ZENRA Exclusive Interview: Rikka Ono

Published : October 7th, 2021 Written by vienna

Active for just over a year, enough to have conquered our hearts, Rikka Ono has quickly earned a place in the spotlight among the most promising actresses of the moment. Just 4'10" tall, at 19 years old the youthful actress is already very clear about her ambitions, her role models and how to pursue her career in the JAV industry. ZENRA had the pleasure of interviewing her and we thank her for her availability! You can find her socials here. Enjoy!

[ZENRA] How did you get involved in the industry?  Did you advance through ‘water trade’ jobs?
[Rikka Ono] A friend already in the industry introduced me to it.  I’ve always had an interest in being an idol so this was a logical step.

[Z] Out of all the movies you’ve done, which was the most enjoyable?
[R]  Well, I love sucking dicks!  So my favorite title so far is MIDE-869.  It was my debut and was a hard shoot, but I gave it my all.

[Z] How long do your shoots normally take?
[R] Generally they start at 8 AM and in extreme cases can go into the next day.



[Z] How has the environment on set changed since COVID-19 began? Do you think the industry has changed at all since you debuted?
[R] I debuted during the COVID era so I don’t know how it was like before…


[Z] Would you ever want to appear alongside a foreign actor?
[R] I’d be interested in that!


[Z] Do you watch JAV for enjoyment?  What about western porn?  If yes for either, what do you watch?
[R] I do watch JAVs for enjoyment!  And I’ve seen foreign adult videos too.  I’m currently pretty big on group play.


[Z] If you had the opportunity to direct a movie, what would it be about?
[R] A chaotic movie starring real-life friends and ex-boyfriends!



[Z] Are you able to separate the sex and pleasure you may feel on set with the same sensations you feel in private?
[R] They both feel good so there’s that, but I think it’s easier to focus on the pleasure when doing it in private.


[Z] Do you have a boyfriend or have had one during your career? If not, how would you like your boyfriend to be?
[R] If I had a boyfriend, I’d like for him to be a bit older than me.


[Z] Piracy is, of course, a huge issue in every industry. What do you think is the best way to tackle the issue?
[R] Seriously, just only buy from legit sources!


[Z] Are there actresses that you want to work with?
[R] Yua Mikami!  I love her.


[Z] Have you ever been spotted by fans?
[R] I have!



[Z] If you did not decide on doing JAV, what would you be doing now?
[R] I’d just be working on something I like while noshing on my favorite foods.  That kind of lifestyle.


[Z] How long do you see yourself working in JAV?
[R] I haven’t decided, but I don’t think I’ll be still working when I qualify for playing fiery older women.


[Z] What do you want your legacy to be in JAV?
[R] I hope to see myself in a better light.


[Z] Are your relatives and real-life friends aware of your career? If yes, how did they react? If not, how do you think they would react if they knew?
[R] Not only do they know, but they are also supporting me!




[Z] As a 1-year veteran exclusively under Moodyz, can you quote 5 of the best titles credited to you since your debut as a primer to introduce yourself to new people? And what is so memorable about them?


  1. MIDE-869This is my debut title so it’s the movie I most want people to see.  I only grew from here.
  2. MIDE-833Being my first ever drama movie, it’s kind of awkward, but I still think it’s a good watch.
  3. MIDE-859I like licking more than being licked so this is right up my alley.
  4. MDVR-166My second VR movie where I play a very obedient and skilled maid.
  5. MIDE-959My newest release and my first nipple-focused one to boot.  The actors had some really unique reactions.


[Z] You are performing relatively well for your first year. After the recently established Fanclub, what can we expect from you? Perhaps a YouTube or even Twitch channel?
[R] Thank you so much!  I’ve plans for a YouTube channel so stay tuned.


[Z] Is there something you haven't done that you would want to do in the future (i.e. lesbian or interracial videos)?
[R] Starring alongside a black actor is up there.  I’d also love to do something based on an anime.


MIDE-833 is one of Rikka Ono's most popular movies. Check out the trailer here!


[Z] What is firmly on your no-fly list? Like anal sex or bondage.
[R] It’s negotiable!  I’d talk with the producer of the movie and we'd go from there.


[Z] Who is your favorite male actor to work with? Who is your favorite actress to work with?
[R]  That’d be TKD-san.  This is because he’s nice, but also acts as a good mentor and pushes me to do my best.  He’ll tell me when the staff says nice things about me too.  As for an actress, that’d be Nozomi Ishihara.  She’s really funny and is a blast to be around.  She makes the day go by really quickly.


[Z] 2020 was an....interesting year to make a JAV debut for any girls. Which peer of yours do you see as a rival and did any of them made an impact on the current progress of your career?
[R] Nozomi Ishihara debuted at the same time as me.  Yua Mikami has had the biggest impact on me and I hope to emulate her as time goes by.


[Z] How do you see yourself progressing? A diva like Mikami/Kirara or a candid idol like Fukada?
[R] Obvious answer!  Yua Mikami!



[Z] You debuted last year and were one of the top debuts, scoring in the top 40 sales. How do you feel about being so popular? Does it put a lot of pressure on you or are you happy that fans are enjoying your content?
[R] The moment my debut movie was put up for pre-sale, I was discovered by my real life friends.  I feel a lot of pressure to always be cute and look and do my best.  I’m really happy for all the support though.  If I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t be able to continue.


[Z] You were part of Takashou's 5-year anniversary special, what was that experience like?
[R] It was really fun!  The shoot turned out really adorable and I’m glad to have taken part.


[Z] Last year you had an image video release for Air Control, any plans to do more?
[R] Yes!  I certainly plan to do more!


Check out the trailer of MIDE-821, one of Rikka Ono's best works!


[Z] Do you feel like playing a lot of younger roles like schoolgirls is limiting for you? Or does it suit you since you're still only 19?
[R] I’m totally fine with these roles. It hasn’t even been that long since I graduated high school.


[Z] Moodyz is a studio with a wide variety of content. Do you see yourself getting into any of the more hardcore content that they do, such as deepthroating?
[R] Sure, over time I’d love to expand the types of play I perform.

[Z] Since you are still a fairly new actress, what would you say to someone who has never seen you to convince them to watch one of your videos? Any message for your foreign fans?
[R] How do you do?  I’m Rika Ono.  I’ll be trying my hardest to be a top-selling JAV star.  Your continued support makes me very happy! To my foreign fans, thank you for watching me!  I’ll do my best to try to amass even more fans from abroad.  Thank you for your support.




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Zredd7 2 years ago
She’s a little firecracker. She’s very cute and proportioned perfectly. I look forward to watching her movies. I hope she does a gokkun video like Miki Sunohara did.
metalrage0825 2 years ago
MIDE-770 is her debut title iirc...
vienna 2 years ago

Yup, you're right! Just an oversight, we must have mixed up the codes :)

Periph 2 years ago
Who is TKD?Also, any other info on the Takasho 5 year anniversary mentioned? Is there a code number? Didn't see anything with a costar on r18.
vienna 2 years ago

I really don't know about TKD. Also, I am sorry but I can't provide much other info on Takashou's 5-year anniversary special.

drk 2 years ago
So there's something in the works that relates to her 5th anniversary, but has not been announced yet? Are you able to confirm my understanding.
Periph 2 years ago
When asked about her favorite male actor, she replies "TKD-san". Just wondering who that is. I thought Taku but the initials don't match.
vienna 2 years ago

As was pointed out to me today by a staff member, "TKD"-san should refer to Takeda Daiki.

yfoo collector 2 years ago

Found Takasho's 5th anniversary.


Its a sale of selected works from MOODYZ and the more you buy the more rewards you get like exclusive videos. This was back in May though.

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