ZENRA Exclusive Interview: Coco Sanchez

Published : July 18th, 2021 Written by Mangochin

Some of you may not remember, but a few months back, I did a review of Coco Sanchez's film. We were able to contact her via Twitter and she kindly agreed to do an interview. Coco's unique background and recent experience of joining the industry means she not only has a different view compared to others, but has it more fresh in her mind, than those who've debuted years ago. As always, all further questions will be italicized, and Coco's comments will be unformatted.

If you want to follow her and show her some love, you can check her Twitter! I hope you enjoy the interview!


Can you tell us a bit about your background?  You were born in Puerto Rico, right?  How did you arrive in Japan?

 Born in Puerto Rico and moved to Japan in 2017. My maternal side is Japanese and wanted to return to Japan because it’s important to return to my roots and deepen my connection with Japan - language, culture, and life. I’m so thankful for their decision and wished I would have moved to Japan sooner :)


 How well do you speak Japanese?

 I am nowhere near fluent. I can say some key words and phrases, but that is about it. The language barrier can be tricky at times. Usually I can find someone who speaks English or can understand the few words and phrases I know in Japanese to get the message across.


 What made you want to do JAV?

 Passion for sex. Release all the tension that I have.



 Did you work any water industry jobs before entering this industry?

Yes. I worked in a luxurious cabaret club for 2 years.

 How did you get involved in the JAV industry?  Did you reach out or were you scouted?  How did your initial meeting with the agency go and what was going on up to you getting your first gig (SOD)?

 I always wanted to get involved in porn and it started very simply - a google search to learn about the industry and explore starting points. I found an agency and reached out; thankfully they were interested and received an interview. Interview went well and I signed a contract the same day and within a week they set up an SOD interview which went well and here I am today :) It’s been surreal and has gone better than I could have imagined.


How do you feel being compared to that certain famous tennis player?

Meh. She looks like me..


 What is your view on mosaic censorship?

 I personally don't mind it. Pixelated genitals are almost as good as non-pixelated ones. And with the amount of hardcore porn that comes out of Japan, the censorship is really just a minor inconvenience.




 Did you do any adult video work before JAV (like Only Fans)?

Not that I know of. Guys I’ve dated in the past prolly sold my nudes without my permission xD


How do you view JAV agencies?

 They get you jobs..


I was under the impression that agencies generally handle the social media of its actresses, but got in touch with you through Twitter easily. Aside from getting you jobs, what else does your agency do for you?

Good question. They get me jobs which I am grateful for. And I do the rest…


I admit when I saw your SOD movie, I assumed it would be one of those one-offs, but I’ve thankfully been proven wrong given your active shooting schedule across various studios. Do you intend to emulate someone like June Lovejoy by not only appearing in movies, but really making a name for yourself in the industry?

I’ve always wanted to be a porn star. It’s something I always wanted to do. I have always been comfortable in my body and with my sexuality. Now that I’ve given a chance to make a name for myself. Why not?



Given your looks, you’re in a unique position to not only play a total foreigner, but a gyaru, a Japanese girl from the ‘southern islands’, and probably more. Are you hoping to score roles based mainly on your looks and background or would you rather take on as many varied job offers you’re offered?

 I know I’m different in looks but also believe I’m different in my passion and sensuality. I’ve enjoyed the opportunities and experiences and am open to new experiences as well. I want my professional qualities and results to open new opportunities.


 Fake creampies are all the rage in JAV. Would you ever have issues doing it for real if birth control was provided/covered by the studio?

No hesitation. Of course, birth control and being clean and safe is most important for everyone. But with that I love the feeling of a man being fully pleasured and releasing deep inside me. It’s a very womanly and primal feeling. Even though I don’t want to get pregnant, the slight risk is such a turn on and adds to the passion, anticipation, and excitement in the climax.


What active JAV stars would you love to work with?

 Natsuya Togawa! Pieru Ken!

Togawa (Left) and Ken (right)


 Please tell us about the filming experience for your first movie (by SOD).

 3 guys all to MYSELF. It was heaven! I knew it was going to be a bit of a challenge because I wasn’t just trying to please the guys I was having sex with, I had to make it look good for the camera. For the most part it was fun and easy…

I just did as I was told and I guess the sex scene went well. I couldn’t tell. xD  He seemed happy and knowing I’d film another one. I didn’t hate myself and, well, that was good enough for me. Left with a check that day and said this is the greatest thing that I have ever done!! It felt so empowering. I left that first shoot feeling like, ‘I’m a woman. Power of pussy” lol



 From the surface, the Japanese population seems to be more diversified as compared to a decade back. Do you see more of the established studios signing globalized talents in the future?

 Yes & no..


 International fans tend to watch JAV because of the appearance of actresses. As someone who isn't Japanese, what do you think is a selling point of yourself to such fans?

 Passion for what I do and how I do it. I am comfortable in my skin and passionate about my work. I see porn as a great way to experiment with my sexuality.


 Do you watch porn and if so what kind?

 Of course. Step-daddy/step-daughter play, sex in public places, impregnation, age play, etc. Armpit fetish, kissing, licking and smelling. Military uniform fetish, used underwear fetish.. sex on a train, sex while resting, fetish for phone sex and dirty talking over the phone.. ah you name it xD


 What is something you haven't done in your personal sex life that you want to try in porn?

 Sex in a public place!


 What do you like to do when not working?

I like to cook and play with my vibrators ;)


If you had the opportunity to work with another actress, would you prefer to work with someone who is Japanese or a foreigner and why?

 Actor? Johnny Sins!Either is fine.


Are your friends and blood-relations aware of what you do?  If so, how did they react?

 Meh my friends were a little shocked by my decision to work in porn, I even lost a few friends when they discovered my content. Working in JAV really opened my mind and helped me learn who my ‘true friends’ are. Only people who are insecure in themselves would end a long-term friendship over a job choice. Everyone I have left in my life is extremely supportive of my choices and they are just as excited as I am for what the future has in store.


 Any message for your foreign fans?

Release the tension and frustration fellas.

Thanks for the interview! I look forward to your future works!

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Indojavfan 2 years ago
Very nice interview, keep em coming. I would check her work now.
ZENRA 2 years ago

Thanks, we appreciate it.

spaten78 2 years ago
Congrats and awesome job with continuing to score these interviews!
ZENRA 2 years ago

Thank you!

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