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Plastic Fantastic: Favorite Enhanced JAV Actresses Part 2

Nice picks, both have such great bodies. Mayuki with her narrow waist and Rin has nice filled out figure.

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FC's Anal Addicts in JAV: Part 2

That is Yukino Matsu also seen in the DASD-651 entry.

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Plastic Fantastic: Favorite Enhanced JAV Actresses

I mainly put Aoi in here for her touched up face. I don't think the rest of her is enhanced and if it is then she's got some great fakes.

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ZENRA Exclusive Interview: Director Rizu Suzuki

Just a director, she does not perform in the scenes. Before that she did PR, which she still does now, and moved onto directing later.

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Actress Spotlight: Saeko Matsushita

You're right it was her last (not counting compilations) and yeah a much nicer end than say an Attackers retirement video.

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