Gogos Female Employee Crashes Cheating Wives Onsen Getaway 2 First Half

Published March 8, 2024

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Japanese female employee freshly hired given a task with a coworker to film cheating wives being filmed for their own JAV movies (a GCU release).

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

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Welcome one, welcome all to another edition of the Gogos Cinematic Universe (GCU) where we take meta and apply it to JAV many times over. If you've seen the previous movie from this exact series, you know the gist and if not, allow me to dedicate the beginning of this review to bring you up to steam: GOGOS outside of their early years has been known first and foremost for their hyper-realistic movies basically about unfaithful Japanese wives who go to picturesque ryokans to have sex. While mostly self-shot, their two main directors nail it and even if some may in fact be more than what they say, reality holds strong till the end. While not as much as a thing of late, GOGOS also has their own admittedly lower budget take on SOD Female Employees where...well, it's pretty obvious. Once in a blue moon such as today and Friday's fat double update we get the crossing of worlds where a 'female employee' is given a special filming mission which they carry out while predictably having sex on the way.

On top of female employees, every few months or so GOGOS also releases group movies where both directors go to an onsen with two wives. These are unique in that since both is filming their own movie, there are times when action crosses over where Director A would be having some fun with Wife B. This is why hardcore fans may notice these movies being released simultaneously as a Side A and Side B-each running extra long and each containing unique footage. Side C--what we have shown most recently in a wonderful wife swapping update generally contains even more bonus material though sometimes C is replaced with said female employee which leads us to GOGOS FEMALE EMPLOYEE CRASHES CHEATING WIVES ONSEN GETAWAY 2.

A new face, a new hire. Her task: to film covertly each director doing their own thing and not get caught. Spoiler: she gets caught. Another spoiler: she has lots of sex. Another: she has lots of sex with the wives! Yes, on top of tons of great group activity, some unique covert filming that breaks the fourth wall as each director and wife knows she is there but maintains focus on their own play, we even get a 'lesbian initiation' towards the end. This truly is a movie that has most everything in it!

In traditional GOGOS fashion, this is a slow burner. The wait time for even a nipple to show is pushing 45 minutes, but like always, the journey is just as important as the destination. We always recommend to take these movies in slowly. Keep your pants on and hey, if you're the hungry type, treat the initial portion of this one and pretty much everything else they do like a dinner and a movie event because once the sex happens, all that buildup truly pays off. Both wives and even the adorable female employee whom we opted not to describe here play their parts magically. Whether they are JAV stars or the real deal, being away from regular sets, crews, and all other elements of a normal production makes it easier to fall into a role. Movies like this one show a side of adult video that's less "adult video" and more "story of one's life for adults".

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Overall Satisfaction


+Big cast for a GOGOS movie and well-utilized.

+Female employee is super cute and nails it (as do the wives).

+Hyper realistic yet also with right amounts of fantasy.

+Lesbian initiation!


-Slow start as all movies by this studio are, but take it in slowly and enjoy.