First Impressions - Momoka Kagura

Published : April 1st, 2024 Written by Panking

"Sir, another busty debut has hit S1". S1 has been quite the dairy farm lately cranking them out one after another. And their latest one just might be my favorite yet. It may seem easy to write her off as just another token big titty actress but she's got enough unique quirks and physical traits to stand out from the rest as you'll soon see. As always I'll review five different films and end each one with an overall score. Then at the very end, I'll give my closing thoughts. Without further ado, let's get started.


The Newcomer’s Number One Style—The Coexistence of K-cup Breasts and a Slender Waist

Here we have Momoka Kagura's debut and what an introduction it was as she burst onto the scene with her K-cup bust. This film is much like any modern-day S1 debut with all the bells and whistles you've come to expect by now. It begins with the typical interview before she undresses and shows off her body for the camera. Then it proceeds into the action from there. Speaking of which, it's pretty solid here. It features three sex scenes, a paizuri scene, and an oiled-up titty play scene that is rather forgettable. Besides that, every scene here is enjoyable thanks to a nice variety of positions that do a spectacular job of highlighting her magnificent body, chest, and even booty. And there are no obnoxious fake cumshots either which is always a plus.

Performance wise there really isn't much to say obviously. You can't really critique a debut's acting given it's their first time. If nothing else she doesn't appear to be lifeless at least so there appears to be some hope for her future. What I can critique here is the production values and thankfully they're all pretty solid across the board. Both the lighting and settings are standard fare for a debut film and they get the job done well enough. The camerawork is generally good too although the last scene veers into hit-or-miss territory thanks to its handheld camera setup. This debut does what it's designed to do. It gives us viewers a terrific first impression and certainly whets the appetite just enough to leave us wanting more.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


Filmed with 4K Equipment – Fully Enjoying the Astonishing K-Cup Slender Body – Kagura Momoka’s Serious (Real) Orgasms! First Experience 3 Productions

As in tradition with most all-new S1 debuts, her second film is yet again a pretty standard vanilla release. There's really no central theme to speak of besides a very light focus on orgasms. But other than that it's extremely straightforward. The film follows the same structure as the previous one almost to a T. It features three sex scenes and a paizuri scene. Sounds familiar right? I will say the tittyfuck scene is rather underwhelming as it's kinda sloppy and the cumshot isn't very satisfying at all. I did like seeing more of her personality come out though at the end when she continues working him after he's unloaded. Also, the pacing could've been a bit better as the first scene takes too long to really get going. I have no issues though with the sex itself.

The cumshots are all decent and the range of positions is terrific and do a marvelous job of showcasing her top-tier rack. She also gets a bit wet at times too which is nice to see. Once again the production values are super solid all around. The lighting is nice and compliments her body well and the camerawork is on point as well. But perhaps the best aspect is her wardrobe. The outfits are indeed simple but effective in helping to frame her overall figure. She especially looks nice in the bikinis as she fills them out in stunning fashion. Performance-wise wise she does see an uptick in enthusiasm at least but nothing super impressive just yet. SONE-003 is another simple but effective vanilla film from Momoka. It's about what you expect and it does its job well.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


Mixing Bodily Fluids, Intense Sex – Complete Uncut 3-Person Special with Out-of-the-Norm Narrow Waist K-Cup That Trembles Violently

Yet another vanilla release? I am shocked! All joking aside it's to be expected from a new S1 debut so it just comes with the territory. This one is pretty standard fare as it just features Momoka having in several different scenes all with a more intimate one-on-one passionate feeling. There really isn't much more to say as it's as straightforward as it comes. With the action being the main focus, let's start there, shall we? It consists of three sex scenes and a paizuri scene. The action all around is fantastic really. The cumshots are all real, the intensity is high, and the position variety is superb. There's plenty of cowgirl, missionary, and doggystyle which does a fantastic job of highlighting her surprisingly nice booty. She's got some seriously nice cake. One aspect I wanna touch upon is her acting.

Her performance here feels like a slight step up from her first two outings. She's got a bit more enthusiasm overall which is especially apparent after each guy cums and she attempts to continue milking him for more. She still has a way to go but it's reassuring that she's not just another Ria Yamate at least. I also have to shout out the excellent production values. While the settings aren't the most interesting, the camerawork is incredible at capturing some truly stunning shots. The lighting has a decent variety to it which goes a long way in ensuring each scene doesn't feel too repetitive. As I mentioned it's not the most thrilling or innovative film out there but it gets the job done and it is more than serviceable enough to make for a good watch.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


Intense Climax 178 times! Convulsions 4900 times! Ejaculated 3400cc of Squirting! K-Cup×Slender

Starring Momoka Kagura

The vanilla train rolls on but this time it's a bit more interesting. The chosen theme this time is squirting as every scene features Momoka getting quite wet whether it's from her squirting, sweating, or even drooling. There's a lot of fluids to go around either way making for a pretty fun time. Now first things first I have to talk about the stellar production values. Her appearance here may be the best yet. She looks phenomenal and her wardrobe is equally nice. Granted it's just some simple bras and panties for the most part but she fills them out extremely well and just looks flat-out amazing. The lighting is also very nice with the last scene being the highlight in my opinion as she's covered in body oil and the light glistening off her body makes for some insanely good eyecandy.

Now we move on to the real meat of the video, the action. It consists of three sex scenes and an admittedly lackluster masturbation/toying scene. Thankfully that scene doesn't overstay its welcome and isn't dragged out like many others. And the sex scenes themselves are all top-notch. The intensity and position variety are all on point and the little bits of squirting throughout are fun to watch. It's nothing too explosive like Alice Otsu but it does add to the overall viewing experience. Performance wise I can't say too much really. She's still being given much to work with so it's hard to judge her properly. Hopefully, she'll begin to see more plot-driven films soon. That being said, I can safely say this is her best film to date so far. From the action to the production values, it's brilliant.

Overall Rating - 9.2/10


K-cup Huge Breasts That Can’t Be Hidden Even With Clothes, 4 Different Dimensional Titty Fuck Situations

This is easily one of my favorite series from S1 so I was eager to see how she'd fare with it. Plus, it's nice to finally see her in something more plot-driven. Just like any other entry, the premise puts her into several different scenarios such as an OL boss and working out at a gym. All this while luring men in with her huge tits through her various outfits. Sometimes she does it on purpose and other times it's more accidental. I do wish S1 would change up the situations a bit from entry to entry as it's nearly always the same setups but otherwise it's just as solid as the rest with some stellar eyecandy. That's easily one of the best elements of this film. Her wardrobe is quite nice with some real standouts such as the OL uniform and sports bra/shorts combo in the gym scene. Not to mention her body is glistening from sweat the whole time. If you like clothed sex then this is certainly up your alley.

Her huge tits look amazing poking out through her various outfits. The camerawork definitely helps to bolster that with many great angles that capture some pretty nice full-body angles that really showcase her superb figure. Now I will say that her performance here leaves something to be desired. She's pretty flat across the board with lackluster facial expressions and middling enthusiasm. Granted she does play a mostly submissive role but she still could've done better. The action at least is far more satisfying with three sex scenes and a paizuri scene. My only real gripe is a lack of doggystyle except for one scene. It's marginally present in the last scene but it's shot at an awful angle and ruins it. It's one of her best positions so it's a big omission. Otherwise, I have no real issues as every scene is terrific all without any fake cumshots to boot. This is certainly one of my favorites so far from Momoka with hopefully plenty more to come.

Overall Rating - 9/10

Overall Thoughts

Five films later how do I feel about Momoka Kagura as a whole? I quite like her. S1 has a fair amount of big titty actresses on their roster but I do think that Momoka offers up something different and is unique enough to stand out on her own from the rest. For starters, let's talk about her face. She definitely has a more mature face and almost resembles an older JAV actress, Nana Aoyama. That being said, she's not gonna knock anyone dead with her facial beauty but I think she's just fine myself. Now we move on to the elephant in the room, her figure. I personally think she's got one of the best bodies around right now in all of JAV. Obviously, her boobs are the main attraction and they're quite the spectacle. They're huge, all-natural, and compliment her slim frame very nicely. Speaking of which, I really love her slim waist. Her body often reminds me of Hitomi at times with her slim waist, huge tits, and wide hips. But a key difference is that Momoka is packing some seriously nice cake. Once again that slim waist really makes it stand out. She easily has one of the nicest asses on any big titty actress out there right now. In the end, I am definitely a big fan of hers now and intend to watch every release of hers from here on out. I can't wait to see how her acting improves(hopefully) over time and perhaps she'll even get a collab with fellow big titty monster in Haru Minato.


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MomoKa Kagura
MomoNa Koibuchi
Haru Minato
Ren Gojo

Imagine these 4 beauties in the same jav. That would surpass mird-150.
The Battle of Four Milk Mountains
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ZENRA 2 months ago

Hard disagree. They're all green behind the ears newbies (well, perhaps excepting Momona) who so far at least lack the camaraderie Anri and Hitomi had in that movie. MIRD-150 had two actresses with huge chests, but the best JAV movies featuring multiple women in a scene are those with actresses who really work well off each other and in front of the camera.

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Panking 2 months ago

Yeah without the chemistry between them, it wouldn't be the same at all. I'd still like to see it because who wouldn't but I highly doubt it'd top MIRD-150.

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DioskouriOne 2 months ago
I'm glad you mentioned her resemblance to Nana Aoyama who is my favorite JAV actress of all time. I was wondering why I was drawn to her (other than the obvious two reasons of course). I also hope she does a tag-team with Haru Minato. Their costars are going to have their hands more than full with those two.
1 0
Oppaira 2 months ago

Don't have to wonder about the collab, the pair announced it on Twitter a few days ago. There are a couple of photos of them in their dressing room together with them announcing it. Who knows exactly when it will release but it'll be out sometime this year.

1 0
ZENRA 2 months ago

MIRD-150 10th anniversary recreation?

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