GOGOS New Female Employees Special Training Course

Published May 10, 2019

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New hires at GOGOS are not only required to perform a smorgasbord of office tasks, but to also assist male employees with other needs as well.

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GOGOS New Female Employees Special Training Course
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

I've been at the offices of JAV production companies many a time and I'll be honest:  very few have female staff and the rare unicorns I've seen generally have been in their forties and beyond.  The concept of an adult film company hiring cute and young females for regular office jobs that may often require them to perform various sexual services is a fantasy.  The pay's way too low for what happens in titles like today's, GOGOS NEW FEMALE EMPLOYEES SPECIAL TRAINING COURSE, to be based on reality.  Still, while a fantasy, it's great and allows our most prurient office daydreams to run riot.

Do real female employees need to provide male coworkers 'erection support assistance' in the middle of the day?  Doubtful, but accidental arousal and working in JAV production is a very real issue that I'm sure bathrooms at various studios are often used for in conjunction with 'stress relief'.  Alone of course.  Most definitely alone.  However, as shown in SPECIAL TRAINING COURSE, alleviating pent-up stress via blowjobs, handjobs, sex toys, and even sex is on the table.

The gist of this docudrama update by GOGOS is following around two female employees:  SAYOKO, a veteran who actually has appeared in various GOGOS titles (think hot spring vacation ones) along with a real new hire, TAKAGI-san.  TAKAGI's adorable.  I love the big cheeks and adore her ability to mix inquisitiveness with naked displays of arousal.  It's really rare combination and to add more fuel to the fire, she's got a smoking body; not busty, not flat, but fit!

The final FFM threesome encounter has a moment where she's stark naked and standing while pleasuring a very horny coworker.  From that angle, her well-formed body gets time to shine and we also get to see her most decidedly in the lead.  Sure, the bulk of this title has women on the defensive, but there are slivers here and there where office training puts them in charge even though given their new hire status, they're probably earning less.

GOGOS NEW FEMALE EMPLOYEES SPECIAL TRAINING COURSE is a quirky movie that skirts the line between accidental arousal and all-out sex.  It's not like their AOYAMA lesbian massage series where the fourth wall is almost never broken, but it's no vanilla JAV either.  It has humor (see the phone ringing during the threesome) and even a very dramatic encounter (first few minutes of final scene).  Sure, both SAYOKO and TAKAGI-san may not be 100% beauties, but it's that realism that really helps make this a fantastic title.  I want female employees who are cute, but accessible.  Too pretty and the fantasy of them wanting to do regular office work at a JAV company is ruined.  GOGOS found a great balance here that we'll try to emulate again with future releases.

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