Nao Jinguji - Temptation Clothing Shop

Published December 14, 2020

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Risky sex when customers are around. How far can Nao Jinguji take it and not get caught?

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Nao Jinguji - Temptation Clothing Shop
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Call me a NAO JINGUJI fanboy, but I think this JAV star with her approachable girl-next-door looks combined with killer curves and a natural tan has the makings of a truly legendary career.  I'm the first to sing praises for her, but writing a review requires a heaping dose of honesty so with adoration out of the way, I need to be the bringer of ho-hum news:  TEMPTATION CLOTHING SHOP starring NAO JINGUJI is an OK release.  Out of the three we've shown so far, this is the weakest.  I'm saddened to say that, but while NAO looks great, she may have been assigned a role best given to someone else.

If you've seen the others, the format of today's update should contain no surprises.  If you haven't:  clothing shop (really a JAV studio, but DREAM TICKET did an amazing job making it look real), amorous female employee, lucky customers played by some familiar faces, and very risky sex of the hold the moan variety.  With all that said, what could I not like about this movie?

Firstly, as harsh as it is, NAO JINGUJI may be a beauty, but at this point in her career, she still was not yet ready to take on a role requiring her to pretty much take the lead from start to finish.  I feel like there was a lot of directing going on with lines being fed in between cuts to make this work and even then, something felt odd.  And that 'something'?  Well, on top of being a weak lead, unlike MITSUHA KIKUKAWA and TSUBASA HACHINO, I don't think NAO JINGUJI ever worked in a clothing shop.  There's a certain vibe employees have when handling merchandise that NAO seems to lack.  This may be a JAV at it core; it's one all about taking something realistic (shopping at a store) and given it a salacious spin.  The salaciousness was there and then some, but the realism...

Don't get me wrong, NAO was not the best performer, but the technicals for this movie are sound.  This is a big name studio churning out a slick product.  Sadly, the format is pretty much identical to the previous ones.  What I'd love to see is the final scene end with a female staff member spotting them in the middle of the act (or just after it finished).  No need for a conclusion beyond that.  Just have NAO and customer look up with wide, frightened eyes, and fade to white.  A wee bit of drama would make a JAV movie all about sex in a very realistic place all the more risky.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Absolutely beautiful JAV star.
-Risky sex scenarios.


-Not yet ready to handle a role requiring her to take the lead.
-Scene format identical to previous updates.

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