ZENRA Exclusive Interview: Kurumi Shiiki

Published : September 26th, 2021 Written by vienna

ZENRA had the privilege and pleasure of an exclusive interview with JAV actress Kurumi Shiiki! We had the chance to ask the actress, dazzling as always with her iconic bright and joyful smile, a few questions. Interviewing her was truly a pleasure and we hope to speak with her again soon! The actress told us about her life, both private and as an actress in the pornographic industry, her hopes for the future and what she has learned during her years of work. You can have a look at her social media accounts here. Enjoy!



[ZENRA] What are your hopes for the future, career-wise? Do you have a goal set in mind?
[Kurumi Shiiki] My goal is to become famous!


[Z] What do you enjoy the most about sex? Do you like anything in particular? 
[K] I love teasing masochistic men!  That means strap-on dildos for anal play and going to town on their prostate.  All the better if that leads to a great gokkun finish.

[Z] How long do your shoots normally take?
[K] Half a day at the minimum though most take almost an entire day and then some.


[Z] How has the environment on set changed since COVID-19 began?
[K] There have been many changes.  Last year April and May saw almost no shooting.


[Z] Would you ever want to appear alongside a foreign actor?
[K] I’d absolutely love to!  Foreigners are great at both passionate and romantic sex. 



[Z] Do you think the industry has changed at all since you debuted?
[K] The rules of engagement have gotten stricter.  However, this leads to a better peace of mind.


[Z] Do you watch JAV for enjoyment?  What about Western porn?  If yes for either, what do you watch?
[K] I watch tons!  In particular, I’m a big fan of lesbian movies.  I get jealous when seeing actor coworkers go at it with other women.  I get so jealous I start masturbating!


MGMQ-073 is one of Kurumi Shiiki's best movies. Check out the trailer here!


[Z] If you had the opportunity to direct a movie, what would it be about?
[K] I love sex with all of my mind and body so it’d be something that takes passion to uncharted and very wet territories.


[Z] Are you able to separate the sex and pleasure you may feel on set with the same sensations you feel in private?
[K] To some extent?  They both feel really good.



[Z] Do you have a boyfriend or have had one during your career?  How does he feel about what you do?  Do you have any rules about what you can and can’t do on set (for example, no raw sex) and what he can and can’t do in private (‘one night love’/brothel versus full-fledged relationships with other women)?
[K] No, but I’d love one who is kind and will be there for me every single day.  I want one who’s all smiles and who will treat me like a princess.  Of course he’d have to understand what I do for a living.  I don’t care if he wants to go to certain places on the side.

[Z] Piracy is, of course, a huge issue in every industry. What do you think is the best way to tackle the issue? Do you think there are double standards between the expectation of social norms between Japanese and foreigners, i.e. -> expecting foreigners to pirate?
[K] Those who pirate may get erections, but their spirits are in the gutter.  They can support their favorite musical artists, but not AV?  You gotta pay for what you enjoy.

[Z] Are there actresses that you want to work with?
[K] Kanon Urara!

[Z] Have you ever been spotted by fans? If so, any unique stories?
[K] Very rarely though it happens more in Tokyo than in Osaka.

[Z] If you did not decide on doing JAV, what would you be doing now?
[K] I’d be either a politician or a lawyer.

[Z] How long do you see yourself working in JAV?
[K] Until I feel it’s proper to stop.


Check out the trailer for YMDS-028, starring Kurumi Shiiki!

[Z] What do you want your legacy to be in AV? Or, if you could change one thing about AV by the time you retire, what would it be?
[K] I’ve learned how to turn my weaknesses into strengths.  I feel better about how I look now and I hope fans can tell.

[Z] Are your relatives and real-life friends aware of your career? If yes, how did they react? If not, how do you think they would react if they knew?
[K] They know.  Friends have even bought my titles to support me.

[Z] Any message for your foreign fans?
[K] I hope many abroad get to know me better!  Please watch even more of me!


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drk 2 years ago
Thanks for this. I might have to give MGMQ-073 a watch ( watch/buy from R18).Btw, are you an R18 affiliate? (As in if I click the link from here and buy the video, will you get a cut)?If so, I might have to get creative with how I visit R18 ;)
ZENRA 2 years ago

Yes, we're an affiliate.

Ownerd 2 years ago
Wow, she is such a high spirited lady with full of energy. I definitely put her on the top of "watch more of" list :)
ZENRA 2 years ago

Yea, she definitely has staying power.

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