Aya Otosaki - Flower Sex Document

Published November 3, 2021

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

The thinnest, most form-fitting mosaic JAV ever shot? For that alone, this is a must-see!

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Aya Otosaki - Flower Sex Document
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Sure, not many are as unabashedly pro "old" JAVs as the guy writing out this review.  For me, heaven would be uncensored versions of most releases from the 1980's through...oh, 2005 or so (in FHD or better quality!).  Sadly, given how most masters are lost to the demon that is having too much data and not enough space for it, that day will probably never arrive.  Still, anytime we've an opportunity to show something unique from this bygone era, I'm always eager to get it ready and show it to our loyal subscriber base and this time is no different.

If you've seen the other two FLOWER SEX DOCUMENT movies we released some years ago, you probably know what to expect:  a cute actress, various scenes going from standard fare JAV to a bit oddball and the absolute tiniest and most form-fitting mosaic ever.  Yes, let's talk about that last point.  While the box covers surprisingly make no mention and while these movies still 'suffer' from pixelation of privates, they're done to a level that's as 'risky' as it gets.  I have no idea how many man-hours it took for the blowjob scenes.  We've multiple instances of actresses giving handjob and more with their fingers still clear as day with the shaft underneath being pixelated.  I've never seen it done like this outside of this series.  It's so good it's almost distracting!

Now let's talk about our time with AYA OTOSAKI, whom we last showed almost five years ago (!) in another slightly odd-ball, but overall darker movie.  A rather popular JAV star of the era whom like KAO SUGIMORI gives off a youthful naughty vibe ala present day ICHIKA MATSUMOTO shows in her two ZENRA appearances that be it dominant or masochist roles, she can conquer both with ease.  At this point in time she may not have had the years to nail being a dominatrix, but she certainly had the makings of one!

FLOWER shows us many sides of AYA.  From taking the lead to kind-of-gross-but-if-that's-your-thing-I-can't-judge messy food play with two actors.  We even get her portraying a lewd doctor.  And of course lots of sex in between.  And the tiniest pixels on earth!  Even if you prefer newer movies with more popular names, for that last point at least it's well worth spending some time to see the magic that is AYA OTOSAKI's FLOWER SEX DOCUMENT, the last in the series.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1005

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Overall Satisfaction


+Tiniest, most form-fitting mosaic I've ever seen.
+Very cute actress gives off modern day ICHIKA MATSUMOTO vibes.
+Great scene variety.


-Yes, this is far from a new title.  In the near future, we may have subscribers born AFTER it was shot.  We're not hiding it!
-Is 90 minutes too short?  Or the sweet spot for JAVs that don't overstay their welcome?

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