Dancing with the Voluptuous Kurara Sakaki

Published July 19, 2017

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Voluptuous Kurara Sakaki does AV for the first time in a documentary style release by GUTS.

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Dancing with the Voluptuous Kurara Sakaki
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We can't say exactly that KURARA SAKAKI is a 'big' girl.  She's definitely above average, that's for sure.  Even voluptuous is appropriate when describing the body type of this lightly-tanned first timer to Japanese AV, but 'BBW" is definitely pushing it.  After all, I think we reached critical big woman mass with MICHIKO from an update from last year.  SHE is what BBW is all about.  KURARA, on the other hand, can be consider textbook quality curvy.  She's a woman with an appetite for sure and we're also certain it's more than genetics, but a voracious appetite for all things sweet that got her body to where it is today.

Make no mistake, KURARA SAKAKI is not unfortunately bound to 'refrigerator body' status like other Japanese AV stars who have been classified as 'big' (such as [Redacted]).  Thankfully for her, it's mostly curves in all the right places rather than having big bones and an even bigger torso (for example, [Redacted]).

GUTS spent some time in the mid-aughts hunting down women with her body-type and one of their series of document-style AV movies were all about voluptuous woman.  Some time ago, we showed one who looked a lot like my ex-girlfriend and there may have been a few other updates in between, but today's update for sure is the first in quite awhile.  Our voluptuous series of movies has never been something we could add movies to all that often, but we do try to add quality to it whenever possible.

DANCING WITH THE VOLUPTUOUS KURARA SAKAKI isn't a fantastic title.  We'll be honest about that.  We've seen better.  No lie.  However, as far as we can tell, this really was her first time doing AV so some slack must be given.  Don't go into today's update expecting magic and certainly don't expect KURARA to go full-on sadistic.  Although some previous titles--such as this unfaithful wives one by GUTS--featured true blue amateurs given the opportunities to go all out, KURARA's time with us remains safe and submissive.

She obviously was extremely shy and nervous at first, but did open up some (both metaphorically and literally) as the title ran its course.  Frequent fans of GUTS and even some HOT ENTERTAINMENT titles may be very familiar with the actor who took the reigns in today's update.  It's interesting to see just how long one can go shooting AV.  Years--decades, even--if you're a gentleman with ample amounts charisma and fortitude.  Once you do it as long as he does, petty things such as being caught and starting families don't seem to matter too much.

KURARA SAKAKI's time as an AV star was very brief.  We only found her starring in one other title when trying to dig up some background information for this update.  As she noted in her interview found in the first scene of DANCING, her reason for doing AV was a combination of satisfying an itchy curiosity and also being in an ideal situation to make that tremendous step.  Perhaps what she found with these titles was enough for her to exit without making waves.  We wish her well, whatever she may be doing now.

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