Director Oppaira - Milfy Apartment - Season 1 Episode 4

Published : May 30th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Episode Blurb

Once again we follow Yuki as he meets yet another member of the apartment complex. This time we see him meet Sumire Mizukawa, a hot mature lady who loves the nightlife. Despite being married her husband is always busy with work, frequently working late or away on business. Sumire takes to the bars to satisfy her urges and can never quite find the right person until she meets Yuki.

Intro 1

We're first introduced to Sumire when Yuki is walking home late one night and runs into her in the stairwell. Rather than say anything he just observes as she's got a guy and is going to town on him right outside. Yuki only manages to catch a brief glimpse of it before heading in the other direction to his room.

My goal with this scene is to make sure Yuki knows what kind of person Sumire is. He's clearly not the type to do what she does but I want it to be clear to him that she's promiscuous herself. It should be pretty easy to show something visually, and this sort of hot blowjob action outside of an apartment like this is quite common in JAV, so much so I found one with Sumire herself with zero trouble. Just slap on a spicy outfit and let her go to town, simple as that.

Intro 2

In the second intro scene Miki asks Yuki if he would go check on Sumire. She knows exactly who Sumire is and she's always a bit worried for her. She can never quite bring herself to go check in on her herself but she's more than happy to send Yuki over with some green tea and miso soup to help cure her hangover. While doing so Miki comments about how Sumire's husband is always busy for work, staying late at the office, away on business trips, etc. Yuki makes his way over and she invites him in, half dazed. Her room is a complete disaster with clothes strewn everywhere, even a used condom or two. Yuki is actually a bit more embarrassed by it himself than her, showing off her personality. She thanks him for the goods and starts cleaning up a bit, bending over at one point to reveal her pussy as she isn't wearing anything underneath. Yuki gets a bit flushed and Sumire realizes what's up. Thinking he's cute she invites him to join her at the bar that night to get to know him a little better.

I'm envisioning some sort of messy room like the image above, things just sort of everywhere without a care for things like a dildo or condoms. I would envision her still being in her dress from her night out just to really hit on the theme. I imagine her not really caring to get fully nude for sex, especially with a spicy dress that can be hiked up. Similarly I'm expecting something like the right to happen where she does try to clean up a bit and her lack of panties is a thing. Maybe not quite to the extent depicted there but enough to be artistic while getting the point across.

One other thing that's important is to point out that Sumire isn't single. I'll draw attention to her ring and to the fact that another guy must be living there as well. We'll establish some things later on in the video but for now I just want to draw some focus there that all of this is kind of an affair.

Scene 1

In our first real scene we see Yuki and Sumire at the bar together. After a few minutes of getting to know each other she grabs his hand and gestures for him to follow her. He's not sure what's going on but what's the worst that could happen? The video then cuts to her pushing him up against the inside of a toilet stall as she starts making out with him. You hear some faint ちょっと待って from him as he's kind of overwhelmed but hey, Sumire is hot and as she grabs his crotch he can hardly argue. Sumire pulls down his pants and starts blowing him right there in the stall. Holy moly is this really happening?!?! This goes on for a few minutes until he busts in her mouth, and Sumire, ever the vixen, swallows the load. The scene ends as Sumire walks out of the stall leaving a spent Yuki on the toilet seat.

I'm totally envisioning a camera angle just like this (except no random dildo lol) where you look down and see Sumire blowing him in the washroom. I'd probably mostly stick to non-POV content but this kind of view is way too tempting and it is a great view when you're in a narrow space. I do need to capture some parts with his face showing how wild he thinks this all is but really the vibe is how slutty Sumire is and basically everything he kind of suspected being 100% true. I'd also try to make the bar portion seem like it's at a regular bar because I won't get that option in the later part where I use it if you catch my drift.

Scene 2

In our second scene the pair are back at the bar again but this time in a private room. They've got some refreshments and food on the table and are seen laughing and having a great time. Part way through Sumire starts getting ideas and you start seeing her seductively playing with her food. Yuki starts squirming a bit as he's kind of holding back and she starts to go further and further with things. Eventually she pushes the stuff off to the side and climbs over the table to get at him. She's all over him and the scene continues until they start having sex, especially on top of the table. As the scene ends Sumire grabs his cum-filled condom and slurps it down, saying that's the best thing she's had all evening.

I wanted the bar to be a bit of a fun setting that we could do here, particularly since I don't anticipate doing it a ton throughout the series. It's really this perfect setting that feels just risky enough while not being too crazy. You can always have the waitress check in on you and have to scramble for a second or put some background noise to really amplify the risky bits. As much as I would love to put them in something more typical it just isn't going to make sense if they're full on having sex. I'm still not too sure how to get the dishes to work without making a mess, maybe I can let the assistant figure that one out ahaha.

Scene 3

In our third scene Sumire is seen walking home with Yuki late at night. She pulls him into an alley where she starts getting down and dirty with him. Yuki thinks to himself what a wild woman and how wrong it is, but when he looks down and sees her looking up at him with his cock in her mouth he forgets all about it. This time she gets him to blow his load over her face and he makes a real mess of her. Without even cleaning up she gets up and starts walking home with his cum all over her face.

Finding things that are in public and risky but still things we can get away with in current JAV is hard. If you've seen more recent videos my word they're all terrible with them being fully censored top to bottom. Imagine watching someone go bowling but you can't even show the bowling ball or the lane or anything. A blowjob out in the alley is easy to do and simply works, no mess no fuss. Well, maybe a mess because I intend for Sumire to get covered in cum. I like the idea of her walking around with cum on her face as it's a pretty easy thing to do and we only need a minute or two to get the point across, if that. Hell, I can probably just have her get up from her knees with the cum still on her face and walk off camera and imply it and get away with it. I'd probably film both styles to see what works but honestly something tells me she doesn't even have to full on walk down the street like this lady above to get the full effect of it.

Scene 4

This scene ends up being a montage of them doing lewd things all over. Each of the montage scenes is only a couple of minutes long but we get a few different locations:

  1. Sumire riding him in the toilet stall in reverse cowgirl so you can see her nice figure.
  2. Sumire blowing him outside of the apartment in the afternoon.
  3. Sumire fucking him in the shower with the water running, the two of them wet and wild.
  4. Sumire giving him a handjob underneath the table at the bar.
  5. Sumire bent over the counter in the washroom, looking at a side angle that shows her reflection in the mirror.

During the scene Yuki and Sumire both take turns commentating monologues over the content. From Yuki's perspective he's commenting about how insanely wild she is. She's almost too much for him to keep up with and he realizes why her husband can't satisfy her. From Sumire's perspective you finally hear from her about how great Yuki is. He's cute but more than that he has the libido to match hers. Not only that but she comments how great it is that he lives next door to her so she can just have sex with him whenever she wants.

I really wanted to do a montage here because I think it's a really great opportunity for one. Sumrie is meant to be extremely salacious and you really need to see her debauchery on full display. The bar is cool and all but doing it everywhere is hot as hell and really adds complexity to the video.

One of the things I've skipped over so far is the risky part with Miki (something I do in every film) and that's where the montage really comes into play. The way I would run it I would have Miki interrupting them in the middle of the montage. Yuki is dialoguing while getting blown outside and we pan to Miki walking home and about to run into them. Yuki's dialogue gets cut short and we go back into the scene and see Miki run into them and have a dialogue for a second. I'm not sure if it makes sense to do it twice, once from each person's perspective, but I'll film it all and see how it plays out when editing things together. I'd probably go a bit wild and film quite a few things here just because I can, especially since I can play a lot of them later on in other films to show how interconnected everything is.

Scene 5

In our fifth and final scene we see her walking home to her apartment pulling Yuki with her into it. It's extremely late and her husband is already home and off to bed. Yuki doesn't notice at first, not when Sumire starts going at him as soon as he walks into the apartment. The two start having sex on the couch and eventually Sumire pulls him into the bedroom. Yuki is shocked to find the husband there and suddenly feels remorse for everything he has done with her. She doesn't care and tells him that the old guy can't keep up with her libido. She manages to get Yuki to finish proudly on her tits right beside the bed. The video ends with Sumire hopping into bed beside her husband, nude with cum on her tits.

I really want to tie the video back here to the original plot and the husband being in the picture is the best way to do it. I'm partial to the idea of some luggage in frame as if to suggest he just returned from a trip. I'd probably put some shoes and a suit jacket of some sort there to really make it clear he just came home. I can put it off in the distance by the dining room table when they're in the living room, giving us the foreshadowing we want.

The other thing I want to do is really put it into perspective. Yuki is clearly doing his own thing without a care in the world about the consequences so humbling him a bit would be great. Other episodes skip over the actress being potentially married and I really wanted something to hone in on that. It's not a strong part of the video because it's not meant to be a strong part of the series


In the outro we see Sumire and her husband outside of the apartment, her fixing his tie and collar as he's off to work. As she does Miki and Yuki walk by and exchange some pleasantries. Sumire's husband clues in that he must be Yuki, the guy Sumire was mentioning has been a big help. He pulls him off to the side and thanks him for helping out when he's so busy with work. The video fades out as Yuki is stammering trying not to out himself.

I've always thought of this guy as the prototypical cuck and I would probably use that guy too if he was around. Or we could use someone like twenty years older, it really doesn't make that big of a difference in the grand scheme of things. What's more important is how they position themselves. I anticipate exactly the same thing where Yuki can see Sumrie but only Yuki, and Sumire is making some lewd faces at him. I want to add as much of her wild energy into situations as possible and she would totally pretend to suck cock or eat a girl out in that position.

Episode Philosophy

I approach determining who will be in a film and what role they will play in one of two ways: a role that I need to exist or an actress I want in the series and what role they can play. Sumire Mizukawa always strikes me as a very promiscuous woman. You see this especially from how open she is on her OnlyFans. I've seen clips where she's doing other women all the way to her having sex outdoors with strangers. That translated fairly easily into me wanting to put her in a film where she was extremely promiscuous.

More than just capturing her being promiscuous I wanted an opportunity to catch her in the act of being lewd in public the way she is. Whether she's lewdly sucking on a banana or just having a little too much fun out in the open, that needed to be captured in the film. I thought that having her do that stuff in the bar as homage to it, whether sexily eating her food or jerking Yuki off under the table, it all felt very fitting.


I hope you've all enjoyed seeing episode four of my series. I know I've called it out before but Yuki has worked with everyone and is honestly one of the hardest working guys in the industry. Not everyone does dramas but he's in like everything when they want a younger fella. I know he's worked with Sumire numerous times and it'll be a grand time here. I think the biggest thing here is just Sumire as an actress. She perfectly fits the bill and I'm really excited about that.

I hope you'll all join me for the next episode as I've got something real special cooked up and it'll be a ton of fun. I'll try my best to post it soon so I can catch up. Until next time!


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