Tekoki Clinic - Fan Appreciation Day Full Service Special 2

Published October 20, 2023

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Taking medicinal sex to a level rarely found in JAV, SOD’s famous Tekoki Clinic shows the joys of combining universal health coverage with beautiful nurses.

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Tekoki Clinic - Fan Appreciation Day Full Service Special 2

Timing and Translation by ZENRA

We tend to keep political talk out of these reviews, but let's make a slight exception. Just this time.

Universal heath coverage (UHC) is great. You never need to worry about high fees, you can go to any clinic you want, and those 'legendary' wait times people lament about aren't really much of a thing (and frankly, I think most wouldn't mind waiting even a few hours if that meant they would get a bill cheaper than going out to eat rather than the thousands or more a surprise medical scare in other countries may cost!). Now if anyone wants to debate this issue, the defenders of should just show any random sampling from Japan's famous TEKOKI CLINIC. Yes, it exists. But sadly, it only seems to do so well within JAV Land. You can put the phone book down. Close out of that app to. You won't find it there.

Once again and surely back again in the future depending on how this one does, we're back with another gem from SOFT ON DEMAND's SENZ 'sex is normalized' sub-label with TEKOKI CLINIC FAN APPRECIATION DAY FULL SERVICE SPECIAL 2. The name this time around--unlike the previous update--is a bit less accurate as we only get full sex in two scenes whereas that massive four hour release had quite a few encounters featuring real deal full service. Still, even the scenes that did not involve actual intercourse were great and in some ways even better!

The elephant in the room of course is MIKI SUNOHARA. ZENRA fans probably know by now I am big, big fan of this JAV star. Debuting over a decade ago, still active, and after checking out a preview for a new release, eerily unchanged, MIKI is one of the most emotive performers in the industry. It's almost a travesty she has yet to gain truly A-rank status. While appearing once in awhile on her own, she seems to be mostly regulated to kikaku roles. On one hand, these roles such as what she does in today's update seem a lot more enjoyable both as a viewer and surely to film, but probably also pay a lot less. The optimist in me sees an actress who elects this career path sticking around longer; it's harder to get burnt out if each day brings an entirely new challenge!

Now to the movie itself: visually, awesome. Aurally, what you expect from the professionals at SOD. The theme? Also, solid. The only odd duck scene was the second one that while made use of ingenuous camera placement, suffered in that the actress just felt way too clumsy and lacked the type of kodawari (relentless pursuit of perfection) that MIKI SUNOHARA brought in the previous scene. That MIKI is the head nurse and works as the book-ends for this 120 minute 8 scene (!) release surely was a smart editorial decision. She rocks, if you were not aware.

Uniqueness abounds and like most, I'd be elated if a clinic like this really existed. For JAV, it's great to see a movie about nurses that avoids breaking the fourth wall. The biggest issue with most is it turns into a silly sex fest and here that route is blessedly not taken.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 553

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Does not break the fourth wall. 'Sexual non-sexual' done right!

+MIKI SUNOHARA showing yet again how capable she is in any role she takes.

+Weird, yet effective bukkake scene in the form of 'facial clinic'.

+Sex in front of wife?! It works here and somehow remains medicinal.


-Lack of a 'free use clinic' scene.  Maybe next time?
-Intro to first scene kind of cool, but it seems like the director ditched the idea right after it.

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