ZENRA Exclusive JAV Interview: Maki Hojo

Published : May 17th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan

ZENRA was able to interview the well seasoned mature actress Maki Hojo (北条麻妃).

For more from Maki you can follow her online here: Twitter: https://twitter.com/makihojyo

Individual Questions

ZENRA: What drives you to keep performing after all these years?

Maki: My fans.

Z: Your roles often have you in dominant positions. However, it seems like in real life, you’re as kind as they come. Is this true? Conversely, have you ever wanted to take on any more masochistic roles without a hint of domination?

M: I’m grateful that so many fans are eager to support my career through buying my works. One way I give back is by having a lot of events so we can meet in person. Per masochistic roles, yes, it’s something I’d like to do.

Z: Surely you have been approached by fans in public by now, but what about foreign fans? Any interesting stories?

M: Yes, while waiting for a train at the station. It was a foreign fan actually and they were very nice. It’s happened more often when abroad where cabin attendants, shopkeepers, waiters, and hotel staff would say something. It’s mostly been men.

Z: What do you do to maintain your figure?

M: Three times a month I have photography club events where I need to look my best and pose my best. While I don’t exercise, shoots and these engagements do a number on my body so I often get massages and other types of bodywork done.

Z: You are pretty tall for an actress at 168cm. Do you enjoy being taller than male counterparts?

M: For the longest time it’s been something I’ve been embarrassed about. However, fans have told me it’s one of the things they like best about me so now I take it in pride by elevating it even more by often wearing heels and stand tall even when posing with someone else.

Z: I see you hanging out on social media with other actresses from time to time including some long time veterans such as Reiko Kobayakawa, Yuu Kawakami, Maki Tomoda, and Yumi Kazama. Are you good friends with them?

M: Well, we have all been in this industry for a long time so we’ve a long and shared history. I wouldn’t consider us really good friends and don’t really go out together that often. 

Z: Speaking about longtime friends, you used to work a lot with them but even still you work with them from time to time. A couple of years ago you did an onsen VR with Maki Tomoda (JUVR-140). Do you enjoy working with longtime friends like this?

M: It was really fun to perform with an industry veteran I really look up to.

General Questions

Z: As a subtitler, I have translated over 1,000 AV movies to date and the most enjoyable movie I’ve ever worked on is NEO-020 (性格の悪い女 肉体的、心理的苦痛で崩壊寸前のブサ女!!! これが陰湿で残酷な「女」のイジメ!). The dialog is hilarious, the situation incredibly unique, and the casting could not be more perfect. While this is an older movie, do you have any interesting stories about it?

M: It was actually a tough movie for me to do because normally I don’t dominate women like that. I had to do a lot of improvising.

Z: Some years ago along with actor Souta Asami you were in a very unique movie that had you visit the apartment of a real virgin. Can you tell us more about this movie? Was the guy in fact the real deal?

M: There was a time when real virgins were actually cast in JAV movies though many a time they simply cast actors who look the part.



Z: Not only do you have a career that is both long and illustrious, you debuted as a MILF and remain a MILF. Do you think not having to worry about ‘aging’ out of roles like most actresses who debut younger helped your success?

M: Eighteen years ago when I debuted there was a MILF boom though you are right that perhaps debuting at that time in that way has helped me maintain such a long career.

Z: Are there any videos you never got to do that you wish you could have?

M: One hand it’s always possible for even someone 35 years old to somehow play a student, but I still am a bit envious of those who debuted younger enough to play them believably.

Z: A director once told me that you are strict with filming starting and ending on time. Is this true?

M: It depends on how up to ask the studio help is. With my shoots though we usually actually end up finishing ahead of schedule.

Z: Crime and Punishment (TORG-006 罪と罰) is an amazing 4 hour drama movie you appeared in alongside Yuu Kawakami about ten years ago. Given the length and the unique storyline, did you prepare differently for this role? Also, are you a fan of Dostoevsky?

M: The director had a vision to recreate the Showa Era vibe so we worked hard on making that happen.

Z: Debuting in 2006, do you see yourself joining the ranks of Yumi Kazama by continuing to appear in front of the camera for over 20 years? Will we see new Maki Hojo movies in 2026 and beyond?

M: This is an industry where popularity wins out, but if I keep getting offers, I will keep performing.

Z: Do you think that it is a good thing that current JAV talents are akin to minor celebrities thanks to the rise of SNS as opposed to mid to late 2000s, where they do not have much of a presence beyond their releases. Tsubomi, one of your retired peers certainly believes they should have stayed in the shadows.

M: Many probably stay active on social media as a way to keep their fanbase engaged in case they do decide to return to filming.

Z: The new AV Law looks like a push-back against the visible emergence of JAV as a viable line of work. It does seem that the industry is at a crossroads, do you believe the industry should go back to how things were two decades back or keep on fighting to be recognized as a legit job?

M: 20 years ago I was not in the industry and at this point in my career I rather just shoot as opportunity arises.


Z: Fans have been noticing studios faking more and more parts of videos (fake creampies, even fake cumshots). Is there some sort of reason for this?

M: It’s about satisfying the fantasies of the viewer. Sometimes you get the real thing, but an actor can only ejaculate so many times in a day so sometimes it may be faked.

Z: Speaking of things that aren’t done anymore, what happened to bukkake (RCT-168)? You’ve done a bunch yourself, Moodyz’s Dream Woman (MIGD224), Das’ Cum Barrage (DASD125), but it seems like these days nobody does any bukkake.

M: It’s a supply and demand issue that has changed with the times.

Z: You were in a very famous Rocket video: Bukkake Newscaster. Do you remember what that video was like? How do you manage to stay so composed while guys are cumming on you?

M: The director told me to act very calm and collected while performing so that is what I did my best to achieve.

Z: In a video for Dandy (DANDY-167) several years ago you went to America and had sex with some Black American pornstars. It even included lesbian with a white American woman. What was that experience like?

M: It was a nice experience flying out to LA to experience something quite thicker than what’s normally available in Japan. Performing with western adult film actresses was also very fun. I was surprised at how much their mouths and ‘lower mouths’ could expand to fit it all in.

Madonna Questions

Z: Since 2019 you have been a Madonna exclusive. What made you decide to take this route? What are the pro’s and con’s?

M: The offer came at the right time because I really wanted to be an exclusive actress with them. The advantage is it’s a guaranteed one title a month which is safety for me and doesn’t overburden my fans. The disadvantage is I cannot shoot for other studios.

Z: Your movies with Madonna mostly see you playing certain roles whereas before there were quite a few movies that had you simply playing yourself. Is more enjoyable to perform as “Maki Hojo” or your modern drama work with Madonna?

M: Both are very fun.

Z: You’ve been a Madonna exclusive for 5 years now. What keeps you interested in staying there?

M: Even though most movies are dramas, they still have very different themes and production setups.

Z: Madonna has been doing a lot of work lately for their anniversary event. The biggest one was a two part video with 20 actresses, but we missed Maki! How come you weren’t part of it?

M: Some years ago I left my agency and have been independent. For that shoot, some of the agencies representing the actresses were worried I’d influence some of them to follow my lead so I was asked not to appear in it.

Z: It seems like you rarely work with other actresses. Is that a choice from you to work alone or does the studio prefer to film you in solo works?

M: Before I have, but now those offers are not common.


Z: At Madonna some videos are very heavy dramas while some are just pure, wild sex videos. Do you have a preference?

M: I enjoy doing both.

Z: Recently you don’t do lesbian videos, your last being in 2021 when you were Kana Yume’s first. How different is a lesbian video when the actress is doing it for the first time compared to a veteran like Yumi Kazama?

M: Over time I’ve grown used to them though early on I really loved them. The first time I did one was when I was still performing as Sayuri Shiraishi and it was with Yumi Kazama so I was extremely nervous.


Z: I noticed you also haven’t done shibari recently but you used to do it before. Do you miss doing it?

M: If an offer comes, I may do it. Though shibari is something I am not that good at. However, both in June and December I will be the model for upcoming shows with master Akira Naka. It’s similar to my photography club shoots where fans come and take pictures in a more unique and artistic setting.

Z: A few years ago you filmed a doujinshi adaptation that also started Ruka Inaba (URE-061). You played the MILF and her the younger actress. I’ve noticed Madonna doesn’t do this very often where it’s one older and one younger. Do you think those videos would do well? I thought that video was amazing!

M: It was a really fun movie to do.


Z: A few years ago you worked on a video with director Nao Masaki called ドMー家の嫁 (JUL-029). It was a really wild video from you, more than usual. What is it about Nao Masaki that she can bring out this wild side in women?

M: A director like her is really good at conveying to the performers what she wants for the shoot so it makes it easier for us to bring that to life.

Thanks to Maki for taking time to answer these questions for us.


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Slamdunx 3 weeks ago
Thank you so much for another excellent interview with very good questions. Unfortunately Maki played it a little too diplomatically and close to the chest at times, but that is to be expected: she’s a no-nonsense professional and she’s gonna do what she feels is best for her career and ambitions. We still got some really good info, though, like the usage of fake semen and such. I mean, what do fans expect? Of course there’s gonna be fake semen from time to time, especially in the dramas that only feature one actor. Do they truly expect this human being with human limitations to be able to ejaculate nonstop during a day of filming? Now that JAV has started to emulate hentai manga in terms of more ludicrous plots and conventions (like the hentai virgin savant trope of being able to ejaculate almost nonstop and still stay hard), of course they’re going to have to find workarounds to satisfy fans’ demands, but as we know, fans want to be catered to, but also not pandered to at the same time; it’s an almost impossible balance for creators to satisfy. Anyways, thanks again Zenra crew for yet another wonderful interview. Please keep them coming. This is great stuff.
1 0
ZENRA 3 weeks ago

Thank you. We love these types of comments.

1 0
Ownerd 3 weeks ago
Another excellent interview!
0 0
ZENRA 3 weeks ago

Thank you very much.

1 0
Dave 3 weeks ago
I think she is absolutely stunning and the most beautiful actress in JAV-also very elegant

-edited by admin
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