, there's only so far back into the JAV Land time capsule we would like to go when it deals with content by a still active--and in their case, still prosperous, thankfully!--JAV studio.

The theme this time is the hospital.  The cast, like always, is huge.  What we have here is a fantastic example of Golden Age JAV filmed right when FHD became a thing.  The picture quality thus may not be as sharp as newer productions, but it still looks great.  Besides, anything involving big groups, cuckolding, and a campy game show vibe is by default a 7/10 even if otherwise it is total trash (and rest easy as this update is anything but!).

What we lack in big names, we make up for in extreme antics.  Real couples taking part in romantic walks down some of Tokyo's most picturesque streets are approached to take part in a wilder challenge than seeing all the fake sales clothing stores make use of.  Who wouldn't want to visit a JAV set when filming is underway?  OK, sure, the rule is you can't show arousal, but if you do, that's when the real fun begins!  Penalty games are the name of and the result as one can easily see in the trailer and screenshots accompanying this review are lots of audacious sex most often while the boyfriend watches in shock.  A relationship shattered or only fortified for further kinkier play?

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1528

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Huge cast, crazy theme.
+Very varied scenes.


-FHD, but still a bit dated.

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