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Top 10 Busty JAV Starlets To Keep An Eye On

She's nice too! I like her cute face and chubby figure. But at the moment it's kinda dry content-wise for her. If she gets more prominent opportunities, she could rise up my ranks.

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Pan Takes - April 2024 Vol 2

Thanks, I appreciate it! But ye Momoka is definitely a top favorite of mine right now. Hard not to love an actress who is stacked on top and bottom while also boasting a great figure.

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Pan Takes - April 2024 Vol 2

Yeah, Momoka and Hitomi share quite a few similarities. Obviously, both have huge tits with large areolas but also equally amazing bodies that balance out the sizable rack. Slender with nice hips to boot. Although I will say Momoka definitely outclasses Hitomi in the ass department. But all in all, she's the closest thing to a Hitomi replacement we have right now.

Oppaira's May 2024 JAV Watchlist

Oh, you had WAAA-358 as your number one most hyped video? Well, I don't know if you've watched it by now but I have and's not great. I won't spoil anything for you incase you haven't seen it yet but I was also reasonably interested in this one and thought it was very underwhelming for several reasons.

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First Impressions - Momoka Kagura

Yeah without the chemistry between them, it wouldn't be the same at all. I'd still like to see it because who wouldn't but I highly doubt it'd top MIRD-150.

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