Please Take My Wife - Third Wheel Edition

Published February 19, 2021

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Cuckolding with a twist! Japanese wife by order of her husband goes on an onsen retreat with a JAV director, but he brings along a surprise female guest.

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Please Take My Wife - Third Wheel Edition
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

For the longest time, the majority of our updates via GOGOS were from their famous, but now solidly concluded lesbian massage series.  With the end coming near for our time showing those movies, we're starting to dive deep into their impressive catalog to show off other types of works they're known for.  Today's update is far and away not lesbian massage-related, but it still contains some elements of women-women romance...with a twist.

There's a major twist in PLEASE TAKE MY WIFE and there's no need to attach a spoiler tag to this one given its full name (THIRD WHEEL EDITION) and the fact that what makes this movie different from their other cheating wives onsen titles is explained right at the beginning.  This time, the star of the movie is a wife whom GOGOS has previously filmed doing something similar.  The twist comes with the introduction of mischievous and mature Keiko (clearly played by AYAKO INOUE).  A demanding husband with a really unique cuckolding kink not only wants his wife to yet again have sex while being filmed, but to incorporate a female third wheel.  He wants her to have sex with Keiko, the director, and both of them together.  Being both malleable and meek, she's confused at first by Keiko's sudden appearance, but doesn't flee.

The dialog in PLEASE TAKE MY WIFE FROM ME - THIRD WHEEL EDITION is heavy and relentless, but also rewarding to experience from start to finish.  This is a fun movie if you're a fan of second-hand embarrassment.  From the start almost to the end, we've the director and later Keiko teasing this very reserved young wife both with off-hand comments and during the play itself.  It's almost hard to tell if she finally breaks free of her introverted shell at the end.  Tears are shed throughout, but from pleasure, embarrassment, or something in between?

A movie like this is rewarding for those who have patience.  The real action doesn't even start until we're almost an hour in.  Until then, it's talking and more talking, but as noted above, that's what makes this one such a pleasure to watch.  The sex is great and incredibly authentic, but the build-up leading to it is what make this way more than a simple FFM movie.  Realism is what GOGOS specializes in and they take that to insane heights in today's update.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1650

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Fantastic, realistic plot.
+Gold standard material for cuckold/hotwife fans.
+Wife's reactions are extremely authentic.


-Picture quality could have been a bit better.
-The slow-burn from talking to play may be too long for some.

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