Ai Uehara Spotlight

Published : July 4th, 2021 Written by Oppaira

Ai Uehara had one of the most inconspicuous debuts of any actress, starring in whatever would come her way. With how rough she was on her debut, especially visually, I don't think anyone paid her any attention. A year into her career things started to pick up quite a lot and Ai became a force to be reckoned with. She transformed from someone you wouldn't have paid any attention to into an actress rapidly climbing the charts.

In Ai's prime she was the best actress in the industry. That's right, in 2013 (just two years after her debut) Ai Uehara was the single best actress in the industry, a point that is not debatable either. She achieved the triple crown that year (top in physical sales, digital sales, and rental sales), something no other actress has ever done. It's not unheard of for debuts to become quite popular but when you consider where she started from... it was really quite remarkable. Ai had an extremely illustrious career, known for how far she got around. As a freelance actress, Ai did a lot of work spanning many plots, themes, and genres. Don't forget, Ai starred in a ton of videos with a ton of great actresses in her time as well.

These days Ai is retired from JAV, and has been for several years too. After an extended period away from the spotlight, she came back to social media and can often be seen hanging out with some of her old pals including Hibiki Otsuki, Yui Hatano, and Anri Okita. Ai Uehara has also decided to try and make a life for herself outside of porn, much to the dismay of fans. That's resulted in Ai removing nearly her entire catalogue, something I'm sure most fans are quite upset about. In fact, R18 only lists her in about three dozen videos, quite a drop from the 1000+ videos (compilations included) that she's in.


Metric Score
Face 7
Breasts 7
Ass 10
Body 9
Performing 10
Video Quality 10
Genres Queen



Ai Uehara is someone I have very mixed opinions about physically. Some qualities of hers are amazing and other qualities are solid but not nearly as nice.

First off let's talk about that booty. Ai has one of the nicest asses around. It is quite common to see Ai on top 10 ass lists, I put her on my top 10 and Panking put her on his. Her ass is truly a sight to behold, it's nice and juicy from all her baby fat. Just take a look for yourself:

I find her body generally follows suit on being juicy without being fat. There's thicc where they're a bit heavy, thicc where they have thunder thighs, and then the Ai kind of thicc, where she's just got the right amount of fat to compliment herself without anything looking out of place.

Ai's boobs are relatively nice for their size. I will admit that I love huge boobs and Ai's smaller-sized ones aren't ideal for me, but they actually fit her quite nicely. They have a great amount of jiggle to them when she's on her back and they do have a fairly nice shape to them.

I find Ai's face very mixed, sometimes I like it a decent amount, other times not so much. I think I chalk part of that up to how mediocre Ai looked when she first debuted. The contrast between Ai early in her career and Ai now is quite stark, and Ai's face got a lot better over the years. You can really tell in a side by side comparison:

At the end of the day I do think the sum total is a very wonderful actress physically. As much as she was rough around the edges on her debut, she was nice for a large portion of her career. And as much as I wish she had bigger tits, that's more of a personal preference and not a knock on Ai.



Ai Uehara is easily one of the best performers to ever grace the industry. It's not every day I'd dish out a 10 for performing but Ai is one of the few who legitimately deserve it. There's a reason she's in the running for greatest of all time and her legendary performing skills are a big part of that. Ai is known for being able to do everything well, something not a lot of actresses can say. She can just as easily dominate the hell out of a guy as she can take it really rough. I find it's so rare to like actresses across the spectrum, and I find myself preferring actresses in very specific niches. From dominating to ahegao, Ai can really do it all. Just take a look at what she can muster:

I think it's an extremely underrated quality for an actress to be able to perform this well in such a wide array of content. Many actresses get typecast and it can be easy to perform well in the small slice you work in, but Ai working across the board like she did really required her to be a wonderful performer. If there's one thing I've said about Ai, it's that you can count on her to have done it and done it well.



Ai is about as good as it comes when it comes to genres. There are some actresses who just want to show up for a cheque and go home and then there's Ai, the exact opposite. She would star in anything and everything, from lesbian to DP gangbangs, even uncensored DP. No video being outside of her reach is, in my opinion, a big reason why she became so popular. As much as people like their idol actresses not everyone has the same preferences. With Ai you can get a taste of everything, even idol videos. In fact, I know people who would rate Ai their all-time favourite actress and don't even like her more hardcore content. It speaks volumes that she has such a wide array of content that you can enjoy her regardless of whatever preferences you hold. Many actresses get typecast into the same roles time and time again, whether it's because they don't want to do much or have a certain look, but Ai never went that route. Even more for Ai was that she could always be seen in some wacky video or another. Just take a look at some of the truly unique content her career gave us:

Yes, that is Ai with some monster fake tits in the first one, and yes, that is a cum buffet in that second one. And in that last one? Ai goes on a literal African safari tour.



Uncensored is quickly becoming the way of the dodo bird as far fewer actresses are willing to do it these days, but back in Ai's prime it was all the rage. Thankfully we got a plethora of content from her while she was around. Ai had all sorts of content, from uncensored masturbation:

all the way up to uncensored DP:

While that might not mean a lot for western fans who regularly see actresses in all sorts of hardcore action, it's extremely rare in Japan. Considering how few actresses are willing to do uncensored or DP, it stands out really far. Of course, if that's a little much for you (and I'm sure there are plenty of fans who want something a little less hardcore), she has more innocent uncensored content with things like a simple soapland experience. Thankfully if you still want to check her out in uncensored, you can still do so on Caribbeancom. I wouldn't expect them to take down her content since the takedown requests are from the good will of the industry, and uncensored operates outside of the industry. Still, if you need an Ai fix it's one of the only options still available.


Video Quality

Ai's video quality was through the roof. A big part of why her video quality was so wonderful was that she was good at doing a lot of small things that all add up. Throw in some deepthroating, squirting, creampies, and suddenly a boring video actually has a lot of entertaining content. Ai was both a prolific squirter and deepthroater and it's rare to see someone so good at both.

Another big thing was how popular Ai became. Ai being as popular as she was gave her a lot of wonderful opportunities for videos. It was quite common to see Ai among the biggest names in the industry, like Yui Hatano, Rei Mizuna, Mana Sakura, Haruki Sato - the list goes on.

It's one thing to star in a lot of videos with costars but when Ai got to star with all of the best, it always felt like the industry knew how special she was. She was always pretty high up on the list for any of those mega cast videos too.

At the end of the day Ai content was just always great. You could always count on some quality video from her, whether it was from a top tier studio that always produced good stuff down to bottom tier studios where Ai could make up the difference.


Top 10 Videos

10. SDDE-377 - Rookie Nurse Takes 10 Real Creampies For Sexual Treatments

Sometimes nurse videos fail to capture the theme and give you random scenes. Other times you get generic content and the nurse outfit is enough to placate you. Then there's this video that takes it to a whole new level. Not only do they capture a nurse theme, they go way beyond that as Ai is basically the group therapist for everyone, with creampies being the therapy. You see Ai literally going around the hospital having sex with patients to help them out. To top it off, all the nurses are in on it too, so Ai never has to hold back and be sneaky. Sneaky sex is awesome but it's a whole differently level to see people have sex basically in public without a care in the world. Especially with how casual they are about it, with other nurses having sex or walking past a waiting area as they're fucking. You'd be surprised to see how hot it is watching Ai ride a guy as he wheels around his wheelchair (and trust me, the clip will show you just how hot that is.) The video makes you feel like they're doing something wrong but it's just so hot seeing them not care. Honestly, it makes you wish you broke your arm to get in on it. Nurse videos are great but no video takes such a candid approach to it like this and it makes this one so unique and special. If nurse Ai sounds like a good time, I encourage you to check it out.

9. KV-126 - 2 Hour Non-Stop Shooting

Ai's Knight's Visual video is easily one of her best videos. I think a lot of that comes from KV content being great in general, as most of their releases are home runs. A big part of that boils down to KV being really simple with their content and executing it very well. The video is premised on Ai having sex with a ton of guys, one after another. Each guy gets and opportunity to smash her raw and give her a big 'ol creampie. What KV does right is using real creampies which makes the content way nicer. There's just something about seeing her having sex with her pussy covered in real cum that's unlike anything else. They don't try to focus on anything special, just Ai roaming around in a schoolgirl outfit getting loads dumped in her. Of course, her bright smile and juicy ass make it all the more enjoyable. I think at the end of the day, it's just how raw the video feels (pun intended) that makes it work. People who have seen content from KV are probably not surprised to see this on here, and if you're a creampie fan this is absolutely the video to watch.

8. JUFD-393 - Big Bootied Slut's Wild Hip Shaking

Ai is the new girl at work, and with her eyes set on having the best time there she decides to have a bit of naughty fun. The video shows off a lot of different stuff around the office, from touching herself during a meeting to sex with her boss. A girl can go far if she gets in everyone's good graces, and if she enjoys herself the way Ai does, all the better. Ai's wonderful performance certainly makes it all that much more enjoyable, and when you get to see her happily riding her boss with another coworker watching it's just so great to see. That also brings us to another big point of the video, which is the risky nature of it. With her doing stuff like plopping a dildo on the glass wall and masturbating with it, it just adds such an interesting dimension. You get some great content with the office setting in shot while getting the risk at the same time. You also have some great office lady outfits from Ai, and even in the final scene that isn't at the office there's a really hot full-body fishnet suit that's equally hot if not hotter. All-in-all this is one of Ai's best videos and certainly worth the praise.

7. PXD-027 - Triple VIP Splash

One of the best qualities about Ai, as I've mentioned, is how good she is at a variety of genres. So of course Ai would excel when placed in a squirting special, especially alongside Hibiki Otsuki (who I also think is a prolific squirter). The video certainly does a great job with the squirting from start to finish, giving each actress the opportunity for some great squirts. I think equally as good is how great the content variety is. It goes all the way from solo scenes to a giant orgy and even to a lesbian scene. The fact that there's a lot of emphasis on squirting in all the scenes really ties the video together nicely and gives you something to constantly look forward to throughout it. Obviously it's great in the lesbian scene to see them squirting all over each other but I found it equally as good in the orgy scene as it gave areas of focus for a scene that would otherwise have been so chaotic. Definitely if squirting is your thing you can do no wrong seeing her squirt alongside some other ladies with such a variety of content.

6. BBAN-007 - Secret Lesbian Adultery

Ai becomes jealous of Yumi's lesbian relationship, secretly longing for the same herself. Despite such a forbidden relationship Ai can't keep herself restrained and decides to take the plunge. For me, part of what made the video so hot was seeing the relationship escalate. From Ai spying on Yumi's sex life and being turned on all the way to them aggressively going at it, the slow buildup was really great. Especially seeing Yumi being uninterested at first but eventually being energetic and enthusiastic, it really made the plot quite nice. Of course, hot lesbian action is hard to come by and this video has it in spades. Watching them eat each other out aggressively or scissor like no tomorrow is amazing. I'd also be remiss if I didn't point out that Ai and Yumi form a great pair. The dichotomy between the youthful Ai and older Yumi really contrasted nicely. Let's also not forget Yumi was still in her better years back in 2014, a great performer and easily one of the top MILFs in the business. If you are looking for a pure lesbian video this is definitely the one to go to, it's easily one of the better videos from Bibian and worth the watch.

5. IESP-607 - Narcotics Investigation Squad - Pussy Twitching Addicts

Yui Hatano plays a secret agent who gets captured and it's up to Ai to go rescue her. Immediately what should draw anyone to the video is that it's Ai alongside one of the best of all times, Yui Hatano. Especially when you learn that the video managed to mix in lesbian content in a theme that is always devoid of it, really hot. Yui is under their control so you get some less hardcore action in it all the way to her using a strap-on and having sex with Ai to punish her. In the end Ai is able to save Yui, but not before we get a final epic scene of the two of them being fucked senseless by their captors. I can't stress how awesome it was seeing them mix things up with this one, especially since secret agent videos tend to feel very similar. Plus, rather than just focusing on the lesbian content the video just added more runtime, clocking in at three and a half hours! If you've ever enjoyed secret agent videos but wanted something a little more, this is easily one to check out.

4. MIGD-601 - Bukkake, Creampie, and Anal

Ai is someone I oft describe as really putting herself out there. Bukkake, gokkun, creampie, anal, DP - she'll do it all. And, evidently, she'll do it all in the same video. This video is exactly that, piling as many of those genres into a single video as humanly possible. I consider it a good thing as JAV is so often less hardcore than Western porn, sometimes to the detriment of it. I am someone who often finds that adding small pieces to videos - some deepthroating here, some squirting there - often makes the video much more enjoyable. With this one there's never a dull moment as it moves in between different acts with no downtime in between. The video plays out as basically one large scene and it really helps with how hardcore it feels as Ai isn't given time for breaks, having to just power through instead. As you see Ai get fucked silly you can really get behind how hardcore it is for JAV to see her take it up the bum while getting her face covered only for someone to DP her shortly after. If you're someone that likes all of these genres then you can certainly do no better than all of them together.

3. SDMT-924 - Squirt! Cum! Slurp!

This video had Ai teaming up with fellow popular actress Haruki Sato. Haruki was, I think, a great pairing with Ai. Similarly thicc body/curves and also a good performer, plus another who was great at squirting. That bode well for the theme of the video, which was all about the two squirting. The video had all sorts of content ranging from lesbian sex all the way to a foursome. Definitely the squirting is what stood out here, seeing the two of them get drenched the entire time. Even in the foursome they didn't forget to squirt all over each other. It wasn't just the emphasis from each other either, even the male actors made a point to assist with it in wonderful ways. The video has little else going on aside from wet, sloppy sex, but honestly that's all you need. With how great the two look while getting drenched it's just all fantastic content that is easy to love.

2. DVAJ-121 - 10 People 10 Shots

Sometimes you just want a no-nonsense video. Something where you can shut your brain off and not follow some complex plot, just enjoying how hot the action looks; this is exactly that video. The video has tons and tons of hot action that just keeps on coming in the form of some large gangbangs. Seeing Ai get fucked every which way is insanely hot, and they have some really unique positions in this one. The video really has this raw, visceral feeling to it the whole time, which comes from a product of how rough they are with Ai. They have no qualms banging her as hard as they can, deepthroating her every which way, even choking her at times. Of course, it goes without saying, but Ai handles it all really well. Especially when she gets her ahegao face on, it just adds another layer to the video. I'm not usually one to like videos with essentially no plot/theme, but when you get an actress who can take it as rough as they can dish it out, you can get some truly spectacular videos. Especially compared to the Knight's Visual video from earlier, there's something about using professional actors compared to amateurs. When you give those guys free reign to do whatever, boy will they show up and impress. If all the talk about Ai being good at everything has made you interested in seeing Ai get fucked silly then this is what you're looking for.

1. PLA-045 - The Moment I Met Her This Pornstar Demanded Raw Creampie Sex

This is easily Ai Uehara's best film and I'm sure many people feel the same way. It's also comfortably a video I'd give a perfect 10/10 rating to, and I'm not the only one either as Pan also feels the same way. I've spoken at length about both the series and it's director, Nao Masaki, but Ai deserves a lot of credit for how good this video is. Ai delivers a performance unlike anything you've seen, truly buying into the plot. The plot itself is really hot, premised around Ai finding unsuspecting guys and going to town on them. You get to see her come out of nowhere and immediately start riding a guy, seeing her laughing and loving every moment of it. She also nailed all the endings, frequently chasing down guys because she wasn't done yet. Even a lot of great actresses struggled to perform this well enough but Ai nailed it. I really can't say enough good things about it and would encourage you to check it out, especially since the best-of video is one of the few Ai videos still available.


With that I conclude my spotlight on Ai Uehara. Ai became one of the industry's most prolific actresses, and in short fashion too. While she hasn't had the longevity that some of her contemporaries have had, she has certainly had a major impact on the industry. Her career has been so prolific that, despite her attempts at erasing her career, I'm not sure she can; too many of us count Ai among their all-time favourites, myself included, and she won't soon be forgotten. Be sure to comment on your favourite qualities of Ai and your favourite videos, and don't forget to keep up to date with Ai on Instagram. Oh, and especially don't forget to check out Ai right here on ZENRA! Until next time!


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sogaydissarray 8 months ago
Ai's face from prime porn era is one of my all time favorites female faces. Face+vibe. However present one is generic painted unattractive skinny female. Man, tell me who thinks that ai's face in for example last video of this article, or photos from physical - isn't magically beautiful? She is like a sunshine. Yes, "before" face of "beforre after" from "physical" - is not good, but after - her present unnatural dry form is no attractive either. But videos from her prime era and photo shoots she is 95 percent glorious. Her face+vibe and performance are her signature things
1 0
Maverick 2 years ago
You are excellent & the best ! Beautiful pussy as well. I miss you pussy !!
1 0
kalbi54 2 years ago
I noticed she is one of the few that shave/trims her pubic hair. Kudos for that :)
1 0
jackfromdownunder 2 years ago
Surprising thing Ai Uehara is the way she surprisingly retired - Her Debut video where she apparently got it on at her training hospital (she was a trainee nurse before her JAV career) and her uncensored work were favourites.
1 0
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